12 October 2006

Patience - I need some...

After a few days of not being around, I have surfaced! I do have a reason for my absence, I've been working at my job in the city. Things have been busy with heaps of patients and so they needed my invaluable (lol??) help to get things up to date. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet and I go in again tomorrow. To get me through it, I'm thinking of the money. I have a tax bill, registration, two birthdays, my car needs a service and then there is Christmas, all in the next few weeks! So I guess I'd better take everything I can get.
As for beta blogger, I have finally got my links reinstated. However - I now want to change my colour scheme. Yep, I'm a bit of a beggar for punishment. Don't worry, this time I will save a copy of this particular template before I start playing around with it!
I must tell you about Oscar. He's a very possessive cat (surprise, surprise). If I go next door for any reason, he performs like a trained seal! He has the dogs terrorised and comes and meows pathetically outside the big sliding doors (which are glass - he can see me) until either Jane or Fred let him in. I feel a bit sorry for the dogs. They daren't do anything about it. I think they have crossed Oscar in the past and lived to regret it!
Mind you, there is no way I can sneak up undetected. Oscar follows me and meows, Shelby the retriever barks and Hooks the cockatoo says "Hello!" Jane and Fred always know when I've arrived.
Well, that's it. I'm going to have some dinner. Talk to you all later.


Merle said...

Hello Robyn ~ Sorry you have been so busy, but as you say Think of the money. Glad you got your links on.
That Oscar rules your life by the sound of it, they get very attached
don't tey? Thanks for the e-mails
you sent me. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Mountain Mama said...

Oscar is a beautiful cat. It looks like he is wearing a double necklace.
When I was a child, we had a cat that was very protective. Once a neighbor dog came to our place and picked a fight with our Beautiful Cocker Spaniel. Our cat, Midnite, attacked the neighbor dog, biting and clawing him, sending him running home with his tail tucked between his legs. Our pets stuck together!

Lee said...

This is coming up to an 'expensive' time of the year for me too...starting off with Melbourne Cup Day...I just have my own little celebration here at home...but that usually consists of a few bets, champagne, fresh prawns and other 'pickies'...then a few days later it's my birthday and I've got friends coming over for lunch...then it's a rapid run down to Christmas and New Year...arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh! ;)

Ky Boo Gal said...

Hey Miz Robyn,
I'm hearing you on the being away part...I miss everyone so...but I'm not willing to do without groceries at this point...lmbo!!
So off to work I go!!
I don't see how some of ya'll that work do it...I'm ready for bed at 7pm but of course I'm at work at 5am to 3:30pm.....hmmm...

Remiman said...

I'm glad you've got yhe opportnity to beef up your bank account!

so with your inability to sneak up on the neighbors you probably won't be working for the secret services.lol
Have a great weekend my friend.

PEA said...

You haven't been around cuz you're busy working? What kind of an excuse is that???? hehe I agree with you, though, might as well work as much as you can if it means extra money coming in:-) We miss you but we also understand!! How I'd love to meet Oscar in person...he sure does sound like quite a character. Ummmm...does he even know he's a cat???? lol Hugs xoxox P.S. Don't forget to come to my birthday party on my blog! hehe

Meow said...

Cats can be such funny critters, can't they. I can understand why people either love them or hate them ... me, though ... I love 'em with a passion !!
Please give Oscar a big huggle for me.
Take care and have a great weekend.