22 August 2006

The Continuing Story of...

I called in to see Oscar after work today. Fortunately the vet rang me earlier and I was warned. He had been clipped!! His lovely mane and fluffy tail - gone. Even his whiskers are gone. Poor Oscar and yet, he doesn't look too bad. He's white underneath all that grey fur and because he has a little face he doesn't look too odd. The staff at the vet hospital think he's a lovely cat. He does have a nice nature and is not into biting, scratching and swearing.

Anyway, he was so much brighter than yesterday but not able to stand yet. He greeted me rapturously and I was treated to head butts, purrs and a little meow. He has also started eating again. However, despite all that good news, he will probably be in hospital until Thursday. As he seems to be taking it all in his stride and is not stressed out too badly, I feel a lot better about it all.

I will have to get a photo of Oscar with his new look and post it for you to have a look at.

* * * *
Just an item of news I've heard. Already we have bushfires and it's still winter. One of the highways out west was closed and the temperature was 31C. Amazing. But it doesn't bode too well for the summer if it's that hot now. In the city it was 27C. Actually, I loved it. It was great not wearing winter clothes for a change. It's going to get hotter for the weekend though.
Thank you all so much for your kind wishes and thoughts for Oscar. Hugs and blessings to you all.


Remiman said...

It sounds as if Oscar is on the mend. What a relief for him and you.
Can't wait to see his new look ;-)

Ky Boo Gal said...

Sounds like you need another
(((rain dance)))

PEA said...

Great to hear Oscar is doing better each day and at least his mane and tail will get fluffy again real son:-) You will be SO happy when you have him home again...you realize, though, he'll expect you to wait on him 24 hours a day?? hehe What a terrible thing, to have bushfires already...we always hear it on our news about the horrible fires you get over there! HUGS xoxo

Lee said...

Great news to hear 'Oscar' is on the mend albeit minus his glorious fur. Poor puss!

I have to admit, my two swear at me often but I pretend I don't understand! ;)

Meow said...

It's wonderful that Oscar is doing so well. I'm curious, though ... why did they totally clip him ???
Wow, bushfires already. We are still in Winter mode down here ... so no bushfires that I have heard of. I guess it will be a hot dry summer, though, as we haven't had any rain. It will be frightening. Take care, cuddles and hugs for Oscar, Meow

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn,
I am really pleased to hear Oscar is recovering. I didn't comment before because I felt so sad for you, it brought back some memories for me when I lost my lovely Madam.

Where I work, 4 floors up in the big AUSTAR building at the back of Robina, we have a 360 degree view, ans so see all the fires and smoke way off into the hills. I'll try and get some photos.

Mountain Mama said...

Oscar is still Oscar regardless of his haircut. I do hope you can bring him home on Thursday and he will have a fast and full recovery. How do you protect him from Ticks in the future?

Nicole said...

I am so very relieved for you. I bath 'Floyd' every now and then as he has a very thick coat and can't clean his skin properly... he looks so funny with wet fur.... I can't imagine what Oscar would look like with clipped fur!
Please let Flossy know I miss her.
Much love, Nicole xox.

Granny said...

I'm so glad he'll be back blogging before long.