06 March 2010

New and Old Faces

Kayla, Jane's baby.  This little dog has such a beautiful temperament.  She takes it for granted that everyone loves her...and they do.

Hooks looking outraged because I'd called her an old tart...well, she is.  I wondered why the photo was so dark...I'd forgotten to turn the flash on.

First new face.  Charcoal, one of two Dexters that Fred and Roger bought.

This is Rusty, the second one.  Apparently they're being grown for the freezer.  I don't think I can handle that.

Finally, Bella the secretary cat, loafing on the job.


Andrée said...

Hi Robyn! It's so late! You posted and I am still up. That's bad. But I'm waiting for this ornery loaf of bread to finish baking. I couldn't take knowing the cow I'm going to eat either. We don't have that breed of cattle here. And "old tart"? tsk tsk!! lol

The Chair Speaks said...

Grown for the freezer? Oh dear, don't think I can handle that too. Glad I'm vegetarian.
Love the way your secretary cat loafes on the job :)

Gattina said...

Kayla is really very cute she has such big eyes ! No wonder that everybody loves her. Rusty the cow looks very chic with her earring, lol !
Mr.G. misses his secretary, Lisa was always sitting on or at the computer and used to walk over the keyboard which made him crazy.

Gledwood said...

I wonder whether those cows are wearing false lashes..??

PEA said...

Awwww Kayla is so darling, it's no wonder everyone loves her:-) Lol at calling Hooks an old tart. Gorgeous Dexters but like you, I don't know if I could handle knowing what they're being raised for!! But then I guess most of these poor animals end up in the freezer. lol Isn't it funny how cats seem to love being around the computer? When I was staying at my mom's to take care of her after her cataract surgery, I had brought my laptop and Tiger was forever wanting to plop himself right on it!! xoxo

Margaret Cloud said...

Kayla is a cutie, I can see why she is loved. I don't think I could handle the freezer either. Thank you for coming by and have a nice weekend.

Jack K. said...

Bella, loafing?

I think not.

Can't you identify superior supervising postures?


Jack K. said...

Yes, I agree. To see Kayla is to love her.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Jane's baby is so cute.
And like you I choose not to have an acquaintance with the meat I eat.
My feet have swollen up again, so I will be glad to get the result of the echo-cardiogram on Friday. We have Labour Day Holiday tomorrow.We had a terrific storm tonight, heaviest rain I have ever seen, but no huge hailstones like Melbourne had yesterday.Take care, my friend.
Love, Merle.

TorAa said...

I love this post and all it's simplicity and charming photos and words

Liz said...

They're currently running a series of programmes on BBC called Lambing Live. I can't watch it - not if I want to eat lamb again!

Lovely faces all of them.

Walker said...

no no no you don't give the food a name because it becomes a pet.
I did that with a potato I once grew and when I found out my mother turned it into mash potatoes I was devastated.
Tasted great though.

Carla said...

What beautiful faces!!! (Except for the cat, emmm, what a beautiful 'backside'?:)