23 October 2006

Good News!

Yay! Nikki is awake and coming along really well. The surgeons and nursing staff are very pleased with her. However, there is still a long way to go and the rehabilitation is going to be arduous and painful, with more operations to fix her poor shattered face. But, thank God, there is no brain damage and no internal injuries. She is a very lucky young girl. She also has a broken arm and leg, with the leg in an Ilizarov splint - you know, those ones where the metal splint is affixed around the leg and into the tibia and fibula.

I went and saw my daughter today. As I couldn't see her partner's ute there, I thought he would be back at work and I was right. So obviously, he is feeling happier about his daughter's prognosis. It's been a worrying few days for him and of course, my daughter. However, all will be well. The visit had an added bonus in that it was a pupil free day and so my grandchildren were home from school, so it was lovely to see them as well.

Thank you all for your prayers and support during these last couple of days.

Now, onto something a little more light-hearted. I loved all the advice on how to deal with my unpredictable and cranky work colleague. Funny how some of you advocated giving her a bunch of fives! It made me laugh and that was what I needed, thank you so much. I giggled at Rel's advice on sticking my tongue out at her - I could just imagine the look on her face, lmbo and, naughty as I am, I'm very tempted! I console myself with imaging her in the nude when she is going off like a rocket, ugh - not very nice!

I went to my meditation group today and felt a whole lot better after that, especially after the wonderful luncheon we had. What we do on Mondays is all contribute something towards lunch because we usually have so much to talk about. One of our ladies is an absolute hoot with the quickest wit and she has us in fits of laughter. So we finish off on a real positive note - actually the whole morning is positive.

Today, while Julie was reading something for us, I was watching the birds (I was listening, truly!). Two rainbow lorikeets landed on a branch of the grevillea just by the verandah where we were sitting. Along came a galah and flew down, just to be sociable, but the lorikeets weren't having any. They are only a third of the size of a galah, but they're stroppy, belligerent little birds and these two fluffed themselves up and basically told the galah where to go. So it did!

Once again, thank you all so much for being there for me, it did help.


Lee said...

Hey there Robyn, Great news to hear that Nikki is awake and on the mend. What a relief for you all and particularly for her father. He must have been beside himself with worry. She certainly is a very fortunate young lady. And you must all continue looking on the positive, bright side. She will need your positive thoughts and attitudes during her rehabilitation. She'll be running marathons before you know it! :)

I'm glad you had a lovely day today and I hope the peaceful start to the week continues for you. Perhaps that dragon you work with should take a leaf out of your book and take up meditation...like every day...six times a day...seven days a week! ;) Maybe you could suggest that to her and see what happens! lol

Either that or take up karate...;) You, I mean!

Remiman said...

Wonderful news about Nikki. She'll need plenty of handholding and emotional support which I'm sure there is enough of from you and yours. As you know from your meditation group, those vibes are profoundly healing.

Your work "chum" is an extremely unhappy person. I hope some laughter will come her way and that she might accept it. In the mean time; show her your tongue and your smile.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~ I am so glad that Nikki is starting to make a recovery, and so sorry she had the accident'
Thank you for comments while I was busy with my cousin. We had a lovely time together, but I got behind with my reading blogs and now I am back.
Brekkie was nice in thee gazebo,and
we enjoyed the company, as we live alone. Take care Robyn my friend, Love Merle.

Ky Boo Gal said...

Hey Miz Robin,
I'm just now getting here to visit due to laziness on my part yesterday...I had read about Nikki, poor thing and have her in my prayers!!!
Sounds like your workmate needs an attitude adjustment right over the top of the head...hehe!!
My daughter took her little family to a zoo called Ky Down Under...she had a picture of one of those cukoo o burrow birds you spoke of and the lorakeets landed on their shoulders to be fed...they had a great time!!

Mountain Mama said...

Good news about Nikki. I pray she heals thoroughly and fast.
I wish you would post some pictures of the birds you tell about. I would love to see them.

PEA said...

Hugs Robyn...I'm slowly making my way through all my friends' blogs and catching up on the posts I've missed while I was away! I think I'll be up until 2 a.m.! lol So very sorry to hear of your daughter's partner's daughter...she's got youth on her side and no matter how severe her injuries are, she'll recover fully I'm sure! Oh dear, you sure do work with a "work of art" don't you! lol I just don't know how you haven't lost it with her yet...notice I said YET! lol xox

Michael Manning said...

Good news to come across here Robyn and I'll keep you and your girl in my thoughts and prayers!