18 December 2006

!*@#%_! Blogger and Computers in general!

Do you know, it took me four attempts to answer comments on my own Blog??? What the...?
I tell you, I did not have a very good day yesterday. As you may have guessed through various comments from Queenland bloggers, there was some pretty wild weather on Saturday afternoon. We got the rain with a bit of thunder and lightning, a bit of wind, but nothing to get excited about. However other parts of the South-East were not so lucky and copped a fair battering. Roofs gone, airplane hangars strewn about the paddocks, flooding, trees down - you get the idea.
Anyway after the worst of the storm had passed, I turned my computer back on and for the next day and a half, had problems with my broadband connection. I kept losing power all the time. I was trying to do some work and it was so bad, I only earned $20 in four hours! In the end I gave up in disgust.
I had to go to the doctor yesterday to have my blood pressure checked. Yep, you guessed it, it was through the roof! He was rather alarmed until I explained about my computer - he understood completely, lol!
However, I wasn't about to let that lovely rain go to waste. I had shorts on, so donned a raincoat and put my thongs on, grabbed a rag and window squeegee thingy, backed the car out into the rain and washed it! It was great! Because the rain was falling continuously it was so much easier to get all the dust and dirt off and with pretty minimal effort. Much better than just using a bucket.
As for my computer, I switched it on this morning and it's running perfectly. Go figure! It meant I was able to catch up on some work then, hallelulia! no more came through so I was out of there in a real hurry - before some more was downloaded, hehehe.
Today, I'm going to veg out. I work in the city tomorrow and Wednesday and probably Thursday this week, so I'm going to take it easy today and catch up on some reading and blogging.
Catch up later - enjoy your week and the final preparations for when the fat man in red makes his annual round-the-world trip.


Lee said...

lol I'm laughing as I'm writing this, Robyn! That's how I was last week when I couldn't get my Outlook Express to work! lol I'm lost without my computer and get bloody angry and frustrated if something doesn't work! lol You can borrow my sledgehammer whenever you need it! ;)

Tammy said...

We've all had problems with Blogger and just today I had problems with IE and had to use Firefox for the day...glad I at least have that...

Lee said...

I'm not laughing now, Robyn...today I can't even write a new post on my blog! Grrrrrr! Have no idea what is going on other than I'm getting angrier by the moment and more frustrated by the moment! Bloody blogger/Google!