15 December 2006

Our Party - a little late...

It's taken me all day to do this, blogger didn't want to upload the pics and Explorer didn't want anything to do with Santa!

However, the party was great! Good food, lots of laughs and a lovely balmy night - what more could you want? Here are the pics...

Above - the back of Jane's father's head. He's talking to Lyle and someone is into the crackers. The fruit platter was brought by close neighbour, Jacquie, and didn't last long!

Cousins, and two of my lovely grandchildren, Gabrielle and Anthony. There's just six weeks between them (they're 15) and Ant has finally caught up to Gabbie in height. They're both just under six feet tall.

Such a lovely photo of Jane. I must show this to her. I'm not sure what she's got in her hand but I don't think it's anything too dangerous.

Kim and moi (on the right). Kim is such a funny lady - you've heard the term screaming with laughter? Well, she does, when she laughs she screams. Totally hilarious. Her eldest daughter, Teghan, aged 7, is a Bindi Irwin look-alike - amazing.

Moi again with Son (pronounced Shahn) and Aziz. Son was a refugee from Vietnam 26 years ago and has never been back. However, they fly to Vietnam on 18th December for three weeks. They are going because Son wants Linh, their daughter, to know part of her heritage. Aziz is from Pakistan. He's a science/math teacher and a real party animal! They were trying to pass Cooper off as their own - yeah, right!

Not a pretty sight. "Pole dancing", much to the amusement of Christine, foreground, and Belinda. Belinda's T-shirt says "Shut up and dance" which went down a real treat when she was in New York recently. This lady has five degrees, including a doctorate in science. She's a dancer, scientist and ballet teacher, as well as a single mum of three teenagers, and I wanna know where she get's her energy from!!

So that's just a small sample of what summer is like in Australia. Unfortunately, the photos I took were very blurry (wonder why?) so my daughter took these, and arguably made a much better job of them than I did...


Lee said...

We want to see more pole dancing pics, Robyn! We need proof you were really pole dancing and not just using that pole to hold yourself up! ;)

Thanks for sharing your party with us. I'm having a quiet weekend, I hope. It has the makings here of a great day...cloudy which means I hope rain is on its way...so I'm hiding away from the world, intending on doing some reading, writing, painting and watching/listening to the cricket. I hope I don't get too exhausted from all that activity! ;)

Pea said...

Wow, I never knew you were a pole dancer!!! LOL Oh Robyn, I so enjoyed looking at these pictures and it sure looks like everyone was having a fabulous time! It was also lovely to put a face to your name!!! You seem to have a great group of friends and I can just imagine the laughter that went on:-) I recieved your Christmas card today, thank you soooo much...I was so delighted to see that it's a Steve Irwin card and I also love the little wallet card you enclosed! You certainly do make me feel very "special", thank you!! Much love xoxo

Tammy said...

Well, Robyn, this is the first time I've ever seen you my friend!!
Looks like you had an awesome time!!
Freezing me to death in the summer clothes though...hehe!!

Tammy said...

My post took!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Lee: Actually the pole was holding me up, but the pole dancing sounded good!

Pea: Glad you liked your card. I spotted those a few days after he was killed and grabbed them, because I knew they would be appreciated.

Tammy: Well done, you've beaten Blogger! No, it wasn't cold that night but very warm and humid. And yes, it was a good party!

annadams95340 said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.

Meow said...

Looks like a wonderful party. The pole dancing looks like fun !!!
Thanks for sharing the photos.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Take care, Meow

Meow said...

Oooh, Blogger is letting me comment again !!!

Gattina said...

Wow ! what a party that surely was fun ! Glad to hear that you will "re-open" Oscar lol ! I also took a good decision I will blog about my cats more often, at least 3 or 4 times a week. Since I am now more organized with my two other blogs I have more time too and honestly I neglected this blog a bit (until I had the idea with the Cats on Tuesday)
Finally I start to appreciate my retirement (already) after 4 years !

Lee said...

Aha...that's what I thought, Robyn! Good on ya! ;)

DellaB said...

Party looks like everybody had a good time, for sure. You should have kept 'mum' on the real reason you were hugging the pole. I believed you were dancing, it's the look in your eyes!

Thanks for including you picture, I agree with the others, it's lovely to see the real people behind the avatars.

You'll be ready for a rest by the time Christmas gets here.

Did you get any of that really bad weather? We didn't...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Ann: I had a good time, anyway. I figure the others did, I haven't heard any different (grin).

Meow: Actually, the pole was a little uncomfortable - wrong shape, I suppose :-)

Gattina: Yep, I'm going to keep Oscar up to his posting this time. That cat is far too lazy for his own good!

Lee: You reckon?? Lol!

Della: I'm ready for a rest now! The only weather we got was some fairly steady rain, a bit of thunder and lightning and occasional wind. Toogoolawah through to Cooray got a hell of a bashing though. I went out and washed my car - couldn't let that lovely water go to waste!

Liz said...

That must have been some party! It's great to see what people look like in real-life.

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