18 August 2006

Running Away

Isn't this beautiful? Who says cats and dogs can't love each other...

I had a lovely day today. It started off with me getting up as usual, putting the kettle on for my morning coffee and switching the computer on - not to blog. No, no. It was to work, honest. Anyway, I was ploughing through some transcriptions from a paediatrician whose work we all hate! Not the fact that it's about kids, but the way he dictates. As fast as possible and running all his words together. It takes ages to do his stuff and he downloads files and files of letters every Friday.

Anyway, I'm working away with as much enthusiasm as I can muster up and had been going for about an hour when my phone rang.

It was Suzie: "Hi, what are you doing today?"
Me: "Working."
Suzie: "Wanna play hookey?"
Me: "Yep, doing what?"
Suzie: "Going shopping."

'Nuff said!

So, I uploaded the rest of the files back to QA, shut down, jumped in the car and was at Suzie's place about 30 minutes later. Off we went for about five hours - what fun. I was very good, though and didn't buy anything, but only because my budget wouldn't allow it this week. Otherwise who knows what I might have come home with. As it was, Suzie spent enough for both of us, lol!

Anyway, I intend going back in a couple of weeks. We went to the Logan Hyperdome and those of you who live in the Brisbane area know what a great place that is to shop. I hadn't been there for about 15 years and it's only about 2o minutes' drive away!

However, in spring 2007, a shopping centre that is touted to be the biggest one in the southern hemisphere is opening even closer to me. It's rumoured that the shopping there is going to the best. So, I'll certainly be trying that one out when it opens.

So that was my day today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tomorrow? Back to work, I guess.


Merle said...

Hello Robyn ~~Sound as though you had a great day shopping or looking anyway
There are some wonderful shopping centres these days. Glad you liked the politician joke. My brother Peter is not impressed with another election.
Thanks for your comments. Take care, Merle.

PEA said...

Gotta play hooky once in a while, it's allowed! hehe Glad you had such a nice time shopping with your friend..and I'm impressed you didn't buy anything!! I always end up buying something, it's as if it's wrong for me to come home empty handed!!! lol Have a great weekend:-) Hugs!!

Mountain Mama said...

Good for you! We all need more spontaneity in our life.
SOmetimes it isn't the buying but just being with a friend that makes our life so much more fun.