22 January 2007

Banning the Australian Flag? You Can't Be Serious!

The organisers of the "Big Day Out" concert in have banned concert goers from showing the Australian flag. Because of the Cronulla race riots last year and the idiot who set fire to the Australian flag at last year's concert, they have deemed Sydney to be a "racial hot spot".

Isn't this an overreaction? There are bigots out there who don't like anything Australian. I ask, what the hell are they doing here? Go back to their own country. If we cave in to these small minded fanatics by not allowing our flag to be shown, we're letting them win.

I say to the organisers of "Big Day Out", don't be gutless, this is our country, we're proud of it and proud of our flag, let concert goers wave their Australian flags. Be proud of who we are. It's the bigots who are the minority, surely we don't have to bow down to them.


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, can there be anything more stupid than this? ban the Australian flag on AUSTRALIA DAY.
I must plead guilty to being a supporter of a flag of our own BUT the one we honor is the current one so let's wave it with pride anywhere and everywhere we choose.

Tammy said...

sometimes it's just a crazy mixed up world!!

Remiman said...

Right on girl. I agree 100%.
For some godless reason it's become de rigor to let the minority dictate behavior. Bull I say. Wave your flag high and say I'm proud to be an aussie.

Lee said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Robyn. It's a load of hogwash. Ban 'big day out' before banning people flying or carrying the Australian flag, I say!

Gattina said...

That's just too stupid ! You are right, they should stay in their country if they don't like yours ! I only know that Australia is a wonderful and beautiful country with very friendly people and this I heard from my own son who had travelled through Australia for 5 weeks and he loved it so much, that he wanted to stay there, lol !
And if I believe somebody then it's my son, he is a nice and open minded guy (not because it's my son)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Peter: Yep, a flag of our own would be great (if we become a republic it'll happen), but, as you say, let's wave it with pride. Thank you, Peter.

Tammy: You're not kidding, girl!

Rel: Thank you, Rel. I'm proud to be an Aussie, unlike some of the people who come to live here from other countries. Most are fine, it's the vocal minority who cause the most harm.

Lee: Good idea, banning "Big Day Out". I can't understand the organisers.

Gattina: Of course your son's a nice guy. He loves Australia!

PEA said...

I agree with you Robyn...they want the concert there, then fly the flag that belongs to that country!! It's just getting ridiculous how they are letting small minded people to win...it's the same all over and it makes me so angry! Hugs xoxo

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Well said, my friend.
If they don't like us or our flag, let them go back to where they came from. And good riddance.
Sorry you are having some humidity and very hot nights. They are the worst part of Summer for me.
Take care, and keep waving that flag
Love, Merle.

TorAa said...

Agree, can't let us be tyranized by some extremists. How would it then end. Wave the flag.

PS. Like the name of this blog (Kurt Vonnegut jr)

Mountain Mama said...

Good for you!! I feel just as you do about those who come her from anywhere else because they think it is such a good place, then they try to change it into the hell hole they came from.
I believe that if we don't have enough guts to stand up and fight for our flag, we sure as heck don't have what it takes to fight for the Country it represents.
I'm a fighter and proud of it.
Now where in heck did I put my bean shooter!
Seriously, we have to stand firm or we will be overtaken.

slap me happy said...

if their not proud to be here go home, I am proud to be an aussie. So out with the flags. Am finally back online again pc is dying but i am well lol, good to see I am still linked here lol, catch you on the big day. Are you headed into the gardens, we will be esp with matthew Mcconeghy in town filming ...yummy mummy coming through lol

Lee said...

Hi, Robyn...just a bit concerned...how did you fair in the storm this afternoon...was it bad down you way? I heard Logan got a bit of a bashing. The mountain is fine...we just got a bit of rain up here.

Hope all is okay.

Meow said...

I so agree with you, Robyn. What a stupid idea, banning the Aussie flag on Australia Day ... that is just plain WRONG !!
Anyway, hope you have a fantastic long Australia Day weekend.
Take care, Meow