03 May 2010


My youngest daughter decided to have a garage sale and I suggested she have it here, as it was more central.  A friend of hers also had a lot of stuff to get rid of, I rummaged around and found things to add and Jane had a few bits and pieces as well.  All in all, we had a pretty good lot of things for people to browse through.

The ad was in the paper for a 6 am start on Saturday morning.  We were up until 11 pm Friday night setting up trestles, putting everything on display to best advantage and pricing.  None of us slept particularly well, fearing we'd sleep in.  However, I was awake at four...had set the alarm for five...you'd think I'd go back to sleep, but no.  At 4.30 am I got up and had a shower then put coffee on while my daughter used the bathroom (she stayed overnight...I wasn't going to be the only bunny at 6.00 am, staving off the hordes).  It was a trifle chilly, being 01 May and all, but not too bad.

People came and went.  Some bought something, some didn't.  However, it wasn't particularly busy and I couldn't understand why...then the light went on.  Long weekend equals people away and winter Saturday morning equals kids' sports.  We really must learn to plan things better... 

Anyway, we sold a little but between the four of us, we didn't make $300, which was disappointing.

A couple of browers.

Anyone want a camp bed, a tv or an ornamental fish to hang on the wall?  No?  How about an underbed storage container?

Have a cupcake...they're only $2 each and are delicious!

How about a book?  Recipe books, craft magazines, children's reading, fiction...even a Macquarie Dictionary (I've got an Australian Oxford).

Pretty containers for the kitchen, vintage trios or some craft items.

Kids'  toys

A small selection of the clothes and bags we had.

We started packing up at about 11.30 and tallied up our takings.  I made the grand total of $35, Jane made $10 but spent $33!  My daughter did the best...she made over $100.
I was exhausted after that little lot and only three and a half hours' sleep and decided that's the last time I have a garage sale here.  I'll either take stuff to the op shop or see if I can flick them on Ebay.


Gledwood said...

Do you know I've never seen (or even heard of) a garage sale over here... People tend to congregate at car boot sales, which are held in places like school car parks on Sunday morning... you pay £5 or so for a pitch, and end up taking home more than you sell because of all the fantabulous bargainaciousness going on all around..!

Cindy said...

I'm sorry about that! Maybe you had some fun though? Looks like you have a great place for the sale under cover. I have one here on our Memorial Day, as we are in a very resort area and on the main street.
Take care.

Gattina said...

You sound really disappointed ! I have done it once with a neighbor who moved back to Italy. We had such a lot of fun ! she had a huge garage for 4 cars and we had put up all stuff she and I didn't need anymore. Her husband had put up a bar with wine and beer, so people drank chatted and bought ! We really made good business and had a wonderful day ! Of course I dropped in my bed like a stone too !
Before that I went with my son selling his toys on the market that was fun too !
I would have bought the thing where the cupcakes are, that looks nice, lol !

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Timing is so important
and they are a lot of work, so you would be very tired afterwards.
Thanks for your comments and I am glad you like the Aussie Pollie jokes
Not sure anyone else does.
Sorry your cousin's wife didn't get the message of that quote.
I hope Ken gets his strength back nice and quickly and can enjoy walking to get fitter.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Tinsie said...

Shame you didn't sell more, it looks like you had a good selection of items - and the cupcakes look gorgeous too! Timing is definitely important, and I think Gattina's tip re: alcohol is a good one, at the very least it encourages people to hang around, and if they do, they'll shop. Maybe you can try it next time and report on the outcome ;-)

We don't have a car, so we can't go to car boot sales, and we don't have a garage, so we can't do a garage sale. I just take all my unwanted items to the charity shop.

The Chair Speaks said...

That was a lot of work done. No wonder you were tired. I agree taking it to the charity shop would be easier.

Liz said...

Do you have car boot sales there? That's usually a good earner as there are loads of people selling and buying.

Hootin' Anni said...

I so right now need a sugar fix....gimme a couple of those sweet concoctions!! cupcakes are a special treat!!

HalfCrazy said...

Hi there!

Garage Sales are good to get rid of the items you don't really need! And of course, you can make money from it. But nowadays, not a lot of people buy secondhand items before, I don't know why. Whenever I'm in a Bookstore with secondhand items, I always reluctant to buy!

Why don't you guys launch a garage sale again? Perhaps this coming weekend? Haha! Goodluck.

Lee said...

Oh...what a disappointment, Robyn! And then you had to put it all away again!!!!!! Try Ebay....much easier, I reckon! (And then you can eat all the cupcakes yourself)!! ;)

RennyBA's Terella said...

Wooow, one could really find a bargain there! I do understand you was exhausted after a day like that though.

Happy Weekend to you dear blog friend :-)

Maribeth said...

I need to have a yard sale! I need to get rid of so much of my stuff!~
For some fun, check out Dackel Princess. I have an entry up about Einstein, the World's Smallest Horse! He was born here in New Hampshire, USA and we went to see him yesterday!

Margaret Cloud said...

Looks like you had a lot of things to sell. Garage sales are very tiring, not only it takes time to set it up but you have to be on your toes all day, at least you all made something.

Walker said...

I love garage sales, going and having them.
I usually end up selling what I bought at other garage sales.
Yes planning is everything but you did make money

Gledwood said...

I would've taken that Big Bird home, I think it would look cool on the telly with a cigarette dangling out the side of its mouth..!

Mountain Mama said...

I gave up on having garage sales at my place several years ago. They are so much work!!!
We had one at my daughters last year and it took some doing but we all worked together, even grand kids and great grandkids so it wasn't so bad.
I wish I could have come to your sale. I saw a few thing I would have bought!

sewa mobil said...

Wooow, one could really find a bargain there! I do understand you was exhausted after a day like that though.

Happy Weekend to you dear blog friend :-)