29 December 2006

Christmas and beyond...

I've survived Christmas but if I ever see another prawn again it will be too soon! Cooper had a wonderful time tearing up paper and shoving it in his mouth and, of course, being the youngest there, was made a big fuss of by his grandmothers, aunties and uncles and numerous cousins. My daughter and her partner had rigged up a couple of trestles for everyone to sit at and, as there were about 40 people, we needed most of it. The teenagers all tended to congregate in their own corner, catching up on each other's news and meeting one granddaughter's boyfriend. I felt sorry for him, meeting all of us in one hit, but he seemed to cope quite well.
Unfortunately, we didn't get the promised storm (which is the first time for years) but on Boxing Day and the next, it rained on and off - lovely soft gentle soaking rain, but not a lot fell in the dams. However we are promised more rain in a few days. Apparently, according to the weather boffins, the El Nino has peaked and we should get more rain from now on. We shall see...
Boxing Day, Oscar and I curled up together - he slept, I read and had the odd snooze and the 27th was much the same, although I did salve my conscience by doing about three hours of work. Yesterday, I braved the shopping mall and stocked up on groceries - real food like bread, cans of tuna, potatoes, onions, coffee - you get the picture. Actually I went in very early and got a carpark under cover easily, however about an hour-and-a-half later when I went to go home, people were cruising around looking for empty spaces, of which there were very few.
Today, I went to a farewell for my old boss. I used to work in a veterinary laboratory, was there for over seven years, then the family operated company was purchased by an American outfit and after having a big row with the lab manager (who was an arrogant so and so, not an American, I might add - the Americans were lovely and very courteous), I left about 18 months later. Anyway, one of the friends who were at our Christmas party earlier in December mentioned that Richard (my ex-boss, the chief pathologist for Queensland) was going to England to work in the Yorkshire branch of the company for a couple of years. They had a farewell for Richard and his wife today and I was invited along. It was great to catch up with old work colleagues and they appeared to be pleased to see me, too. It was a lovely time and I was very happy to have participated.
I have nothing planned for New Year's Eve, but that means nothing. We're a rather spontaneous family and no doubt something will happen somewhere.
Tomorrow, I feel I need to get back to the mundane things like laundry and housework and maybe Jane and I will get back to our early morning walks, although we will probably leave that to next week, when she will be back at work - we're still in holiday mode.
Ok, who's got any idea of what their New Year Resolutions will be??? I'm not going to make resolutions per se, but instead concentrate on what I want to achieve in the coming year and go all out to achieve them. However, I'm not going to verbalise these achievements but will let you know as they occur.
In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break and are ready to go back to work refreshed and enthusiastic! ;-)
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your credit cards didn't get too much of a hammering! Bye for now...


Nicole said...

My word verification says rryxmas! It forgot the 'Me'.. lol
That was weird. Glad that you got well and truly stuffed on 'the day' as we all did up here. Now we just have to fight our way through new years eve and we shall all be right as rain!
lots of love to you my duckie... Nic xox.

Lee said...

Hey there, Robyn...I'm not making any resolutions...I never do as I know they would doomed for failure, so I can't be bothered wasting my time thinking any up! lol I know me well! ;)

I've done very little since Christmas too...other than read, watch the cricket (Yay!!!)...eat and enjoy the company of my two furry rascals. I'm trying to get motivated today as I have two friends (a couple) coming to lunch tomorrow, New Year's Eve. I want to get most of the preparation done today, what can be done today...so tomorrow there are only the last minute bits and pieces to do. I hate mucking about when people are here and like to be organised well ahead of their arrival so I can pour them a glass of champers, one for myself and we can sit at the table and begin the motley...which, no doubt and as usual, will continue on for the next few hours!

I hope you have a very Happy New Year in whatever you choose to do. I've never been particular fond of New Year's Eve parties as I find them a little forced...I like the 'spontaneous' the best. After my guests leave tomorrow, I'll probably settle into a night of listening to music or watch a bit of TV...I will see the new year in. I always do.

Happy New Year, Robyn...I hope 2007 is kind to you and yours. :)

DellaB said...

Hi Robyn,
I'm with you on the prawns, and can add ham as well. I keep thinking of different ways to have ham and eggs, for breakfast every day this week, such decadence!

hehehee - we thought we were going to get chicken for lunch the other day when we visited Noel's family, but it turned out the chicken shop had run out, so Kirby came home cheerfully telling us 'so I got some more prawns...' ::groans::

Our New Year's Eve will be quiet, it always has been lately, I can't even remember when I last saw midnight - new years eve or not!

Not actually by choice, I'd rather party-on, but that's not to be at the moment ... that's life...

I guess I'll just make the same resolutions I've been making for a while now, in the hope that maybe one of these years they'll take ... hang on, I might be running out of years ... perhaps I'd better get serious ?


Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ Sounds like you had a great Christmas with your family.
I had a great week with Kathy and her family of 5, and her husband. We all enjoyed the time together. She lives 5 hours away and came to get me and brought me home ~ 20 hours driving for her. We have not had any decent rain, abour 6 mms, but keep hoping.I am having no luck signing in to my blog, so may not be able to post tonight.Glad you liked the bible story.Thank you for
that lovely joyeux noela ~ Just
beautiful and my fave song for
Christmas."So this is Christmas."
Thank you for your comments, and for your friendship Robyn, much
appreciated. Love and Hugs, Merle.

Remiman said...

So I won't forget: Happy New Year!
I'll probably wish it for you again tomorrow. If I do just make allowances for my age;-)
Your holiday sounds just perfect in everyway.
I can't recall ever making new year resolutions. Maybe as a youngster with prodding by adults wishing for early maturation from a normal boy.
this year I've resolved to make resolutions......

Liz said...

Your idea of making resolutions but not speaking them out loud sounds good to me.

I know the sort of things I should resolve but i do every year and they last all of ... days.

Glad you had a good Christmas and hope there are no prawns round for the New Year.

Tammy said...

I just love your newsy posts!!
No resolutions here other than to enjoy life to the hilt!!
Happy New Year!