04 November 2006

Rain, Glorious Rain!!!

It's raining, it's pouring. The old man is snoring...

We had a deluge this afternoon after it rained most of the night and continued this morning. There was an hour or two when it stopped so I thought I would go to the library, get the Lotto ticket for the $21 million superdraw tonight and do some other bits and pieces. On the way to Grand Plaza it was spitting enough to have the wipers on intermittent. When I came out of the library it was bucketing!

I drove to the rooftop carpark and sat in the car to wait out the rain. After half an hour or so, I came to the realisation that it actually wasn't going to stop or even lessen! Oh well, nothing for it but to brave the torrent. I did have an umbrella but it was less than useless. There were huge sheets of water in the carpark so my jeans were wet up to my knees by the time I reached the escalator. But, guess what, I haven't been drenched like that for about three years and it's not because I haven't been out and about. We haven't had that sort of rain and there's no sign of it stopping completely yet.

My only hope (and everybody else's) is that all this lovely water from Heaven is falling in the catchment areas so the dams are getting some. According to the Bureau of Meteorology this unstable weather is set to continue into next week. Ooooh, I do hope so!

Already the lawns are greener, the trees have lifted their leaves and there are new shoots on some of my ferns already. It doesn't take long in this climate - semi-tropical, and the plant life takes advantage of every drop of water. It's just wonderful.

It was so good to awaken to the sound of rain on the roof and not light pitter-patter rain, either. It was a good soaking. After such dry, windy weather as we have been having for the last couple of weeks and the drought for the last five or so years, no-one cares about getting soaked. The reason why I parked out in the open rather than undercover, was to take advantage of the rain to wash the worst of the dust off my car. I wasn't the only one with that thought, of course, we had a way to walk to get to the shopping area but too bad!

So, that is my post today, to tell you all about the wonderful rain that we are having. I'm sooooo excited!


Lee said...

Doncha just luv it! I do, Robyn! I woke up during the night to hear the rain upon my roof...and I nestled back in...comfy and cosy at the sound of it. I just love it...have I mentioned that before? ;)

I locked myself inside all day...read the paper till all hours...started writing a very long tale on my blog, especially for you...then, to my total amazement...a loud knocking sounded upon my door! A very good friend was standing there..so I invited him in...asked if he would like a glass of wine...I already knew the answer...so there we sat for a couple of hours...demolished two bottles of wine...one white, one red...it was a very pleasant, unexpected interlude!

Did I say that I love rain? And the sound of it upon my roof? ;)

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~ Lucky you getting all that rain. We only got 7 mm about 1/4 "
but better than none. The school
fetes are good fun. Your Christmas
stalls sound good too. And it is getting so close. Thanks for your comments. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle. (Not so keen on your snakes)

PEA said...

Yeaaaaaaaaa for the rain you're getting!!! I know how dry it's been over there...cuz you told me plus I heard it on the news! lol I can just imagine how the ground, trees, flowers, etc, are enjoying it!!! One of my favourite childhood memories was when we'd be at camp and it would rain during the night...I loved the sound of it hitting the tin roof! Hope your weekend is going well!! xoxo

Lee said...

Well, that beautiful rain didn't last long enough, unfortunately! I want days of it!

Fortunately though, good falls were registered in some of the areas that are begging for it.

slap me happy said...

wasn't it awesome, I love the noise on the tin roof and the smell of the grass saying thank you. Curled up and read for most of the day with a mug of Decafe lol

Meow said...

We had some ripper rain last week, too. Same deal, torrential rain (unfortunately at school pickup time), and when we arrived home our street was under water. It seems some did fall in our catchments, but I'm guessing not nearly enough. It was wonderful, though, and I'm sure I saw my plants smiling, and heard the lawn laughing.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow