30 October 2006

A bit of a whinge...

Well, well, well. Sheikh al-Hilali is feeling the pressure! Apparently he collapsed today and is thinking of stepping down. According to the 6 o'clock news, he is fast running out of friends. Good heavens, I wonder why??? He was "uninvited" to Brisbane for the local Islamic celebration that is planned. Thank goodness, someone showed some sense. As for that slimy Paul Keating, even his composure was rattled and he told journalists to "nick off". Isn't peer pressure wonderful?

As for Peter Beattie and his assertion that the extra hour of daylight saving would up the incidences of skin cancer - what a lot of rot! I quite like him as Premier, but sometimes he comes out with some bloody stupid statements and I must admit to wondering if he's losing it.

I wish we could have daylight saving. It's such a shame that Queensland lags behind the times. Reminds me of the Joh days when it was said that if you visited Queensland, set your watches back 100 years. Hopefully, we will have another referendum about it.

I have just heard that we have 9 to 15 years to combat global warming or else it will cost nine trillion dollars - more than the two World Wars and the Great Depression combined. What are we doing to this planet? Why don't Australia and America sign the Kyoto Protocol? I could go on, but I only get depressed about it all. As individuals, we do our best, but it is hard to think you're making a difference when the suits in Government ignore all the warnings and bow to politics and the almighty dollar instead.

Would you believe, Keith Williams and the Hinchinbrook Island debate have raised their heads again. Now there's a guy who worships the dollar and just wants to develop regardless of conservation and the environment. Doesn't that guy ever give up?

I think it's time I finished. This is getting depressing.

Have a good week everyone and the next time, I'll try to be more positive.


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, thanks for stopping by holtieshouse, as you said it's always nice to meet new folk.
We share a few readers I see, not least of whom is Merle.. my Sister, it's a small world really even when you include cyberspace.

Lee said...

Yes...everything gets a bit that way, doesn't it Robyn...I just growl sometimes, I get so frustrated by everything! Have a read of my comments on Hinchinbrook when you get a moment. I'm not sure if you are aware that I managed the resort on the island back in 1986/87.

Al-Hilali might have to go and life up on Nauru, I think...he might not only be homeless soon...he might end up being 'country-less'! He can dish it out but it would seem he can't take it! ;)

Guess Who?!? said...

Hello My Friend...
Trick or Treat...
I'm early you say?
Well, all I can say dahling is I'm Elvira,
I do as I wish!!

Lee said...

On climate-change/global warming....this has been going on for millions of years. I'm not saying man hasn't contributed his dollar's worth in the past and no doubt, will continue doing so as so many are deaf and blind...if you know what I mean!

Nature operates in its own way, mends and rebuilds at its own pace. In the end, Man cannot win over Nature.

Climate has been changing for millions of years.

In an earlier post of mine I wrote, "some predict that rainfall in Australia will decrease, but data proves Australia was wetter during the second half of the 20th century than the first half.

Ice cores recovered from Greenland and Antarctica have confirmed the ice sheets have survived changes over millions of years previously and will likely continue to do so over the next million or so years.

Climate is not stable...never has been and never will be...it's changing all the time. Here we are in the 21st century and scientists still have limited knowledge of many of its aspects."

A lot of scaremongering is going on, too, perhaps. If it takes those tactics to make Man aware of the world he lives in and he learns to take care of it, well and good, but has Man ever listened?

There are some, like Al Gore, who peddle information they're not qualified to peddle...but it does fill their coffers with money, as well. It seems little is done without money being a major instigation!

It is my belief, too much clearing has occurred throughout the years...far too much...and then we wonder why we don't get rain! The first time I went to the Atherton Tablelands, I was so surprised...barely a tree left! I expected to see tree upon tree. Later, I flew over it by light aircraft...and again I was disappointed at what had been destroyed.

I don't know what the answer is...I wish I did. (Boy! I'd be the one making lots of dollars then, if that were the case!) ;)

PEA said...

Happy Halloween dear Robyn!! Hey, where politics are concerned, you're aloud to whine about it! lol It's one reason I hate watching the news, though...never seems to be any GOOD news! Hugs xox

Gattina said...

That's funny, here everybody complaints because we all have to go forth and back with our time twice a year and you want it ! I don't care, one hour doesn't bother me, but mothers and farmers are complaining because babies and animals don't understand why they suddenly get their food one hour earlier or later lol !

Lee said...

Again...on climate change/global warning...I just wish Man could learn to live with Nature...not against it.
Nature will always win out in the end...Man is just arrogant to realise this.

I'll get down of my soapbox, now...but this has been playing on my mind and I had to write it down! lol

Kathleen Marie said...

Nice to hear about the goings on Down Under from someone who actually lives there than our VERY warped American press.

Thanks for sharing!

Lee said...

Robyn! Robyn! Come out and play, wherever you are! :)

Merle said...

Hi Robyn, You are allowed to whine sometimes. Many thanks for all the things you sent me by e.mail. I will get round to posting them soon.
Take care dear friend, Love,

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn,
Peter Beattie has made it very clear, there wont be daylight savings while he is in charge, he's happy to do another referndum though, he knows the country votes for no will still outweight the city's yes vote.

I think it's crazy though, living so close here to the NSW border, that at least the whole of this region doesn't have the same time, whichever way they go.

It's a bit of a nightmare, whenever you go somewhere for an appointment or a meeting, it's always touch and go if you are on time, or an hour late, or an hour early... good thing though, we get both States TV channels, so for the daylight savings months we get to choose whether to watch favourite programs early or an hour later.

And - I see Mr Howard has ear-marked a small fortune to investigate alternative fuels for power generation - can I be a doubting thomas and suspect quite a lot of it will find it's way into one of his favourites - nuclear power -

Gattina said...

That's true, listen to the news makes you sitting in the basement. They never talk about something nice or very seldom. Yes, when a princess gets a baby, but that's it already. So my advise, listen to my favourite bird the Kookaburra it makes you laugh !

slap me happy said...

did you see he offereed to tape his mouth shut if he has given the impression that rape is encouraged, I have heaps wanna come with