28 October 2006

Birds at My Place. Part 2

Ok, here is the rest of the bird life in our area. These are cattle egrets and, as their name suggests, they hang around with cattle as well as horses. I often see them in the paddock where the thoroughbred show jumper, owned by the guy in front of us, lives.

Babblers or Happy Family. These birds do babble and hang around in flocks, for all the world sounding as if they are discussing the day's goings on with each other. Babble, babble, babble!

Two types of ibis. The black ones (straw ibis) we get out here.

However, the white ibis are found in the city and suburbs where they are a nuisance because they dig in the garbage cans, strewing rubbish everywhere, looking for discarded burgers, fries, etc. The council have asked people not to feed them.

Blue Faced Honeyeater. A nectar eating bird, as it's name suggests.

The much maligned crow. I rather like crows, they're very intelligent birds and they eat the cane toads. That, in itself, is enough to endear them.

Noisy Miners or Mickey Miners. Very cheeky and aggressive birds. They hang around in groups and when I go out to hang my laundry out, about six or eight of them sit on the fence and go eeh, eeh, eeh at me, trying to frighten me away. However although they divebomb poor Oscar and the dogs and chase any other bird, they aren't dangerous to humans. Just very noisy!

Spurwinged Plover. Now these birds are really aggressive. It's their breeding season at the moment and there are heaps of them around. When Jane and I go for our morning walk, we have a very long driveway, and because these birds do dive at us, we have to walk down under an umbrella. If you look closely, you can see the spurs on their shoulders and if they rake you with those, you know all about it. We do not like these birds at all!

Magpie Lark or Peewees - because of their call, peewee, peewee!

Willie Wagtail. Like a fantail only bigger, they catch their food on the wing. Their fanlike tail gives them plenty of manoeuvrability.

Pale headed rosella - another seed eater. Pretty birds.

And last but not least, the Regent Bower Bird. I had to show you this one. We don't get them here but I have seen them in the wild on Mt Tamborine, where Lee lives. They are beautiful birds and their colour is so vivid, they look like splashes of sunshine on the wing.

Actually, until I started on this project, I never realised how many birds we had in our area. You may have noticed that I didn't include sparrows. That's because we don't get them here. They are everywhere in the city but not out here.
Hope you enjoyed this. How about I do a post on spiders next? We've got some interesting ones, big too! Of if you're a bit squeamish about spiders, I can show you snakes. I'm sure you'd just love to see them!! Lol!


slap me happy said...

you had to mention fantails ,,,bloody hell where is that lolly jar when I need it lol

Mountain Mama said...

Wow! That Spurwinged Plover would make me afraid to go walking. Maybe you could try some of that pepper spray if they attacked you. It might discourage them from being so mean.
I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your birds, and reading your descriptions of them.
Yes please do spiders and snakes too, although I am not a snake lover at all, I am still fascinated by them, and I find it very interesting to learn about critters in parts of the world besides my own.

PEA said...

I see that crows are the same the world over at least! lol The birds we tend to have are the sparrows, robins, crows, grackles, blue jays, mourning doves, finches, etc., nothing as exotic as your birds:-) Ugh spiders...they terrify me and I've heard you guys get BIG ones over there!!! Hope you're having a great weekend!! I played out in the snow earlier this morning! hehe Hugs xoxo

trushy said...

Hello there - found your link from Merles blog - your blog was interesting reading as l will be moving to oz in the new year....l'm really anxious about the spiddies and sliverers but would find that a really interesting read.
from tracie,UK

Lee said...

Hi there Robyn...we've got all those birds up here too, except for the 'Happy Families'...I've not seen them since I was living up north...particularly, when I was at Glenden...west of Mackay. They would chatter away as they went from backyard to backyard. Happy families is the right name for them! :)

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~ I enjoyed seeing all your birds. Glad the crows eat cane toads, but I could never like them. They eat the eyes out of lambing ewes and take little chickens. I saw one once on the side of the road sitting by a dead crow and nearly changed my mind, thinking it was mourning it's mate. It was eating it!! Glad you liked the jokes and quote by Kahlil Gibran. I bought a book of his but have not read it. I must. Also must try to get a book you mentioned ages ago by Sarah Ban Breathnach - Simple Abundance. It sounds good and I like your idea of giving thanks for about 5 things each day. Sounds like a great idea.Love, Merle.

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn, I didn't know crows ate cane toads, that makes me like them even more, I do NOT like cane toads, never have, I grew up in Townsville, back in the days when the dunny was in the backyard, not nice to just get settled and find yourself face to face with one of those ugly things! (too much information?) ::smiles::

Great birds, thankyou, I've been following the scrub turkey that is helping me in the backyard, trying to get a decent pic, Noel was laughing yesterday - a big old stray cat that hangs around sometimes got chased off by scrubby, he said it was really funny, the bird chased the cat up the tree and over the fence, across the roof of the shed in next door's yard and watched till it disappeared in the distance, wish I'd been here with the video.

DellaB said...

... not that I don't like cats - I am a cat person, but my own dear Madam, now gone, never caught a bird in her life, in fact she would look and look, but if they came any where near her, she was off back into the house...

slap me happy said...

it is nice to wake up to their noise isn't it much better than traffic noise.