22 January 2007

The Start of a New Week

Well, that's my birthday gone for another year. One year closer to getting the pension! That's scary...anyway, I'm not sure I feel old enough to be a pensioner.

I had a lovely day with family around to visit, a phone call from my mum and lots of glasses of wine. For some reason or other, I didn't watch much tennis that night.

Saw Roger Federer play last night, and no surprises, he is through to the quarter finals.

I was telling a friend via email of my efforts to make a loaf of bread using my newly acquired breadmaker. I carefully read the instructions, measured the ingredients, put the loaf pan thingy in the breadmaker, closed the lid, figured out the settings I wanted and turned it on. The time until the loaf was cooked and ready to eat was 4.25 hours. So, I did my laundry, vacuumed and washed the floors, dusted, cleaned the bathroom, had a couple of cups of coffee...well, you get the idea. Four-and-a-quarter hours later the machine beeped to let me know it was finished. I was surprised I hadn't smelt it cooking, I was really looking forward to smelling bread baking.

I opened the machine and took out the pan, peered inside and, oh good grief, what a revolting glutinous mess meet my horrified gaze. I couldn't figure out what went wrong so read the instructions again. I missed a very important sentence...to ensure pan is locked into place, press down firmly on the corners. Makes all the difference, you know. So...I gave up the bread idea and made decadent triple chocolate muffins instead!

I'll have another go at making some bread today, this time making sure the pan is properly locked into place so that the machine actually works!


Gattina said...

Yes, I hugged my cats today all four !
I can understand that you are a little afraid to stop working. It's a start into a completely new life. It took me 4 or 5 years to really get used to the fact that I could do with my time whatever I wanted. If I had discovered blogging earlier, then I am sure it wouldn't have lasted so long to get used. Now finally I am really feeling well. I correspond with people all over the world. I write for "Topics of 192 countries", I have my Cat and Photoblog, not to forget the travel blog and I can asure you it fills my time ! Already the fact to get documentated and I am learning so much every day ! Then I go out with my friends, go to my painting group once a week so my days are nicely filled with all what I want. Pension can be very nice if you fill your time with things you like and you like already blogging ! The worst thing is getting bored ! Which was my case and that got me into depressions.

Lee said...

Aaaahhhh...I can smell that bread baking up here! I wonder if there's any left after you've tried the first slice! Bread straight out of the oven/maker is very tempting!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Gattina: Yes, I have plenty of ideas of what I want to do - the problems is figuring out which ones I want to do the most. I have started on a couple so that will keep me going for a while.

You've certainly filled up your time nicely with all your interests, your four cats and Mr Gattino!

Lee: Doesn't it smell wonderful? This time I put the pan in properly and voila! I have bread. Just waiting for it to cool a little before I sample it, so I'm having a glass of wine.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Had to laugh at your first attempt at bread making. Glad it went well the next time. My
daughter used to make great cinnamon
buns and rolls in hers as well as bread. Thanks for your visit, and I didn't read the book but saw "To Kill a Mockingbird" with Gregory Peck. It was wonderful. Hope you get some rain soon, we need more yet. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Merle, the second attempt was successful and it tastes yummy. I made some rye bread, as that is my favourite and had to try a piece while it was still warm. Delicious!

Tammy said...

yikes...thats why I buy Sara Lee bread...lol!!
I can't even make pizza dough much less bread!!

Lee said...

Nothing better...freshly baked home-made bread and a glass of wine! I'm jealous!

PEA said...

Oh Robyn...you mean I'm really not the only one to do things like that??? lol Yup, you do have to make sure the pan is properly put in! lol Glad you had a lovely birthday and you certainly don't look your age...you young chick you!! hehe Robyn, did you receive the birthday card I had mailed you? It was 2 weeks ago since I mailed it by airmail..I guess it's going around the world a few times before it finally reaches you! Sigh! Hugs xoxo