10 April 2010

Great News and a Worry

The first of the great news is that I've just bought a webcam...I've arrived into the 21st Century, technologically speaking.  So...if you want to chat, email me and I'll give you the email address I use for the webcam.

* * * * * * * *
The worry is Ken.  He's back in hospital with a really nasty kidney infection, poor old sausage.  It hit him very suddenly on Thursday night and yesterday morning, he looked very ill.  Jane took him to the doctor who gave Ken antibiotics but they didn't do any good...so, it was off to hospital this morning.  I'll keep you updated.

* * * * * * * *

Now here's the best news of all.  Remember I told you my daughter won a car a few weeks ago?  Well, she was presented with it this morning and in turn, she presented it to her mother-in-law, whom we got there under false pretences.  Joan was speechless, but oh, does she love her new car.  She can now get rid of her old petrol guzzling, unreliable old clunker and zip around in her little Hyundai Getz. 

The local newspaper was there, so they'll have their photos in the paper, too.  Joan couldn't really understand why she had to go to the produce store with her daughter to buy horse food...then she realised, and said that there were funny little things that now added up.

Here are some photos...
Toni is presented with the keys and...
then gives them to Joan, with a nice speech.
Joan trying out her car with Toni as passenger.
With the new car


Angelo said...

Welcome to the 21st century Robyn! Actually, that makes the two of us coz I just bought a webcam last week... my first webcam as well. Congrats to us hehe...

I sure hope Ken gets better soon....

and congrats to you Joan and Toni.

Gattina said...

I have a webcam since ages, but I don't use it. When I sit at my computer I am not presentable, lol ! I prefer to talk without view !
What a nice little car, Joan must have been in heaven ! How generous of your daughter. When I saw the picture, I thought, she is sitting on the wrong side, I forgot that you drive left like in the UK, lol !

Cindy said...

How exciting for all!!!!!!

Jeanette said...

gday Robyn, im like Gattina ive had a cam for a few years, but I have unplugged as when im on puter at night always in pjs, not the best clothing to be caught on cam in..
How lovely of your daughter Toni to give her new car to Mil.
And I sincerely wish Ken a very speedy recovery..take care,,

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I wish that we were not so far away in hours..we could connect on Skype. You do know about Skype I figured!! We could see each other and chat!! How fun!!
Nice to see such a giving person giving away a car!! We won a car in 1987 I think it was...We so needed it then!! Wow!! What a blessing that was!!
Thanks for stopping by your lazy blogger friend..Sandy

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ How very generous of
your daughter to give her car away to her MIL. I hope Ken gets well very soon. Glad you liked the puns
and the jokes on my last post.
I haven't very long to wait for my 2
appointments with specialists.
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Liz said...

That was such a lovely thing to do!

Get well soon to Ken.

And I'll email you about the webcam!

When are you coming to Wales?

Lee said...

What a wonderful gesture by your daughter, Robyn. I bet her MIL is extremely thrilled! Great!

Sorry to hear about Ken...I hope he's on the mend real soon.

As for the webcam...I had one on my lappie (that's since died on me)...I hope it wasn't from the one and only time I used the webcam...I nearly died when I saw myself. I got such a fright, I never used it again! lol I hope you have more luck! ;)

Peter said...

Now thats the sort of DIL to have!!!!

Walker said...

Nice car but someone stuck the steering wheel on the wrong side. lol

I hope Ken gets to feeling better.
I have had a kidney infection and it sucks.

Margaret Cloud said...

What a great daughter you have to give her car to her mum in law. That sure is a nice looking car. Thank you for coming by.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn!

Get well soon to Ken!

And what a nice looking car! I always like the colour red on cars.

RennyBA's Terella said...

Good to know you're in the 21st Century too - I'll send you a note so we can speak, sing, laugh and watch while talking together!!! :lol: