15 January 2007

Computer Woes (again!), Wheeling & Dealing and Bananas

I'm still having problems with broadband dropout! After not having a computer all weekend, I finally was able to get some sort of resolution today. Because I have to wait who knows how long for Telstra to 1) check the line from the exchange or, 2) actually come out again, my IP has temporarily switched me over to dialup. Compared with broadband, it's slow but it's a connection! Also, AAPT (my IP) have very kindly not charged me for January's broadband service - which is fair enough, because there hasn't really been much service for me. So that is why I haven't been around the last two or three days.
Yesterday, I did a really good deal with Jane. My daughter, whom you know as Flossy, had a garage sale on Saturday but Jane and I went on Friday and had a sticky to see what was on sale. I did well with some Tupperware (one can never have too much Tupperware!) which Flossy used to sell a few years ago. I also picked up some coffee mugs and some spice and herb containers and came away well satisfied. Jane had a wonderful time and came away with books, fabrics, wool and stuff for scrapbooking. Anyway, Flossy had her breadmaker for sale and she only wanted $65 for it. I have always wanted a breadmaker but couldn't really justify buying one at the moment. But both Jane and I were very happy with what we got.
Yesterday, Jane asked me how the garage sale had gone and I had found out that Flossy had sold most stuff, except for a few things one of which was the breadmaker. I mentioned this to Jane and she told me to tell Flossy she'd buy it. I duly did so and Flossy told her she could have it for $50 plus a lovely hardcover bread recipe book. Of course, Jane was most happy with that. Then Jane told me to come and have a look at her breadmaker. I must have looked confused because she then explained she had one which made smaller loaves of bread and that she bought Flossy's because it made the bigger loaf.
To cut a long story short, I paid $35 for Jane's breadmaker, which meant that she got pretty near a new breadmaker for $15. Is that good business or what? I bought some breadmix and yeast yesterday, but haven't made any bread yet. I've been reading all the "destructions" and finding out the best recipes for this, that and the other. I can even make jam in the thing if I wanted to!
I went out to get some fruit and salad stuff yesterday and to my absolute joy, bananas were $1.68 a kg. So three large bananas cost me $1 rather than $5 each, which they were about four months ago. There are even banana chips available and yippee! we'll be able to make banana cake again. I had my absolute favourite lunch yesterday. Toast some bread, mash up banana as the first layer, then ham, then cheese, then place under the griller until golden. Yuuuummm!
Back to work tomorrow - that's going to be a shock to the system after three-and-a-half weeks off! Then at the beginning of February I have two weeks of full time in the city as the prickly lady I work with is going to New Zealand for a holiday. I won't be worth knowing by the time I finish that stint!
Well, that's the last few days...hopefully my broadband will be online again soon, this dialup is really sloooooww.
Update on broadband - AAPT are sending me out a new modem - free of charge, even though this one is a month out of warranty. Well done, AAPT and thank you!


Mountain Mama said...

I have also thought of buying a bread machine, but I tried my daughters and was not happy with the results. I think it's because I've been doing it the old fashioned way all my life and there is such a difference in fragrance and flavor even when you use your own ingredients.
I hope your machine does better and you enjoy the results.

Gattina said...

Poor girl, going back to work after such a long time ! Fortunately that would never happen to me again. After a long (very long, 5 year's) adaption period to the fact that I were sitting home, I now enjoy retirement very much. I admit, blogging is a big part of it. Garage sales were only known since maybe 20 years here in Waterloo, and only because a lot of Americans moved in. I remember that the first time my son read "Garage sale" he asked me why people are admitting that their garage is dirty and even on a sign, because "sale" means dirty in french !!! And a lot of only french speaking people thought it too, lol ! Don't forget it's Oscar's turn tomorrow, did he also buy something ?

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, there's a relly good recipe for Hot Cross Buns floating around there someplace, they are GREAT.

Lee said...

That's great that AAPT are doing that for you, Robyn! Let's hope all your problems will now be fixed once and for all!

I've never used a breadmaker but I have made my own bread...I must do so again....I keep meaning to, then forget!

Maybe your 'good' mate there at work will stay in NZ! ;)

Liz said...

I love my breadmaker but have to restrict my usage as I would live on bread and cheese given the chance, and while that is yummy it's awfully fattening too!

My daughter writes a food blog and she has made some lovely breads. You might like to have a look

Tammy said...

Simular woe's my friend...but I would not know the first thing on making bread, machine or know...I'm sure the thing would self "destruct" if I tried my hand at it!!

PEA said...

Hello dear Robyn:-)

Mashed banana, ham and cheese...on toasted bread. Now there's a concoction I've never had before! lol I'll take your word for it that it's really good! hehe

You and Jane certainly did do well at Flossy's yard sale! I love going to them but they won't be starting back up around here until May. I bought myself a large bread machine a couple of years ago and use it quite often...it's amazing what you can do with them! I just know you'll enjoy yours.

Hopefully a new modem will fix up all the problems you've been having...I wince if I even think of having to go back to dial up! lol

Take care my friend! Hugs xoxo

Remiman said...

Are you sure that dial up is slower? I'm reading your post just as fast as I always do...there doesn't seem to be any difference.
That jane is a real wheeler dealer, but everyone seemed to prosper from that deal.
If it wasn't for bread, I'd weigh 50kg instead of 90.
Lee says you and she are at the cafe waiting for me to join you for croissants and cafe. Well, just so you'll know...I'm in Tuscany at the monent enjoying a mashed banana, ham and cheese on toast. So there!
How much did Flossy get for her garage? Where will she park her car now?
Hope your broadband is fixed soon so I'll be able to read you faster. ;-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

MM: I've never made bread,the closest would be our damper, which is usually cooked over a fire when out camping. Even if the bread doesn't turn out, the small of baking bread is heavenly@

Gattina: Well, I may retire next year. That's just from my two days a week in the city, I'll still work from home because I can choose when I want to do that.

Peter: It's no use telling me there's a recipe for hot cross buns "somewhere"! Provide the recipe and stop tormenting me! Hehe

Lee: I hope she doesn't stay in NZ because then I would have to work full time and I don't want to do that!!

Liz: Thank you for that link. I'll check it out when I've finished work tomorrow. I'm getting all enthusiastic about baking wonderful things with my breadmaker. Wonder how long it'll last...

Tammy: Naah, it comes with instructions and if I can understand them, you certainly could. Actually, I did well by actually reading the instructions before I did anything. Usually it's fire ahead then, when all else fails...read the instructions!

Pea: The banana,ham & cheese is really yummy. Would I lie to you? The dialup is pretty painful, I have to wait ages for it to change to another screen, I usually go and do something else while I'm waiting!

Rel: Actually Lee had a wonderful meal for us to have in Tuscany, but you'll have to go to her blog and look at her answer to my comment (confused? I am!). As for Flossy selling her garage - I'm not really sure why she wants to sell it, but that's not surprising, knowing my daughter (and if she reads this - I'm history!).
The new modem should be here sometime this week, so don't strain your brain by trying to read slowly...

TorAa said...

Just finneshed reading your lovely post, and I have run to a meeting. Coming back, If my broadband will work this weekend...