15 October 2006

A Quiet Weekend - Not!

My horoscope for yesterday told me not to worry about working so hard because the next few weeks will be hectic enough, take some time out, have fun, be spontaneous, etc, etc... Yeah, yeah, I thought. I had a 50th birthday party to go to last evening but today, Sunday, was quiet - so I thought!

We rocked up to the 50th birthday at the start time of 6 pm. Early? I thought so, too. However, once we got there we realised why the early start. A wonderful spit roast with beef, pork and chicken, baked potato and pumpkin and four different salads, crusty bread, apple sauce, gravy and what have you. Wow! Before that, though, there were wonderful nibbles of pickles, olives, ham, continental sausage, cheeses and crackers and vegetable canapes with dips. Talk about a feast. Music was playing through a CD/DVD system which sounded pretty good and we met up with other friends were good fun, so it looked to be a great evening. It wasn't...it was absolutely stupendous!! It's the best party I have been to for many years.

After we had eaten, two guys got up and started playing music and what music - all the good ones from Queen, The Rolling Stones and other 60s and 70s stuff, along with Aussie icons like Jimmy Barnes, Daddy Cool and ACDC. I had a terrific cardiovascular work out - dancing for about a total of three hours! Now for young ones, that's nothing, but I wasn't just headbanging and jumping up and down in one spot. It was using the whole body stuff - arms, legs, hips - and singing along with all these wonderful tunes. Also, I am coming up to 62 and there were also a few in their 50s and we were the ones up and dancing, while the younger ones sat around and drank! Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

But wait, there's more...Our hostess, Jacqui, who had planned the whole thing as a surprise for her husband is a professional songstress and it was her band. She brought tears to our eyes by singing the Faith Hill (I think) song, "How Will I Live (Without You)" to David, her husband. She has the most beautiful voice and later on got up and performed a set of dance songs for us - namely stuff from "Grease", and the "Time Warp, which we danced to with great enthusiasm, doing all the steps.

The good thing about living on acreage is that you don't really annoy the neighbours, probably because most of them were at the party! We could walk, because Jacqui and David live on the block in front of us, so no worry about drink/drive - just breaking one's neck by putting a foot wrong in the dark, lol! Actually, we had torches and no-one broke a leg. So, that was last night.

I woke up this morning and thought that I might visit my eldest daughter and little Cooper, whom I haven't seen for a couple of weeks, due to me working extra days in the city. Nope, that wasn't about to happen. Firstly, because my daughter wasn' t home when I rang and secondly because Jane asked me over for lunch. Friends of theirs, whom I had met before, were coming over. So I thought, great! Jeannie, who was born in Burma (now Myanmar), is one of my most favourite people in the world. She is a wonderfully warm and witty lady, who is so very outspoken, she cracks everyone up! Sadly, her youngest daughter has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which is a real blow to Jeannie and her husband, Doug, because they lost a son some years ago as well. Yet, she doesn't bemoan her lot, her positivity is an inspiration and I just love her to bits.

Anyway after a lunch that lasted around four hours, I helped Jane clear up and collapsed in a heap. After a reviving coffee, I thought I would tell you all about my so-called "quiet" weekend - which I thoroughly enjoyed! I love being spontaneous and rarely turn down spur of the moment invitations unless I have something else planned.

So that's what I've been up to and I'm so, so glad I'm only working two days this week - I need to recover from my raging weekend, lol! What fun I've had!!

That's it for now (enough, I think). Have a good week and I'll catch up later.


Remiman said...

What a story! I could feel the music in my legs with the telling. How wonderful for you to have such a envigorating and joy filled evening. Memory builder for sure. Your happiness spills out in your words. I'm glad you had a great (stupendous) time, and shared it with us.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~ What a party ! So glad you had such a great time.It all sounded great. How Will I Live is sung by Leanne Rimes and Trisha Yearwood. Faith Hill is one of my faves. Last night I could not comment so I sent you an e mail, which I got back awhile ago.
Tonight, they are not asking for User name,as they wont accept mine. Anyway, glad you liked Deck of Cards & got to hear it on Requests
And also the Boy story rang some bells. Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Ky Boo Gal said...

Well it sounds like you had a wonderful time and worked off all the calories from the wonderful food
Sorry to hear about your friends daughter...tough news...

Michael Manning said...

Hi, Robyn: If you don't mind, I've linked you. This is a great story. I wish I had your energy!!!

slap me happy said...

what a quiet week end you had lol, you just put me to shame Robyn lol, not that much energy at the moment but getting there now lol. Check out Michaels blog I got it through teresa on my links his blog isn't bad, very busy but not bad lol. Well back to my book

Lee said...

Sounds like a fun party, Robyn...glad you had a ball.

Merle is correct about who sang "How Will I Live"...personally I think the Trisha Yearwood version is the better version...as I felt at the time when the song was released Rimes was too young to suit the lyrics etc. Yearwood is now married to Garth Brooks...not a bad duo!

Wow! Merle - "Deck of Cards"...I've not heard that for ages. Phil Harris, wasn't it?

I agree with you, Robyn...spontaneous always seem to turn out the best! :)

PEA said...

Gosh, I haven't danced in so long, I don't know if I'd remember how!! I loved dancing to the songs of the 70 & 80's...that's when music was music:-) Really sounds like it was a great party!! You also had a fun day on Sunday...you had me tired just from hearing about your weekend!!! lol Hugs xox

DellaB said...

aaah... dancing - I remember that!

good one Robyn...