11 August 2006

This and That.

Here's Mini Cooper's latest pic, he's two months old in this one. Wanna bite those lovely fat cheeks!

Logged on this morning and had a look through your blogs, left comments and was going to write up today's lot. Huh! Blogger was being maintained. Yes, I know, I did get the notice, but it said from 4 pm PDT. I don't know what or when PDT time kicks in, I go by AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Anyway, that brought me to a screaming halt so I got the pip, logged off and went to water my garden. This is no longer turn on the sprinkler or hose and leave it. No way, it's going back and forth from the tap to the garden with the watering can. Believe me, that thing gets heavy after a while. I did have the thought though, that it could be a good weight loss exercise and I really need that after eating all those lovely thick winter soups, stews and casseroles for the last couple of months. Maybe I should try Ann's seniors' exercises! He he!

Gave mum a brief call the other day and asked her if she had managed to stay out of hospital over the last week or so. "Oh yes," she replied. "It's such a pity because I can't wait to get this gallbladder out and then I can eat what I want." So I said to her that she will probably be on a low fat diet for all time because of the risk of putting on weight. "At my age, who cares!" she scoffed. Well, when she put it like that...

My brother and sister-in-law will be staying with me for Friday and Saturday, 01 and 02 September. So on the Friday evening, we're having a bit of a get together and then on Saturday we are going into the city. It's the culmination of the River Festival Week with River Fire celebrations. I have booked into a restaurant on the river at South Bank which will give us a great view of the fireworks, set off not only from a barge on the river, but also from the tops of various buildings in the CBD. The grand finale is a fly past "dump and burn" by two F111s from the Amberley Airbase. This happens about 7.30 and the call goes out to, "Look up, Brisbane!" and these two jets scream across the city with huge sheets of flame coming out from behind them as they burn the aviation fuel. They do two sweeps and it is so spectacular and incredibly noisy but we wait all year for this. Anyway, we are going to go in about lunchtime, park the car at a rail station outside of the inner city area and catch the train to South Bank, wander around the markets, take a ferry ride and do all the touristy things before dinner. Should be really good.

* * * *

My meditation group started up again on Monday. It used to be on a Wednesday evening and wasn't particularly enjoyable as there was a negative element there. Eventually I stopped going because I felt uncomfortable, but it wasn't anything to do with the lovely lady that runs the group. It was one of the "meditatees". However, due to one thing and another this person is not coming along any more and the group is now held on Monday mornings. What a difference! I have been on a high all week, it was such a good meditation and I had really been missing my weekly quiet time. Isn't it amazing how one person can affect/infect the whole atmosphere of a group or meeting. They don't even have to say much, it's their general air of negativity that permeates the whole gathering. I try and keep negative people out of my life as much as possible, there's enough negativity going on in other parts of the world without having it affecting one's own life, don't you think? Ok, I know we all have our blah moments, but it's those whose lives are one continuing blah that I find so enervating. I'm not nasty to them, in fact they probably don't realise it, but I just quietly move away.

I must add, too, that I had a lovely time reading your posts today. You all have such differing personalities and styles of writing. I find myself looking forward to reading my "regulars" to see what they have been up to. It's lovely getting comments as well and I always leave a comment if I have visited someone because I know how much I enjoy receiving them.

Well, dear fellow bloggers, it's getting to that time of the evening where dinner needs to be considered. Actually, it has been considered and this will make you drool! I'm having a fresh fillet of Tasmanian salmon, covered in seeded mustard and baked in Alfoil in the oven for about 15 minutes. Yuuuummmmmm! This is a real luxury because the one fillet cost me over $6! Not sure what I'm having with it, apart from a glass of wine - steamed veges or salad, I'll think about it.

Stay well and I will talk to you all later.


Remiman said...

Nice and newsy blog. I can easily image sitting around the kitchen table, sipping a glass of wine, and kibbitzing with you for hours.

I'm taking your lead, and leaving a comment to each blog I peruse.

wishing you a great day.

Nicole said...

I know... pour the wine over the salmon lol and that will fix that! A glass of wine fixes everything... yes? yes! I knew you'd agree with me lol.
Love those cheeks and those gorgeous sparlking eyes.... screams of being loved and cuddled tonnes and tonnes... scrummy. Oh, and I will definitely look out for you at riverfire.... I'll be the one with the chickens running around uncontrollably lol pulling my hair out..... I wonder what Mum is doing that night lol. Huge hug xox. ps. I love what you are doing with your hair... fabulous... keep it up.

Lee-ann said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and I have just read several of your pieces and they are great items.

I will have to come back to visit again it is always such a nice feeling knowing about people and how they feel on different things, and you have the same passion for family and friends as I do.

Yes I could just give that little darling a big cuddle for sure.

see you again! best wishes

DellaB said...

Hi Puss... it sounds like we had the same sort of start to the day, blogger down for maintenance, buckets of water to the plants - but wasn't it a beautiful day to get outside for a while.

I do agree about the comments, it's nice to know somebody has been by to visit, and to read what other friends have had to say on the topics and posts too.

Ky Boo Gal said...

loved the baby picture...pinch pinch to the little cheekers!!
I'm like you on the negative element...some bloggers are like that and I'm having to quietly move away...sad but true...that dinner sounds lovely!!

3catsmeow4me said...

Love the picture. Adorable!

Merle said...

Hello Robyn ~I enjoyed your post, so thank you. Glad you are enjoying the Meditation mornings again. We can do without negativity.Thanks for your great comments. So glad your granddaughter thinks you are cool !!
Some of mine call me Techno Grandma
since I took to the computer. I have a Ray Stevens Video called Comedy Video Classics. It is great, so funny. The one you mentioned is called Mississipp Squirrel Revival
where the boy's pet squirrel gets
loose and causes havoc.The Streak
was funny also. Take care, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi again Robyn ~ Thanks for your comments. I am glad you made some dumplings - so nice when the weather is cold. Glad you liked the King and his 4 wives, it gives us a message.
Take care, Hugs, Merle.

Granny said...

Right at this moment it's 3:38 a.m. (Saturday) here (Pacific Daylight Time) and 8:28 p.m. in Brisbane.

You're 17 hours ahead? Sounds about right.

Hope that helps and why am I still up at 3:30 in the morning?

Good night.