15 July 2006

Update on Mum

Thank you for your kind wishes regarding Mum. I rang her today (that's her on left with Harold, her beloved partner) and she told me what happened at her cardiac assessment.

She is going ahead with surgery but has to have an exercise stress test on Monday and then she will be told when her operation will be. They gave her the low down like that there was a 10% chance she could have a major heart attack and that it could turn into a more complicated operation rather than just laparoscopic surgery. Mum didn't care, she just wanted it over and done with and I don't blame her. However, apparently she is allergic to morphine, so I told her to ask for pethidine. Believe me, you get one terrific high from that stuff (well, I did anyway). No pain, no worries and life is juuuuuust wonderful! She said she'd give it a try...

Anyway, she was saying that my cousin was visiting this afternoon and when Mum told her that she was having the operation, Erin said, "And I suppose you will go back to your bad old eating habits?"
"Of course," replied my unrepentant mother with a toss of her head (I can just see it!). Don't worry, Erin is always teasing Mum and she replies in kind. Erin and her sister, Heather, refer to their aged aunt as a "dotty old lady", to the extent that Erin bought her a pair of socks with "Dotty old Lady" printed on them.

But the one of the funniest things I had ever heard was when they all went to see some show that was on. Of course, afterwards you get the usual crush with everyone heading for the same exit (or so it seems). Apparently, Mum saw a space and said "Come on, over here," and headed off. The next thing, she said, Heather and Erin were yelling out after her, "Come back here, you naughty old lady. You know you're only allowed out if you behave yourself!" My irrepressible cousins... Mum took it in good part though and she said that some guy said to her, "Come on, over here. I'll hide you." At least it gave everyone a good laugh. But those two women are terrible when they get together.

I went visiting yesterday. Ms Flossy rang me after she saw my comment on her post and said she felt much better and come over later on, so I did. Brooke and Harry were home from school and for sick kids, they were extremely lively (surprise, surprise). Then Gabbie Google came bouncing in the door after school, so high I asked her what she was on! But it was the fact that it was Friday and she was going to the Blue Light Disco later on. She had also been picked for the school netball team to represent the school in the Vicki Wilson Cup (to those outside of Aus, Vicki Wilson used to captain the Australian Netball Team), so she was on a total high.

She was telling us of an incident at school that brought home to me how strange Australians can be to one from another country. They have a new student in their class. Liam comes from England and has only been in Australia a short while. Gabbie happened to look out the window and called out, "Look, it's raining, Miss!" All the kids started clapping and yahooing and this poor guy looked totally confused. He could not understand why everyone was so happy that it was raining. Coming from England (which can be very wet), he didn't realise that we were in the grip of the most severe drought since records began and that we are on water restrictions so the slightest bit of rain is cause for celebration as far as we are concerned.

Our dams are at 28% capacity, which is really scary, and the State government is frantically looking for ways to conserve water and also to get water to sustain us through the drought. It is really very bad, especially for livestock and grain farmers and vegetable growers. We are not allowed to use hoses at all, only buckets and watering cans and if level four restrictions come in, which will be later this year if we don't get good rain, then we won't be able to use those either. We will only just be able to use water for essentials like drinking, cooking and showering. However, it has led to some innovative ideas and people are outdoing each other in ideas to save water. It is true that adversity brings the community together.

To continue with the original post - I then went to visit Ms Toni to get some eggs. However, when I got there no-one was home. I wasn't too surprised because I know Ms Toni had collected their car from the panel beaters. A few months ago, towards the end of summer, we had a severe hail storm and their car was damaged by hailstones. Because Toni didn't want to be without a car while she was pregnant, they decided to get it fixed after the baby was born. Consequently, they were without a car for three weeks. So when she went and picked it up and her partner came home, they were off! I can't say I blame them.

So that was my day. Although I did do some work. I was so tired last night I was in bed at 9 o'clock which meant that I was wide awake at 5.30 this morning. That was good though, because I jumped on the computer and made some money (unfortunately one has to eat and bills have to be paid). One of the orthopaedic surgeons was sounding decidedly croaky and in danger of losing his voice. He has only just got over something similar, but I daresay he has caught it off one of his patients. By the time he finished his reports, his voice was almost a whisper and I had trouble figuring out what he was saying. Poor thing.

On that note, I shall leave you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends.


Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Good Heavens, what is a 'panel beater?" I'm assuming it's a car repair body shop but what a novel (and fun!) way of putting it. Your Mother sounds like a kick, I hope she does well.

Ky Boo Gal said...

(((doing a rain dance)))
Hope you get all ya need...I just can't imagine!!
Hope your momma does well too, which sounds like she has enough spunk for all of us put together...

PEA said...

Love the sound of your mom...I wanna be just like her when I grow up! lol I can just imagine the antics they all get up to when they're together!!! Your drought does sound horrible and I'll just have to join Tammy in doing a rain dance for you! Glad you got to see Flossy and the grandkids:-) Sounds like you can have some very busy days...here's hoping you have some relaxing ones as well!!

Sharon K said...

Your mom sounds like a lot of fun, and I will pray that she will do well with the heart problem.

slap me happy said...

Hope all is well with your mum, I used to work at the Mater Hospitals ( Medical Recruitment HR Management)and I must admit I used to be amazed by the medical staff we have here in Qld , only the bad get the publicity (Dr Patel). Hope and pray all well with your mum anyway,
hoo roo for now
take care
Slap me happy