29 November 2006

Catching Up

This is what it's not like in Queensland! At the moment it's sweltering, the humidity is very high which hopefully will herald a storm and some rain later. All the doors and windows are open and the ceiling fans are on full blast.
Ahah! Just logged onto the Met. Bureau radar and there's very promising activity coming our way. So I stuck my head out the door and there are some lovely dark clouds heading in this direction. Fingers crossed!
Now to catch up on Flossy's news. She hasn't the time for blogging as she has a full time job as a receptionist for a power tool company. I asked her if she would get bored with it, but she's not worried about that because the company promotes internally, so it sounds as if there will be opportunities for her. Nikki is out of hospital but she has a long way to go yet and she will be back and forth for operations for the next few months or year. She was very lucky to survive that awful accident.
(Hello, I just heard thunder!)
I went to pick Harry and Brooke up from school on Friday. They were supposed to go to their father's for the weekend but he had a workplace accident and will be in hospital for about two weeks. Anyway, Harry had just come back from school camp and he was full of stories about what they did and saw.
They went canoeing, there was a flying fox the kids could ride on, they cooked damper over an open fire as part of their bush knowledge class, he saw a frilled lizard running along with its frill up, he saw a beautiful green tree python draped over a branch, the kids sat up all night and told stories and jokes and the food was "yummy" - in other words, they had a great time.
I reckon Harry is going to join National Parks & Wildlife as a ranger when he grows up. He loves animals and nature and one Christmas, I gave him a bug catcher. He had a wonderful time with that, not that his mother appreciated it at times.
Brooke is growing up into a beautiful elegant teenager, she's going to break some hearts - actually I think she started doing that when she was five!!
I took Harry to his indoor soccer game and there was a guy on the sideline with a voice on him like a bull yelling at the kids and he really got on my wick. I muttered to Brooke that I wish he would shut up, that it was only a kids' game and not the World Cup and that sent her in to paroxysms of giggles. When Flossy arrived to take them home after Harry's game, Brooke told her what I'd said and started off giggling again. For some reason, she seemed to think it was hilarious me muttering about the "bull horn".
My Chrisco hampers arrived today! It's so exciting because we pay them off over the year and by the time delivery is due we can't really remember what we've ordered so it's like an early Christmas. Anyway, my pantry is full and I had managed to fit everything inside the freezer when to my dismay, I had no room for the stuff I had to buy from the supermarket. However, I repacked everything and with a bit of judicious juggling got everything in. Fortunately I'm good at jigsaw puzzles!
Our pre-Christmas gathering is on Saturday 09 December and it's just as well we live on acreage and there's plenty of parking as I think we're going to have a lot of people! I'm rapt because in my Chrisco freezer hamper there are two large pizzas, a party pack, party pies and sausage rolls, so I'll only have to buy or make dips, spreads and so on and get crackers, cheese, pretzels and the like. What a bonus! We're only serving finger food and nibbles but around about 10 pm we'll put out savouries and pizzas to help soak up the drink!
So, that's what I've been doing as well as working in the city and then from home. I'll try and post again in the next few days. Thought I may do a post about spiders, frogs or mammals - what do you think?
Just went outside to see what the weather was doing and a 4 - 5 foot Eastern brown snake slithered off, heading toward Jane and Fred's place. Just as well the boys aren't home. That was one of the poisonous ones. My first sighting for the season!


Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~ I hope yo got the storm and some rain. It is warm here, no rain. Keep a look out for more snakes
Sorry you have ant problems too. Mine are gone from inside, but I keep a look out for them. (Annoying little devils, but better than brown snakes.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lee said...

We didn't get much out of the storms yesterday other than a very windy night! Thankfully, today is so much cooler than the past couple of days have been. I saw that it was 41C in Ipswich yesterday! Too damn hot! At least it's always a bit cooler up here on the mountain. I hate that heat!

Glad to hear Nikki is out of hospital, Robyn. She'll get there...she sounds like a positive, determined young lady to me. :)

I hope that snake keeps going in the opposite direction to where you live!

Remiman said...

Gee, Iwas thinking of inviting myself to your party on the ninth. But with your ment of the snake I think I'll paas. That is unless I could keep Oscar close by all evening.;-)
Thanks for the update on Flossy, It took me eons (the accident with nikki actually) to realize that she was probably your daughter. Glad to hear that everything is going well for her.
Don't you just envy the kids adventures camping out?
Oh, was the loud "fog horn" being critical or just loud?

PEA said...

Do you think if I start hitch hiking now, I'll make it in time for your party??? lol Stupid question here but what are Christo hampers?? From what you said, they are filled with food but are they just for Christmas time? Harry sounds like my son Corey...he was always interested in nature and wildlife...now he's a Wildlife Biologist and he's in charge of a Game Preserve so he's living his dream:-) Oh boy, no spider posts please, they terrify me and from what I've seen of your other insects, I bet they are HUGE!!! lol Take good care dear Robyn and hope it's been raining over there:-) xoxo