13 August 2006

Another Day in Paradise...

This is not my picture, but one that was sent to me. Isn't just glorious? Actually, now that I come to think of it, it's a screen saver, all the same when you see a sunset like that you just feel so alive and blessed.

It's Sunday, lovely, lazy Sunday today and I am going to enjoy the lovely warm weather that is starting to happen. It's still chilly first thing in the mornings and at night, but the days are beautiful. I have all the doors and windows open, there is a slight breeze - coolish- but the air smells lovely. My magpie friends are chortling away, one was right up to the door, carolling to me earlier. Obviously wanted some cat biscuits so I threw a handful out and then the whole family were there pecking them up and occasionally chortling.

Oscar doesn't chase them, he knows he's not allowed to do that. But it is really funny sometimes, when I throw his stale uneaten biscuits out (the ones he's turned his nose up at), he dashes out and starts gobbling them up as fast as he can. I can see what he's thinking: "I'm not going to let those birds get all that food!" Or else he parks himself right in the middle and on top of where the biscuits have landed. The magpies are so used to him and know he won't chase them that they just ignore him and keep on eating. I think that really gets right up Oscar's nose!

He also has the dogs next door bluffed. They usually chase any cat they see, but Oscar doesn't run. He just sits there and glares at them. Ebony the Labrador doesn't really bother about him, but Shelby the Retriever just cannot figure him out. She is really quite funny and is always putting her nose in the door to peer at him. The only thing is, Oscar hides around the corner and jumps out at her. I really think they are quite curious about one another, except I'm a bit worried that Shelby is going to get a bop on the nose from Oscar one of these days.

I am going to take a leaf out of Merle's book and put dumplings on top of my casseroled beef tonight. I really enjoy reading and trying out the different recipes you post. I made some of Pea's zucchini cookies the other day and they really are very nice. Zucchinis are the most versatile vegetable, grated into soups and stews, made into a lovely slice or grated into cookies, just as well they are relatively cheap. Talking of the price of food, our bananas will be coming down in price shortly. Thank goodness. On TV the other night, they showed hands of bananas on the trees (actually the banana plant is part of the fern family, believe it or not) and soon they will start to ripen and we will see them in the shops. It's just amazing that such a staple food as the banana has become a luxury over the last six months. That cyclone certainly has had a ripple effect on the community.

Well, I've rabbitted on long enough. I'm going to go outside and repot some of my plants. Already, one or two are getting new growth now that the days are getting warmer and longer. It's so exciting!!


Granny said...

I don't have your email address. Sorry.

Rice-a-roni is a packaged mixture of rice and vermicelli (thin spaghetti) with a small pkg of seasoning (lots of different flavors. Brown the rice mix and add the seasonings, water, and any veggie or meat (or none). It's not bad but it gets a lot of flak here.

"Flaming" is an attack on a blogger, almost always anonymous and usually ugly, sometimes obscene. It's also called a "hit and run". It's usually random and only once. My flamer left two words "racist c**t". Fill in the blanks, I'm sure that word is used in Australia but I don't want to use it in your comments.

A "troll" is a little different. They come on and are insulting but not quite as bad. Trolls sometimes keep coming back and back. Ignore them and they'll usually go away. They're looking for a reaction and attention.

I cried and then I wrote a post about it. It's back in my archives. I let the comment stand so everyone who visited could see ugliness for what it is.

I hope you never experience either one and that it's strictly an American issue.


Ky Boo Gal said...

I'm going to have to try those zuchinni cookies!!
I sure miss Flossy would you tell I said hello, please?

PEA said...

I'm so glad you tried the zucchini cookies and liked them:-) When they're baking, my neighbour always comes over cuz she can smell them! lol

Meow said...

Great photo.
Aren't cats funny. They don't want the food, but they don't want anyone else too, either.
A while back, my kitty Bambi visited the German Shepherd next door, who got a weak hold on her tail. Bambi turned around, swiped the dog on the nose. Now, Bambi's boss, and the dog won't go anywhere near her !! I imagine she's just biding her time though, waiting for a moment !!
Take care, Meow