09 January 2011

Dear Blog...

It has been so long since I posted that it's taken me half an hour to find out how to sign in!

I must apologise, dear Blog, for my shameful neglect of you and all the friends you have found for me.  I have no excuses, just reasons which I won't bore you by listing.  Let it be said that life has been hectic.

On with some of my doings of the past little while...

I spent Christmas and New Year in New Zealand with my family.  Queensland has been a trifle damp for the last couple of months so it was lovely to see some sunshine for most of the time I was there.  I flew in mid afternoon on Christmas Eve and was met at the airport by my brother with my mum and stepfather.  

Christmas Day was spent on my cousin's farmlet...an absolutely idyllic spot with a lovely lake.  We had a rather peculiar game of cricket, by peculiar I mean there were no rules and one was batting until sick of it.  (I missed every ball...par for the course).  There were lots of laughs and plenty of bubbles...which didn't really help the batting average. 

A couple of days later we drove 2 hours north to see Brooke and Harry at their father's place.  Most of their family were there and we had a lovely afternoon.  They, too, are on a farm which runs right to the beach with the house on a hill giving the most wonderful outlook of the ocean and outlying islands.

New Year's Eve was quiet...out for dinner and then home by about 10.30 pm.  None of us could be bothered staying up until midnight but Harold set the DVD to record the celebrations at Sky Tower, Auckland's casino, which we watched the next day.

I must admit I was pleased to get home to my own bed and to the cats.  I put them in the cattery...much to their disapproval, they wouldn't look at me when I said goodbye.  Anyway they were as pleased as I was to be home.

So, dear Blog, that is a little of what I've been doing.  Even my book was placed on the back burner until the craziness of the silly season passed.

I'm still working and really enjoying it.  I get asked, in total amazement by some, why I'm still working.  Well, it keeps my brain active; I work my own hours (except leading up to Christmas, when the hours were loooong, to get the work out); I enjoy it and I have the most wonderful lifestyle because it's very well paid and besides, what else would I do?  Talking of well paid...I had a lovely fat payrise plus an unexpected bonus for Christmas...why would I give that up?

Now I'm planning my next trip.  A friend and I are talking about taking a week long trip out west (once it stops raining...in the Dry Season, hopefully) on the Spirit of the Outback.  So we are going to meet in a couple of weeks to organise a time that suits us both and go from there.

The next overseas jaunt is the very strong likelihood of a cruise...I'll keep you posted on that one.

Below are a few photos taken in New Zealand...

 One of NZ's native birds, the tui or parson bird, so called because of the tuft of white feathers at the throat.  This one is feeding from the nector of the flax flowers.

 This is the flower of an enormous water lily called the Victoria lily.  The alien looking growth behind the flower is a new leaf pad, which will be about 2 - 3 m across when it opens fully.

My brother cooking bacon and eggs on the barbecue on Boxing Day.

I took a liking to this fish and the feeling was mutual!

But there's no love lost on this guy, a 5.1 m salt water or estuarine crocodile, originally taken from Darwin Harbour and now residing in a suitable habitat in Auckland, New Zealand.

Harry and Brooke with their great grandmother.


The Chair Speaks said...

Know how you feel as I don't know where to click when blogspot gets upgraded. :D
Am glad you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year in New Zealand.
Congratulations on the payrise and bonus.

Flossy said...

Oh look...you're back in blogland! lol
Like the pic of the kids with Nan :)

Gledwood said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

That blue fish is amazing! Whose was it? Did you barbecue it for Xmas lunch? It looks really tasty!!

Many thanks for your supportive comments chez moi. Yes I've MESSED UP yet again. For the first time EVER I gave up heroin for weeks on end... now I've messed everything up by going back to it and I hate myself for that.

What did you think of my spanked arse pictures? Do you think they should punish rapists and the police with a good whipping like that? I do. It would really serve them right!

I know you haven't been about a lot so you might not realize I went raving mad a few weeks ago. I had a kind of psychotic episode. I went and saw a psychiatrist when I thought it was all over, unfortunately it wasn't ~~ I was bouncing off the walls in that there office. What on earth he thought was the matter I've no idea. I'm afraid they might think it's bipolar. I was "manic" ~ very hyper indeed with moods pinging in all directions and highly paranoid and hearing voices. Most of the time I felt wonderful. And the best thing was I had no interest whatsoever in taking gear.

So I need to go mad again. Then I can stop gear again. I hate being a heroin addict. I'd far prefer to be crazy than a drug addict. I'd rather be well than crazy. But by WELL I really do mean WELL. Not in a low-grade state of continual misery, I mean truly WELL, OK, FINE, VERY GOOD INDEED. But how do I attain this state... I've no idea.

