18 January 2007

I'm Back on Broadband!

My new broadband modem arrived about an hour ago and I no longer have to tear my hair out waiting for things to load on dialup. I didn't appreciate how fast broadband was - until I didn't have it!
I had a long email this morning from a very dear friend of mine in the States (no, she is not a blogger). She remarried only about six months ago and has found out her new husband has been cheating on her. As you can imagine, she is devastated and I feel so sorry for her.
Those of us who have been divorced for whatever reason know what's it like. You start out married life with such high hopes and knowing that this is it, you've found your soulmate and from that day on you'll be together. Then something happens, he cheats or worse, disillusionment sets in and love disappears out the window. It happened with me and the only relationship I have now with anyone of the opposite sex is purely friendship. I'm either not a good risk or I make lousy choices. Whatever, I've been on my own for so long now and have made a life for myself, I'd probably be horrible to live with! Too selfish and too used to doing what I want when I want.
However, I know quite a few men who I am friends with as opposed to having men friends. Some are gay, which means they are very safe for me. Some are not, but they are good friends and have not overstepped that boundary. I also have loads of women friends and they are very important to me. Only a woman can truly know how another woman feels - it's the nurturing thing we share.
Well, this is very profound for my 99th post. I shall have to think of something special to mark my 100th post. So, that's what I shall go and do. See you for number 100!


Peter said...

Congrats on the broadband, not too many of us get a new modem after warranty.
Sad to hear about your friends short lived new marriage... Bloody love... should be banned.

Gattina said...

Very true. In french they say "better alone then in bad company" Lots of my friends are divorced too. Most of them stay alone, only a few can't, which I really cannot undertand. Fortunately I am still married for 37 years now and were lucky. But it is also true, that some women are always choosing the same type of man without realizing it and then of course it will never work. One of my best girlfriends is like this always falling for men with big mouths talking nonsens and to me are stupid. And on top of that, they are always married !
I did a Thursday 13 listing 13 kind of women, if you wish to have a look.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ I am so glad you have the broadband back. Sorry your friend ran into trouble so soon after her marriage. I like Gattina's quote "better alone than in bad company"
Thanks for your visit, glad you liked the Blind girl story.That guy should have given her ONE eye !!
I am so pleased that my next shopping day is on Tuesday 23 January and that is the day Woolworths are donating their profits to the needy. I usually shop at Safeway which is Woolies down here. So that's great.
Looking forward to No. 100 Robyn
Love, Merle.

Liz said...

Congrats on your centenary!

This very week has been traumatic for my friend (and in turn for me) as she's been dumped. It's difficult on the sidelines: you know someone's heading for trouble but they won't thank you for telling them that even if they listen to you. So you just have to be there to pick up the pieces. Men!!!!

Having said that I tend to get on better with men than women!

Tammy said...

I'm still having quite a problem with slowness on my computer...I had the cable guy come around today and darn if he didn't say it was my computer...I'm getting sooooo tired of the runaround!!
Darn the luck for your friend!!

PEA said...

I don't think I could ever go back to dial up after having had cable for 6 years! lol Glad you're back on broadband!! What a shame for your friend but I guess it's better to be rid of him if he was cheating. Your "or else you get disillusioned and the love is gone" fits me...been married 30 years but the last 5 years we just share the house, nothing else. Sad after all these years but we just seem to make better friends than spouses. Hugs xoxo