16 October 2006

Life - continued...

After I had published yesterday's post, my phone rang and it was another friend, Julie. Now Julie runs our Meditation Group which we have every Monday morning. So the phone call last night was to confirm that I would be there the next morning, that I could arrive half-an-hour earlier and bring something to put towards lunch. Then, the reason for all this. We were going to the Darlington National Park to have our meditation outdoors followed by a barbecue lunch. Oh, I wasn't missing out on that! No way...
This morning I was up at 5 am, Jane and I went for our walk at 5.30 arriving home at 6 am. I logged onto my work site, did a couple of hours transcribing then had breakfast, jumped in the shower, dressed and was out the door at 8.45. As I was delegated to bring the drinks, I stopped at the supermarket and bought a couple of 2 litre bottles of pure Australian fruit juice (orange and pineapple, yum). By the time I arrived at Julie's it was almost 9.30 so we transferred all the goodies, chairs, eskies and what have you to two cars and set off to Darlington.
It's about an hour's drive and it was lovely being a passenger - I could look around and see what was going on. We passed acres of barley almost ready for harvesting, patchwork paddocks of green and brown where lucerne was growing and ground had been ploughed up ready for the next crop. We drove through areas that had been burning yesterday, probably due to a cigarette butt tossed out a car window. At one stage, the fire had come within a few metres of a house. Scary stuff.
We crossed bridges over creeks and streams that had all but dried up due to the drought, passed farmers on their quad bikes and watched the cattle chewing their cuds and watching us go by. We passed roadworkers who gave us a lazy wave; we then turned onto a sealed road that was so narrow that, if a vehicle was coming from the opposite direction, both had to move to the left onto the grass to pass by safely. Shortly after, we arrived at our destination. Quiet, apart from the sound of the river gurgling over the rocks and myriads of birds of all kinds. It was magic!
We meditated under an ancient gum tree that was older than the white civilisation of Australia; we let ourselves drift off to the sound of the bird life and the soft murmur of the river; we relaxed into the day.
Lunch was chicken kebabs, sausages, green salad, potato and egg salad, fresh rolls and tea, coffee or juice. Actually, we had a laugh during lunch. Helen, who is from the UK and has only been Australia for three months, was standing by the table, holding a kebab of which she had taken one bite, chatting to us about something. I had just sat down, when a large missile shot over my head, grabbed the meat off Helen's kebab skewer and devoured it. It was a very opportunistic kookaburra. They are meat eaters and will have no hesitation in grabbing food off you! We couldn't help laughing at the look on Helen's face. She was able to get another kebab and made very sure the kookaburra didn't get that one.
After a time of talking and laughing, we cleaned the barbecue, packed up our bits and pieces and drove back home. It was a wonderful day, the temperature was a perfect 28 degrees and we were good friends having a lovely meditation and lunch.
I've had the most wonderful three days and it has set me up well for work in the city tomorrow. Funnily enough, I feel that I have started on a new stage of my life over the last three days. If that's the case, it has certainly started with a bang and I'm looking forward to see what happens next.


slap me happy said...

it sounds like you had a great time Robyn, am jealous lol. Am off to drop the kids at school then come home and read my book again lol amd addicted to the JAnet Evanovich series about Stephanie Plum. They are hysterical lol

Ky Boo Gal said...

sounds like a lovely time and yummies too!
I would have peed my pants if something named a cuckoo burrow snatched my kabob :-O
PS...I'm feeling better after my job today, not as tired although I'm starting to wear thin, but I just had to visit my favorites and you are one of them for sure!!

Lee said...

lol...that's the first time I've heard kookaburra's called 'cuckoo burrows'!

It sounds like a most sensible way to start off a week!

I'm going to do a bit of my own meditation here today...it started raining (not hard) last night and it's still lingering about (thank goodness)...so I'm laying low today. Tomorrow I'm heading down to Ipswich with friends. We go down the back way from here on the mountain...through Canungra, Beaudesert...on to Ipswich, surrounded by views on every side. I live this particular way...the countryside is magnificent, albeit very dry at present. There are wonderful old farmhouses dotted throughout...the ones with the 'witches hats'...all have been well maintained.

Remiman said...

I envy your ability to weave such a marvelous story complete with word pictures.
Your day sounded like a perfect culmination to a superb weekend.

Love those positive energy builders.

Love the bird robbery image. ;_)

PEA said...

Meditation...good food...perfect day....and I wasn't invited??? Sigh! Sounds like it was certainly a delightful day but I have to admit I would have freaked out a bit if a big bird swooped by taking my meat! lol Only in Australia!!! hehe Hugs xoxo

Merle said...

Hi Robyn, I am so glad you had a lovely day and that you are feeling good after 3 days.I hope that you continue to enjoy your life.
Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the elbow joke, I was a bit nervous about that one.Take care, your friend, Merle.

Gattina said...

What is a kookaburra ? Must be a kind of bird as furry meat eaters usually cannot fly, except my cats when they hear me in the kitchen.

When I spent a week with my friends in England we had seegulls stealing everything you hold in your hand by flying over you !

Meow said...

Hi Robyn,

I tried emailing you in reply to a question on my blog, but the address in your profile is not working !! Here is what I tried to email ....

I have had my own typing business from home since 1993. I used to advertise in the local papers, and got all sorts of stuff from resumes to thesis, and anything in between. These days I don't advertise much anymore, but I have a few regular clients ... a couple of consultants and auctioneers, an elderly author, as well as a few blow-ins !! I still do resumes for friends and family, but the call for typing from home isn't there as much as it used to be ... everyone has their own computers these days. I see you do transcribing ... never been much good at typing from dictaphone and the like ... too fiddly for me !! Tried it, didn't really like it !! I'm quite happy with the amount of paid typing I do. I also do a lot of "freebies". You know, stuff for my daughter's school, stuff for friends and family, and I love to write myself. Also, the blogging is keeping me pretty busy these days !! Although ... I wish I had more time to blog ... life keeps getting in the way LOL.

Blogging is so much fun, and I, too, really look forward to catching up with my blog-friends on a regular basis, and seeing what they are up to. I have quite a few Aussie blog-friends now, which is really nice, cause we can all relate in a different way to the OS bloggers !! I often forget in my posts to not use Aussie slang (like in the current post I said "Gas-bagging" and have had a question as to what this means ... Ooops.).

Hope it makes sense.

Take care,


Lee said...

Hi Meow...it seems a lot of us in here are very similar. I, too, used to do typing from home here...running a little classified ad in the local rag up here. I've stopped doing it but I still do some transcribing work for a uni lecturer when required, plus she has handed me work from other uni lecturers from the university in which she operates.

I stopped taking work in from 'all and sundry' because, even though I'm not a nervous, scared type of person (shouldn't be, I've lived alone now for years)...I decided one day that I was inviting 'strangers' into my home, so I decided to stop taking in the work. Most times I would go and pick it up from the 'client's home' but other times it was necessary for them to come here.

So now I only do the dictaphone work for my uni people...when required...which hasn't been often lately, now that I mention it! ;)