21 August 2006

Oscar cont/...

I went to visit Himself today. He's a lot happier than he was yesterday. To my horror, that poor cat had three ticks on him, no wonder he was so sick. Anyway, while I was there the vet put some food in front of him. Oscar, being Oscar, was interested until he realised it was Whiskas not Dine, so I went home and picked up a can of his very favourite food, plus some of his cat biscuits. He is just soooo fussy, that even being sick and having not eaten for about four days doesn't make any difference.

However, I was stroking and talking to him and I got a little purr out of him, so that was gratifying. But I felt a real traitor when I left and turned around to say goodbye to Oscar, such a look I got....I felt really bad at leaving him there. However, I do know it's the best place for him
and it looks as if he will still be in hospital until Wednesday at this stage, by then my wallet is going to be very sick!!!!!!!! Fortunately, I do have pet insurance, thank heavens.

Thank you so much for your comments and kind thoughts.

Love and hugs to you all.


PS: The vet warned me to look out for ticks on myself. Eeeeeeeek!!


Merle said...

Hello Robyn ~~ Glad that Oscar is doing well and I do hope YOU didn't find any ticks on you. Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoy the jokes etc. Take care, Merle.

Ky Boo Gal said...

I got an email just the other day about how to get an embedded tick off...saturate a pad with dish soap or hand wash soap and put it over the tick...in 20 seconds it is supposed to pull out on it's own...I have not had a tick in years and would hope this would work for you if you do find one...
glad to hear Oscar is on the mend!!!

Meow said...

Hi Robyn, glad Oscar is on the mend. Wow, 3 ticks ... goodness he is one lucky kitty that you took him to the vet when you did. Aren't they naughty with their finickiness with their eating ... my Bambi is driving me mad at the moment, as what she loved last week, she now turns her nose up. By the way, Bambi won't eat Whiskas, either ... prefers Snappy Tom !!!
I hope you get lots of loving cuddles when Oscar comes home.
Take care, Meow

Lee said...

I've just spent the past two days with my left eye swollen up like a golf ball! A tick attack...and I hate the little beggars. Today, I can finally open my eye but I still look battle-worn! I've got two cats and I go over them a couple of times a day for ticks. I have no idea what good ticks are in the whole scheme of things!

PEA said...

I'm so behind with visiting blogs and now I feel so badly that I missed seeing your posts about Oscar being so ill!!! What a terrible time you had, the worry alone would be horrible!! Super news though that he's now doing much better...we have Lyme's Disease over here, caused by ticks so they always warn when walking in the bushes to be extra careful. I hope you have your little feline buddy back home with you real soon!! xoxo