22 October 2006

Last week - a contradiction...

Hmmm. I wonder what the Universe is trying to teach me. After my wonderful start to the week, it sort of deteriorated a little the next day and then went totally out of control on Thursday and Friday. Let me explain...

As you know, I had a lovely day on Monday with our barbecue lunch at Darlington National Park. Tuesday, I'm up and at the day, ready to get stuck into a good day's work in the city practice. The lady I work with arrived and about an hour later, the rot set it. She is a very unpredictable lady and periodically throws tantrums. I have tried to deal with these in various ways from having a go at her to ignoring her completely and everything else in between. She gets very abusive and on Tuesday I'd had enough. I don't get upset over it where I'm in tears or anything like that, but I'm just getting sick of walking on eggshells and being abused when I certainly do not deserved to be spoken to like that. Nobody deserves that. What makes it doubly hard is that we share an office. Thank God, I only work there two days a week!

Anyway, I pondered all day about what I was going to do. I had to see the practice manager about another matter and eventually found myself telling him all about it. To my relief, he wasn't at all surprised. Apparently other people had complained as well. I just couldn't understand why I could not get through to this lady or what it was about me that caused her to go off the way she has done. It's not me, it's her. I do feel a bit sorry for her because she is completely unaware to the extent that she blames everyone else for what is going wrong in her life and feels that everyone is "out to get her". I said to her that what she feels about me is not really my business. Her reply was, "Huh, that's for sure! Anyone can see that!" I was gobsmacked at that one - I mean, what does one say to that?? As I said before, it's always someone else's fault and although I have to be very careful what I say to her, the temptation is very strong to tell her she needs professional help! However, I must restrain myself...

So that's what I mean about her not having a clue regarding taking responsibility for one's own reactions. She really is totally unaware of that. After I had told the practice manager, he asked me if I wanted him to speak to her. I wasn't worried whether he did or not, I'd got it off my chest and felt a lot better. I think he will say something, but is going to pick his time. Sadly, I don't think any time is the right one as far as this lady is concerned. She will take offence however diplomatic he is.

So that was Tuesday. Wednesday was uneventful. Thursday was until Friday came. I know that doesn't make sense, but here's what happened.

Jane was hosting a jewellery party on Friday morning and both my daughters were coming. My eldest daughter arrived early and said my youngest daughter wasn't able to make it. Apparently on Thursday afternoon her partner's daughter was critically injured in a road smash and was Medivac'd to hospital. She was the passenger in the car and it was touch and go as to whether she would survive. However, she is in Intensive Care in an induced coma and will be so for a couple of weeks. Lots of facial and head injuries. All the surgeon could say was that she was young, strong and healthy and that was in her favour.

As you can imagine, my daughter and her partner have spent the last few days and nights at the hospital. Although there is nothing they can do because his daughter is in a coma. But as you can imagine, he is beside himself. Poor bugger! It's not a very good time for him because 11 months ago, his nephew (who used to play Santa Claus for the younger kids at Christmas) was killed in a road smash and he has only just come to terms with that and now this.

Anyway, I'm sorry to be so gloomy but I really needed to get it off my chest. Thank you for listening. Hope all is well with you all and I'll catch up with you later.


Lee said...

Firstly...Robyn, I'm sad to hear of your daughter's guy's lass. Let's hope she comes out of this fit and well. It surely is a very worrying time for them. I can't begin to imagine what they are going through and particularly so soon after the tragedy of his nephew.

In reference to that woman you have work and share an office with, I think there comes a time when restraint has to be thrown out the window! I've worked with similar people at different times and after trying diplomacy, my Scorpio self would show its true colours and I would throw caution to the wind and tell a few homes truths! No one should have to put up with those kinds of attitudes nor does anyone have the right to display those attitudes to their workmates, whether it be 2 days a week, five or seven!

Sometimes being nice doesn't solve the problem of another not being nice to you, I find!

You could, perhaps, invite her to share lunch with you one of the days you work with her...have a 'girl-to-girl' chat with her, and if that doesn't work...*Biff*!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Lee said...

PS...go pour yourself a stiff Scotch or a glass of wine! ;) You need it! :)

Remiman said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your difficulties. My heart goes out to the young girl smashed up in the car accident, let's pray that youth will sustain her recovery.

As to you "friend" at work.... the next ime she lips-off to you..look her square in the eye, and stick your tongue out at her and then walk away, whatever.

Mountain Mama said...

I love Remiman's suggestion for your co-worker. LOL!!!
She obviously has some mental/emotional issues, and needs therapy. There is no place in the Bible that says we have God's permission to abuse others, and that is exactly what she is doing. Abuse comes in many forms.
Prayers for the injured girl are on the way.

slap me happy said...

slap her down and then slap her some more and then just give her a slap. That should do it lol
hope the kid recovers soon
love shona

If that doesn't work slap the crap outa her ....lmbo

Anonymous said...

Okay.... I lost my comment so here goes... Basically I said the same as everyone else... If you can give it some more time, your co-worker will bring herself undone, or perhaps you can reach out to her when probably no-one else has bothered. Maybe she has chosen you in a weird sort of way.... reverse reasons etc? Perhaps you are just the person to help her? Weird, I know, but it may just work.

I am sending you and your family, especially Nikki... all my prayers and wish for her a speeding recovery, both physically and emotionally.

My love to you, Nic xox.