24 December 2006

So, this is Christmas...and Blogger's doing it again!

Can't upload anything, I reckon it's discrimination!

I had it all planned to put some really pretty Christmas graphics on but, thanks to Blogger being perverse, you'll just have to imagine them

Well, it's Christmas Eve, I have everything done apart from cooking the chooks. I have one cooking now and the other in the fridge waiting its turn. They're so big I can only cook one at a time. Fortunately, chicken doesn't need absolutely hours of cooking to make it tender, a couple of hours each should do it, but I'll know when I check.

My daughter is having Christmas at her place this year - about 40 people, of whom a lot of those are kids. She's bought 3 kilos of prawns - that's always a Christmas day must. We'll have lots of salads, cold meat, crusty crunchy bread and desserts like cheesecake, pavlova, icecream and lots of other yummy stuff. After opening the presents, we'll fill our plates, laugh, talk, eat and drink and then collapse in heap while the kids jump in the pool. The champagne will be flowing, there will be icy cold stubbies of beer (XXXX Gold of course, this is Queensland, none of that Foster's, Carlton or VB stuff) for the guys and chilled wine and fruit juice for anyone who doesn't drink beer. For the O/S readers XXXX is actually the brand name of Queensland's beer, pronounced fourex. But some guys don't mind the odd Bud. The kids will have lemonade, fruit juice and icy poles.

We'll pick at the leavings during the afternoon, watch the storm and just have a lovely lazy hot day. We always get a storm on Christmas day, sometimes with hail, which can be rather noisy on top of the thunder. We will be having lunch outside under the huge patio complete with ceiling fans and will be lovely and dry throughout the storm. Even the pool's under cover, but of course no-one will be swimming then, not with lightning around.

Later on in the evening, we'll have dinner which will probably be a simple barbeque of something - sausages and bread, and more fruit dessert and about nine or ten o'clock people will be picking up sleeping kids, all their presents, dishes and so on and making their way home.

And that will be Christmas over for another year. Then comes New Year and resolutions! Yeah, right. I start off so well and somehow, the whole thing just fizzles out...

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas day with your families, friends and pets. But, remember, don't drink and drive - as the commercial says, "Enough is enough!"

See you all in a couple of days' time with posts on your Christmas Day.



DellaB said...

oh good heavens! that all sounds wonderful! When I was younger, and in a different galaxy (it feels like) Christmas was always full of people and kids and booze - these days it is me and Noel (apt name eh!) and a pig-out on seafood and things we are not supposed to eat.

I'm looking forward to getting back to doing the 'family' thing again when my son and his family arrive up here to live next year...
God willing...

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas - I'll think of you under the patio when the promised storms roll in - I'm planning to sit out under my new gazebo and listen to the rain and the trees..

p.s. sad about not getting your chrissy things up, how frustrating!

Peter said...

Merry Christmas Robyn.

Lee said...

I'm exhausted already just from reading about it all! ;) It sounds like you're going to have a great day, Robyn. My champers is chilling in the fridge. Tomorrow I'm filling up the esky with ice and will empty the fridge of the bottles to alleviate all the pressure I've put upon my poor old fridge! I've far too much food...there's only me...and the two cats, of course. I think I'll be eating from now until June! But what the hell...it's all a bit of fun!

A friend just rang inviting me to go down to Brisbane to spend the day with her and her tribe, but I declined...I'll be happy here doing 'my own thing'...then I can just fall into my own bed!

Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

Gattina said...

You are doing a barbecue, we here in Egypt have Belly Dancing ! More when I am back !

Tammy said...

Cherry Mistmas to you my friend...lol!!
No really...may you and yours have a happy, love filled Christmas!!
Love You!!

Remiman said...

What a marvelous celebration you have planned.
Merry Christmas my friend. Meeting you has been a gift that I enjoy daily.
I'll get to that meme, but probably not 'til next year.


Liz said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Robyn - not that there's much doubt that you will! It sounds like a fabulous day is planned. Enjoy the time with family.

The last few days have been the coldest it's been this winter so it is at least a little more seasonal. A good excuse for a fire and snuggling.

I look forward to reading more of your blogging next year.

PEA said...

Dearest Robyn...wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! A couple of days late but I'm just now catching up with everyone!! It sounds like you were all ready for the big day...can't wait to hear all about it:-) Family, friends and good food (AND drinks!!) always make for a fun time! Much love xoxo

Mountain Mama said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Robyn. And I also hope that Blogger will quit messing around and let you upload pictures. I know how frustrating that is.