I asked for advice on how to be happy and was told to go out and help others so I'm applying for a job at a Hospice. It's going to be a minor nightmare sorting out the References, but the druggieclinic ought to do this for me, that's partly what they're there for. To help deadbeats like me put a life back together.

If you've any ideas or advice I'd be more than happy to hear them. Please do leave a comment.

Wishing you a fantabulous 2011 and all the very best...

... with lots of love from Gledwood

Lee said...

Welcome back, Robyn! I think you might be waiting for a while for that trip westward! Either that or take your wetsuit and flippers!

Tsk! Tsk! You didn't stay up until midnight and thereafter on New Year's Eve! Shame on you, lassie!!!! I finally got to sleep around 2.30 am....I didn't party on or anything...but I always see it in.

I bought myself a new-beaut 42-inch flat screen Panasonic and twin-tuner set top box last week...so now I'm learning all the ins and outs of it all! Perfect timing for watching the Aus Open and the lead-up tournaments!!

Happy 2011, albeit a soggy, drenched one!

Gattina said...

Welcome back ! that was a long time ! Are you still working from home ? If you can organize your working time and don't get stuck in the traffic you are right ! I would do the same !
Fortunately your region is not hit by the flooding, it looks terrible poor people. How are the cats ?

Liz said...

Well, about time too! Happy New year to you and it sounds as if Christmas went well. In fact it sounds idyllic!

Life is good. and hasn't Harry grown?

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, you are a piker not seeing the new year in, Warren was up here so midnight was no problem at all.... 3am was a different matter altogether.Its Gympie's turn to get wet feet now but its flooded here so often in the past that almost all the flood prone houses have been knocked down and even the shops that flood in Mary St treat it as par for the course when they go under.Coffee sounds good I'll let you know when I'm coming to Brisbane again.

rel said...

Great to hear from you girl, and happy to know you are still doing. And getting a raise and bonus to boot!
After a time, blogging seems to get put off "til we have something worthwhile to say." That's why I've made a resolution to try to blog everyday, even if to say only: g'day blokes!

Hope all stays well for you and yours and that your upcoming trip doesn't require water wear.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Glad to see you back and happy that you had a good holiday in New Zealand with family there.
Glad you liked my family photos and it was terrific to see them all.
I am still tired after the trip 4200 kms and have been home a fortnight tomorrow. Happy New Year my friend,
Love, Merle.

Jack K. said...

Let me add to the other welcomes. Welcome back. I know how you feel about this blogging. I don't post as much as I used to.

Staying up 'til midnight isn't all it's cracked up to be anymore. The fact that you shared the time with family whom you love is more than enough celebration. Glad you could get away for the visit.

The photos are fantastic. I must admit, I was hoping to see one of the view from the farm to the ocean. Perhaps you did get one and will post it at a later time.

As for you work habits and ethics, keep up the good works. It sounds as though you have the best of all possible worlds.

Please give the cats a friendly "chuck of the cheeks" from me. In case that is a "foreign" term, it means a good scratch.

Take care.

Margaret Cloud said...

Glad you are back and your holiday was enjoyable, it is always nice to visit relatives. Have a nice weekend and thank you for coming by.

Mountain Mama said...

It's great to hear from you again! Sounds like you had a great Christmas and the pay raise and bonus didn't hurt either!
I love the picturte of the Victoria Lily. I will look it up on the net as I am very interested in flowers.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my post about Patty's surprise.

Angelo said...

Happy New Year Robyn! So glad to see you back, it's been a long time.... the blogosphere has been quite though so I can't blame you....

Looks like you had a great silly season.... I saw the news about the flooding, I hope things are better.

Great pics, that Alien lily looks cool... so does that fish....

Hope to see you around more often....BTW, I didn't really buy a Candy shop.... my new wife's nick name is "Candy".... here's a pic from our wedding in Maui...

I hope you're 2011 is a great one Robyn.... Cheers! purrs to the kitties....

PEA said...

Who are you???? Do I know you???? hehe Happy New Year, dear Robyn, SO glad to see you blogging again!! I know how easily life can take up all of your time, believe me. It sounds like you had a fabulous time in NZ visiting your family for the holidays. Barbecuing at Christmas time...I'd love to be able to do that! lol

I don't blame you for still working at your job. As you say, you work from home, you can make your own hours, it's great pay and the bonuses don't hurt either! lol

All the best for you and yours in this new year, dear Robyn. xoxo

Walker said...

Beautiful pictures.
I loved the flowers there.
So bright and vibrant

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

obey Jesus.
forsake yourself.
inherit Seventh-Heaven.
meet us Upstairs...
party-hardy for eternity!
God bless your indelible soul.
Make Your Choice -SAW