16 September 2006

A Little Bit of Everything Today

Would you believe this cat?? Someone sent me this photo and I just cannot imagine a cat being that thirsty. Although I do know if Oscar hears me washing my hands in the bathroom, he comes running in and pushes me out of the way to drink the water straight from the tap. Weird cat!

Talking of Oscar - he has actually done a post today. If your feline friends are interested, see From Oscar's Chair in my sidebar.

We have been getting a little more rain, which we will attribute to Tammy doing her raindances for us. Queensland salutes you, Tammy! Today is rather cool but if we're getting rain, who cares. Apparently some weather boffin was on the news the other night saying that this summer we are in for wetter than usual weather (that wouldn't be hard), storms (what's new) and cyclones (ditto) from December on. Hallo? That's what we usually get - it's summer, our wet season! Ok, so it hasn't been any great shakes for the last 10 years or so and maybe not as many cyclones, but it's what we expect. Yet, this guy was going on as if he was bringing us news of something totally unusual. I don't know...

I had a very interesting comment from Granny's site today. I had asked Tammy about the Shakers and Granny sent me a link on these long gone communities. If you want to read all about the Shakers, have a look at the comment from Granny in my last post. She has put the link in.

It was fascinating to read your comments on my post about Christmas. I do love hearing about how people spend their Christmasses. We always have family and "orphans". The orphans are friends whose family are in different states and so we all have Christmas together and go to a different place each year. I think this year we are going to my eldest daughter, Toni. Last year we went to one of our "orphan" friends who have a pool and also an entertainment room which is separate from the house. Just as well, because later in the day we had a very noisy storm with hail the size of 10 cent pieces. So we were frantically trying to get our cars under cover to prevent hail damage, although I have since been told that hail that size won't do any damage. It's when it gets to golf ball and cricket ball size (as it can) that the damage is done. Lovely, eh?

Anyway, back to Christmas. While we in the antipodes have a hot day, you folk in the northern hemisphere will be having a cold day. Some spend the day at the beach, others around or in a pool as it's so hot and humid. We have lots of cold food, heaps of salads, usually prawns and ham, turkey. And then of course, dessert. Strawberries, mangoes, papaya, pineapples - along with other yummies that someone will bring along. As you no doubt do, we all contribute to the Christmas table and the liquid "refreshments". It can be totally hedonistic - sitting in the pool, hat and sunglasses on and sipping on a daiquiri! Wonderful stuff! Whatever we do, the emphasis is on as casual as possible, no cooking on the day and plenty of dips in the pool.

However, I would like to experience a northern hemisphere Christmas. I will, one day.

Tonight is a $22 million Gold Lotto draw. Jane and I have been practicing positive thinking by planning what we will do with our share. We're not greedy, we don't mind sharing it with others, but we would love a few hundred thousand each!

Tomorrow I am having a few people over. It's supposedly for a jewellery party that I put my hand up for last month. Anyway, I don't mind if no-one buys anything (although I hope they do for the jewellery seller's sake), I am looking forward to just getting together over coffee and cake or a wine or two. I don't usually do these parties, but I thought just this once I can so Suzie gets the vouchers, discounts or whatever it is she gets. Anyway, as I say it's a good excuse for a get together.

I have a 50th birthday party to go to next month and am racking my brains as to what to get this guy. He's an outdoorsy guy, works as a farrier, does showjumping and has everything!! His wife's no help at all! Anyway, I guess Jane and I can get our heads together and maybe come up with something between us. As it's a 50th, we could probably do something really silly, I don't know. Hopefully inspiration will come before too long.

There's a competition for a free blog template going on. Go to Bluebird Blogs and have a look at their website. I know I would be up for a different, prettier template.

Well, those are my ramblings for today. Hope you're all still awake!

Talk to you later...



PEA said...

Yup, that's a weatherman for you! I have to laugh when they say "chances of sun, rain, clouds, wind, etc"...put it all in one and you're bound to get one of them right! lol Good luck on the lottery...I won a free ticket last night on ours..oh well, keeps me going:-) I can't wait to start hearing how everyone celebrates Christmas and seeing pictures...we have something to look forward to in a couple of months:-) I will definitely check out that Shakers web site, I find them such interesting people! Have fun at your jewellery party tomorrow...I've gone to a few of those and always end up buying something:-) Hugs xoxo

Ky Boo Gal said...

I saw recently on another blog that a card was given to a birthday person...the card said Happy 100th Birthday...if you could find one I bet he doesn't have that!!

Lee said...

I tried my hardest to win last night's $22m lotto...got every number but not all in one game! Grrrrrrr! Still poor and infamous...I wanted to rich and famous! ;)

Remiman said...

That cat photo is adorable. Cats are wonderful entertaining friends and companions.
Buying lottry tickets is like brushing my teeth. It's just something you have to do. If I ever won I'd probably have a stroke and die and never collect. lol ;-)
Computer working this AM........