21 August 2006

More on Oscar

Good news!! The vet rang this morning and Oscar is getting his strength back. He's sitting up and looking around but is still on the drip and will be until tomorrow. They won't let him come home until they know he can eat and swallow. Anyway, I'm going to see him this afternoon and have a cuddle.

As Australian bloggers know, paralysis tick is lethal to animals and humans can become very sick with them too. Because our weather has been so dry, they are around earlier this year so we have to start taking precautions with our animals now rather than later. As the name implies, they paralyse the muscles, hence Oscar's breathing and swallowing mechanisms were affected because the tick was under his chin. Of course, being the cat he is, he has two or three favourite places for rolling in and that's probably where he picked the little sucker up from.

Anyway, after an awful weekend and a very lonely evening last night, my boy is on the mend. I'll be glad to get him home because the house feels really empty and I missed his weight on the bed at night.

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts - they have worked!!


Granny said...

So glad he's doing better.

Thanks for your comment

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness.... I have missed out on all the news. I dearly hope Oscar will be home soon. How horrible it would be for you. I get so cranky with Floyd when he gets into fights as I won't be able to patch him up one of these days.
I hope you are okay Robyn. I will send tonnes of love your way..xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
ps..in case you did'nt get it the first time: elswyk(at)ecn.net.au