14 August 2006

It's a Beautiful Morning

Imagine this view, only when the sun has just risen. There is a bit of mist around creating soft diffuse golden light. The bougainvillea hedge is in full flower and the shadows on the ground are angled more towards the house - meaning that the sun is moving around and the days are getting longer. The air is still and smells faintly of woodsmoke, as Dave, our front neighbour is burning some windfall eucalypt branches. Wonderful!

After that lyrical beginning, I'll get down to more prosaic stuff. Talked to my feisty mama today, asked her how she was. "Oh," she said, "I'm well, between episodes." "You haven't been in hospital again?" I asked. "No," replied Mum, "This is between episodes!" Okay...Anyway we got to talking about this and that and spoke for about an hour. She certainly did sound bright and cheery. She and Harold have a wonderful attitude to their periods of ill-health and, as I said to my brother when I rang him later, they are making the most of life regardless. Mind you, my cousin, Erin, has a pretty black sense of humour - that I can totally relate to. Mum was telling me that she had mentioned to Erin they had organised a celebrant for their funerals (oh yes, she and Harold have got their funerals planned and paid for!). So Erin looked at Mum and said, "And now we wait, and we wait, and we wait..." I thought that was really funny and as I said to Mum, now that they have arranged everything they will live for another 20 years! Yes, you're right, our sense of humour is pretty warped.

Rang Flossy late yesterday morning to see if she was going to be home as I thought I would visit. However, she had just arrived home after being at a 40th birthday the night before. They had stayed the night after celebrating, which is very sensible. Anyway, I asked her how the non-smoking was going. She thought that it would worry her in a social setting, you know, where you have a drink and a cigarette. But she said it was fine. "I just had a glass in each hand all evening!" To which I replied. "What a good idea - if you give up one vice, you can double up on another!" Anyway, I didn't go and visit because they were going to catch up on sleep. So I'll go later on today.

Jane and I were talking about getting some exercise so we have decided to walk early in the mornings - about 5.30. It's just getting light by then and will keep getting lighter as the days lengthen. Also when the hot weather comes, it's the best time of the day to walk. I'll let you know how we progress... We were disappointed this week, our Lotto ticket was a dud!

That's it - time to hang the laundry out. Till next time...


Ky Boo Gal said...

I wish I had a walking buddie...I have a good neighborhood but I still get nervous walking alone!!
Is Flossy's computer still down...when will she be able to come out and play~~asked in a whiney voice!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I've passed on all the messages I have had to Flossy and she said she will be online again soon, but at the moment she is enjoying doing other things. So at the moment, she is not coming out to play...sorry!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~Good luck with your walking - it's so good for you. Like
Tammy, I wish I had a walking pal.
You asked where I got the jokes from-various sources , some I have collected over time, some in the paper and some are sent to me. Glad you liked the Choc. rules - I am diabetic so can only have a very few, but I'm used to it now.Thanks for the offer of the lions, but I think the Blues played better last weekend. I like Aker, but will stay with Carlton.My brother Peter holtieshouse lives at Gympie so he goes for the Loins.Thanks for your kind comments about my blog,Merle.

PEA said...

Your mum sounds like a delight and how I'd love to be listening in on one of her conversations! lol Sounds like Spring is fast approaching over there and you will indeed love walking early in the mornings...wish we all lived near each other, imagine the whole group of us walking together! lol It will have done Flossy good to have concentrated on other things besides blogging but she sure will have lots to tell her when she does come back:-)

Nicole said...

Oh bugger! I was relying on you for a big win..lol I guess I will have to set my dreams else where! Hmmmmm...tell Susie that I am getting quite frustrated and if she does'nt come back soon....I will burn all my canvases.... no I won't, I would'nt dare lol.
I love the smell of smoke. Especially if it has fragrance of some kind in it.... explains the buckets of incense around my home I suppose. Did you go to the EKKA this year?? We have crossed it off our list....I don't believe in throwing my money down the loo..lol
Your Mum sounds fabulous... matches my humour to a "T"... I could imagine her telling you these things as if I were there. Fabulous.
Must dash.. going to whip up some pudding, and perhaps scoff it all down. xox Big Hug