10 October 2006

Beta continued...

Aaarrrrgh, I lost all my links and have to put them all in again - disaster!!! Do you know how long that takes????? Thank goodness I'm not like some of you who have a thousand links on your blog. Trust me, read the instructions before doing ANYTHING! Unfortunately, impatience is one of my failings and it happens every time I get something that has instructions Why, oh why haven't I learnt to read them first? Because I'm too ****** impatient, I know, I know.

Oh well, for my sins, I have to put all the links to my blogger friends back in again, one by one. I shall post again one day into the far, far future...(Sigh)


Meow said...

I haven't gone over to Beta yet ... I'm presuming they will let me know when it is time !?!?! I'm comfy where I am now, though ... haven't any probs commenting to beta blogs, or getting comments from beta bloggers. (I bet it makes a liar out of me now !!)
Good luck with putting all your links back.
Take care, Meow

Remiman said...

Doesn't that just aggravate you to no end?
Lesson learned I always say. Sometime I'd like to get it on the first go though;-)
Have a great week.

Nicole said...

Now I'm really really scared. Oh well... if I lose all my data, then so be it. I guess I'll do what Connie (Meow) said and wait to be told lol. Your blog is looking good though, nothing to worry about.
Much love, Nic xox.

Lee said...

Yikes! I don't think I'll ever go over to Beta! I definitely don't have any patience when things go astray!

I have no idea how to put up links now...let alone transfer them to Beta! My monitor and pc wouldn't be safe with me trying to change over. All sledge hammers for miles around would have to be hidden from me! ;)

Oh! Dear...my best plan would be to get a friend who is computer-savvy do it for me one day...whenever...in the meantime, I'll stick with the 'old' and save my sanity! ;)

Mountain Mama said...

Oh how awful! I tend to act first and read instructions when it's all messed up. I think it is the way I was created because I've always been this way and getting close to seventy I can't see a change in the future.
Lord Help me and you too!!!

PEA said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear you're having so many problems..I've heard other people complaining of so many problems with Beta Blogger, that's why I've been leary about switching. I do hope you can get everything working in no time:-) Hugs xoxo

Lee said...

Do you think we should set up a search party for Robyn? ;)

slap me happy said...

If you need a help let me know Robyn, would be fine to help out, copy of my original temp for we were the same or email for phone number if you want : ) good luck with it honey

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn,
I spent the best part of my working life as a 'computer support' person - if you learn nothing else from computers, you learn patience ... well, some do...

One thing I did learn though, is - let others do the beta testing