14 September 2006

Christmas??? Yes, it's coming!!!

Where is the time going? It's almost Christmas, aaaarrgh!!! Have any of you thought about Christmas presents yet? Yeah, I've thought about them, but that's all. Every year I say I'm going to be organised and do my Christmas shopping throughout the year. But does it ever happen? Of course not - me, that organised? Come on... But there are people on this planet who are that organised and I am in total awe.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very organised at work. I know exactly what I'm doing for the day, how long it may take me and I am scrupulous about leaving my work station tidy without patient charts all over the place. But...that's at work. When it comes to my life out of work - forget it! Too many other things get in the way and I would much rather do something more exciting and on the spur of the moment than be organised! Of course, when Christmas is suddenly a few days away I panic, which makes me then rush out and spend much more that I had originally planned to and - well, you see what I mean. It's a vicious circle - or what goes around comes around!!

However, I do have a few more weeks so maybe, just maybe, I might do something about getting one or two gifts next week. Oh wait, isn't the car payment due then? Damn, just when I thought I had it all worked out...

What have you got planned for Christmas? Have you started Christmas shopping yet and if you're one of those people who have actually finished their Christmas shopping in September, then may Santa's sleigh backfire and send a mountain of very cold snow down your neck!

For those who live in the southern hemisphere, may reindeer thump across your roof when you have had too many Christmas drinks! So there!!


Lee said...

These days the only Christmas presents I buy are for myself and for my two furry mates.

I'll be doing what I enjoy doing most on Christmas Day...I like to spend it here at home, alone...sipping on 'bellinis' in the morning, music playing in the background, fresh seafood chilling in the fridge...just doing my own thing.

If friends like to pop in throughout the day, they will be welcomed with a glass of wine or two and some tasty goodies. I don't have any immediate family...poor little orphan Annie me! ;)

That for me is my favourite way to spend Christmas Day...I hate having to run all over the countryside. When I was married it was always 'open house' on Christmas morning and foolishly, I used to prepare the traditional hot Christmas lunch for anything up to 20 people. I'm not that silly any more...it's too damn hot around Christmas to get too excited! lol

Lee said...

And hey, Robyn...Christmas is supposed to be the season of goodwill...what's this about dumping snow down people's backs? lol

I like your hidden nasty streak! ;)

PEA said...

Yikes, thank goodness I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet or I'd get snow down my neck!! lol I just love your sense of humour!!! Ummm...it was said in humour, wasn't it???? hehe I usually start my Christmas shopping in early November but it doesn't really matter when I start, on Christmas Eve I'm still rushing around trying to finish it!! I love Christmas and love to decorate for it...hopefully BooMama will have hold the Christmas Tour Of Homes this time:-) Hugs xoxo

Ky Boo Gal said...

wow...now I'm in the dumps...Christmas...argggggggg...no girlfriend I am never ready especially this early...I don't start thinking about it till Thanksgiving day...I think that is plenty of time...lol!!!

DellaB said...

Robyn, I hope you don't have a cauldron and a broomstick! Mind you, down here the snow on the neck might be nice on a hot December day...

I'm with Lee - we agreed as a family many years ago that we would buy/share pressies with kids only - now of course they are all grown up, and it's only recently that grand-kids have begun to emerge, and I've still only got the one...

Yep, Christmas day in the old days was always at my place too - people all over the place, and me stuck in the kitchen. These last few years I have 'volunteered' to work, (we stay open) let the youngs ones enjoy the day with the kids.

I am not bah-humbug though, Normally we have a little tree or decoration, and I put lights in the window.

Lee said...

I do all the decorations thingies too...just for me! It's a pain taking them down again though! lol

I get all the lollies, nuts, fruits, cakes (refuse to make my own anymore...used to do so...way back around August and keep topping them up with rum until Christmas...hick!), plus a pudding, mince tarts, stollen...you name it, I have it! Every year I tell myself I'm never going to do it again...but I seem to forget when I see all the goodies in the supermarket. So I dine well for weeks (months)! lol

It's all good fun...I amuse myself in many ways! ;)

Mountain Mama said...

This year I am making CD's for my five children. I have scanned, and put through photoshop hundreds of old photos of them from the time my first was born to date.
It has been an on-going project since last winter. I hope I will be done by Christmas. If not then they will get them next year sometime.
My five come to my house on the weekend after Thanksgiving and do all my decorating. They put the blue icicle lights on the house and string colored lights throughout the yard. They also put up my christmas trees and decorate them. We have a potblessing (Like potluck) but we don't believe in luck) we do believe in God's blessings.
Christmas day will be at one of my daughters homes where we will all bring food to create a lovely dinner.
It's the time together, that makes it such a wonderful day.

Granny said...

I hate rushing the season - any season.

You asked Tammy about the Shakers. I know quite a bit about them (we had a museum where I grew up as well) but sending you a link is easier.