30 November 2006

Update on the Snake

When I got home from work today, Jane called out that she had a story to tell me. Apparently Oscar was seen chasing the snake this morning after I had gone to work.

Scott (Jane & Fred's youngest) happened to look out his bedroom window and screamed out that Oscar was chasing a big snake! Apparently, last evening, it had sheltered in the garden and Oscar found it. Idiotic cat, he chased it! Jane rushed outside and saw Oscar just sitting there looking very pleased with himself. I think the snake must have wriggled up a tree. At least it didn't go through the cat door and inside my place...

Just thought you'd like to know. Big excitement around the place, lol!


DellaB said...

OOOH! scary - I always used to worry about that when my cat Madam was alive. Surely it couldn't be good for them to tangle with a snake? Mind you, having said that, it was another cat that got her - a feral stray that attacked her and she got infected and didn't make it.

Remiman said...

That's it! Oscar stays with me when I come visit.

Tammy said...

Oscar just thought it was one of the lizards and was asking it how come it was bigger than the others...hehe!!

Lee said...

I think it's time you called in one of the wildlife people, Robyn, to come and get that snake and take it away. Grief might occur otherwise, and I'm on Oscar's side. I'd hate to hear that something happened to him. You know my story on snakes!

PS...for some reason I've been having lots of problems getting the 'Visual verification' up...and I don't need any jokes about that comment, thank you! ;)

PEA said...

Geez Oscar, you sure are a brave cat!!! Or a stupid one! lol And I'm SO glad that the snake didn't go through your kitty door...you're real sure about that though eh??? lol Hugs xoxo

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~ Scary story and that Oscar is a crazy cat. I think Lee's idea is a good one. Don't want any more surprises. Thank you Robyn for the
jokes you sent me. I will post some tonight. If you go to my lastblog, take the tissues with you !!
Tak extra care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Gattina said...

Wonderful that you want to join the "Cats on Tuesday" ! In fact the difficulty is that there is nothing to do ! You just copy and paste the little label/logo (the cat sitting on the toilet) in your sidebar (if you want). On tuesday you put this logo on the top of your story about Oscar, go to my blog leave your link in my "Mr. Linky" by clicking "enter" that's all. The logo shows people that you participate and they will know that they can find a cat story on your blog. Is it clear now ? Maybe sometimes I don't express myself correctly.
I also have a "Notify list" in the sidebar of my blog and if you put your email in there you will be notified each time I publish something new. Of course nobody will know your email adress not even me !

Lee said...

Get rid of that snake, Robyn...did you see on the News last night a woman in St. Lucia got bitten by a brown snake yesterday!!

Mountain Mama said...

Merciful Heaven!! Do you know what kind of snake it is and if it's poisonous?
Nail the cat door shut and keep Oscar in until you get rid of the thing. Poor Oscar doesn't realize the danger.
I like animals, but snakes are a whole different story.