22 December 2006


It's three days before Christmas and all through my house,
Not a thing can be found - not even the mouse!
There are chocolates and bonbons, three bottles of wine;
Ice cream for the kids, of which there are nine.
My feet are a-hurtin', my bank account's bust;
And outside there is rain, but not enough to lay dust.
I've cooked two turkeys, with cranberry sauce.
'Cos some folks I know can eat a very large horse!
I've posted the cards, stood in queues all day long.
Bought all of my presents, hope none of em's wrong!
This happens each year, of that there's no doubt.
What would happen, I wonder, if we all went without?
For there are people aplenty with no friends or home
Who spend all their days mostly alone.
There are the sick and the poor, the good and the bad.
Who never have Christmas, isn't that sad?
So while we are laughing and having such fun,
Let's remember these sad ones whom most people shun.
They are children of Christ, as are we all.
They, too, deserve something, no matter how small.
A friendly smile, a touch of the hand,
Is that so hard in this fortunate land?
I wish you all happiness and most of all love,
In the name of Jesus, who was sent from above.


Granny said...

We have a potluck at the church on Christmas Eve and invite the community (which includes the homeless and alone).

Merry Christmas to you.

Lee said...

Nice post, Robyn.

I've just finished polishing champagne glass, wine glass plus others. I made myself a double rum-enhanced boiled fruit cake yesterday...I succumbed to the spirit (in more ways than one!) of Christmas. I used always make the rich Christmas cake around August/September, topping it up until the day arrived but no more. As it's only me, I'm sure this large cake I made will do me until June! lol I've got the bon-bons, the lollies, the nuts, ginger, mince tarts, White Christmas, rum balls...the whole banquet! Plus the all the fruit, prawns, scallops, calamari, ham...I wonder who I'm expecting to feed other than myself! I even bought a piece of pork yesterday and that's sitting in my freezer together with chicken, steaks and a whole range of other goodies! I don't think I will need to visit a supermarket for a while other than to replenish the cats' meat and canned food...though, I have stocks of that too! I'm absolutely hopeless. I have my own mini-supermarket here at home. I've always been like this. One would think I would have learned by now! ;)

Tammy said...

Loved it Robyn!!
You are such a dear!!
Merry Christmas!!

Mountain Mama said...

What a beautiful poem. DId you write it? Yes we are so blessed and most of us just take it all for granted.
This year my family has decided there will not be a gift exchange. We are focusing on the Jesus.
The parents will have gifts for their children on Christmas morning but the adults are not going to do that anymore.
I'm glad.