05 November 2006

Getting a fit of laughter - when it's not appropriate!

It's happened to us all at one time or another and it can be quite awful to try not to laugh. It happened to me last Wednesday on the train on the way home.

I had my head stuck in my book as usual, when someone's mobile phone rang. I didn't take too much notice because someone's phone is always ringing. However, this was one was answered very loudly, enough to take my mind off what I was reading. The ensuing conversation took place at full voice and I caught the eye of the girl sitting opposite me and we both rolled our eyes and grinned at one another. Up to now, not bad - but then came the cruncher in the conversation. It went something like this:

"Are you feeding your face? What are you eating...what? What?? No, what are you eating? OOOOH YOU'RE CLEANING YOUR TEETH!"

At the last, everyone was electrified because it was, literally, screamed out. That was when I lost it - even now, writing this, I feel like laughing again. I happened to catch sight of one passenger whose head was down, but her whole body was shaking with suppressed laughter. Which started me off, then the guy next to me, then a couple of guys further up the carriage who were facing me and so it went on. Looking around, almost everyone had their hands across their face, were looking out of the window or had their head down and were just shaking with suppressed laughter. I had to put my sunglasses on in the end because I was actually crying - not only with laughter but with the effort of not letting it out!

I know laughter is good for us but I was really glad to get off that train - it was just too painful. The funny thing was that when I glanced over to look at the person who had tortured us so much, it was this little white-haired old lady who looked as if she wouldn't say boo to a goose, let alone entertain a whole carriageful of people with a phone conversation!


Tammy said...

Loved it and wish I could have been with you...we would have had a belly laughing hoot!!

Mountain Mama said...

Oh what fun! Laughter is contagious. Thats ok, it's more fun that way.
Isn't it interesting and sometimes embarassing, the sorts of things that can strike us funny?
Once I was at a Jewish Church with my sister and they had ladies dancing to their Jewish music. They eventually played a very slow, sad sounding song and as the ladies danced to that, something struck me funny and I absolutely snorted. I have to say this is not my character at all. I was so humiliated, and have asked the Lord to forgive me. I am not a disrespectful person.

PEA said...

Geez I'm laughing now just having read about it! lol I'm very easy to get laughing and get to a point where I can't breathe and the tears are just rolling down my face! hehe It's funny how some things just tickle the funny bone so much that just thinking of it and it gets you started all over again!! Hugs xox

slap me happy said...

No you hang up , No you hang up, you hang up, ok we'll both hang up together one two three , you didn't hang up. Mobiles can be a PAIN IN THE BUTT HUH. This was one conversation I caught, you probably have visions of a twelve year old or such no this chick was my age lol. HMMMM and I am the blonde

Lee said...

Wow! I commented on your post yesterday or the day before, Robyn and it's not been posted! Ummm...

It's impossible to stop giggling in those kinds of situation. The more you try the worse you get! One time years ago, a friend and I were in a play and at a crucial time in the play we looked at each other the 'wrong way'...and we started giggling. There was nothing we could do to stop ourselves! We had the audience in fits. Some of whom even came up to us afterwards and said they thoroughly enjoyed our 'performance' and had never laughed so much for ages! We dodged the producer afterwards! ;)

Gattina said...

He, he that was funny ! I don't know what I would have done, I think keeping a laughter is much more terrible than tears !
In Italy there is no problem. Nobody retains its feelings and the whole bus would have laughed out loud ! The old lady included. I noticed that also in a Hospital or waiting in a doctor's cabinet, while here everybody is whispering they talk loud about their deseases and miseries !

Meow said...

That would have been sooooo funny. Spontaneous, contagious laughter it simply the best. Would have made a bit of fun out of an otherwise boring train trip.
Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow