08 January 2007

I'm Coming Out of my Cave...

If you look at this cat long enough, it seems as if he's limping...

I'm so pleased the last couple of days have passed. I'm not sure what was wrong, but things were really getting me down and that is not really like me. Then today, I realised that it was probably the effects of the full moon - especially this one, because it's my birthday month and I think it was really zapping me! Anyway, the effects have warn off - thank goodness and I can get on with it now. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments - especially since I was probably being rather self-indulgent!
I rang the Ombudsman about my sister-in-law's cheque from New Zealand and got the reply that it takes so long to clear because it was "for my protection as a lot of people send fraudulent cheques and the 'clearing houses"(?) have to ensure that they are genuine." I'm sure my sister-in-law will be sooo pleased to hear that! So, what are 'clearing houses'? I hear you ask. Believe me, I asked that, too. Apparently that is where the cheques are held for clearing and because they get soooo many each day, it takes some time for them to clear. Yeah right, try the explanation "putting the cash on the overnight money market" and maybe that'll be nearer the mark. I bet the money has already been taken out of my sister-in-law's bank account, don't you agree?
As for the $10 conversion rate, I am waiting for someone to get back to me about that. We can't hurry these things, now...
I've just been doing a bit of channel surfing; murder, mayhem and shootings - and that's just the news! So...being a Monday evening, looks like it's "The West Wing" for tonight's viewing. Actually, it's not a bad programme, this is actually a re-run and I have a feeling there's an Australian guy in it somewhere, probably later on in the series. His name is Alan Dale and he lived two houses down the road from me when I was about 14 or 15. There was a gang of us who used to go to the Youth Club on a Friday night and he and his sister used to tag along. I say tag along, because they were so up themselves and, as kids are wont to do, we used to tell them to sod off. Not that it made any difference to them, they still used to attach themselves to us. Horrible little brats, we were...
I can smell rain, hopefully I will hear it soon. The weather bureau guy did mutter something about storms tonight, but if there were, we didn't get them here. Fred's got the downpipes and plumbing to the three water tanks hooked up so now all we are waiting for is rain. Had some a few days ago and we were out there in the rain listening to the lovely sound of water running off the roof and into the tanks.
According to a news item tonight, some researchers from the university are saying that the water tanks provide a damp, warm environment for mosquitoes and we may get an outbreak of Dengue fever, which does not usually happen this far down. Although, they added the comment that it would probably most likely affect sea-changers and visitors more as they're not used to the hot and humid weather! So there you go, Queenslanders, because we're used to being bitten by mozzies we'll probably not have to worry about getting Dengue fever. To be quite honest, I can't quite see the reasoning, however I'm not a scientist so that's probably why!
Right, I think I'll naff off to bed. Got to get up early for the morning constitutional, then come back and hammer on the keyboard in an effort to earn some money for my car payment.
I'll get around to commenting soon.


Lee said...

We've had some nice rain up here, Robyn...just easing off now...just after 2am. Thunder way in the distance. I didn't notice any lightning but the rain has been terrific.

The full moon does have an effect on us even though some will deny it...but it is a fact.

That Alan Dale has been getting quite a few parts over in the US...he's in another one that's coming up this year, too...forget the name of it. He was in the first '24' series, too, from memory.

We grew up with rainwater tanks and we never had Dengue fever. I just think people are get soft, Robyn...no immune systems any more. I think that half the time researchers come out with these 'bright' ideas to justify their wages! ;)

Tammy said...

I'm so glad you came out of the cave!!
We had a mixture of rain and snow here this morning with more expected overnight...

Josh said...

thanks for stopping by... hope you have a splendid 2007!


Remiman said...

I'm glad to see you outside the cave again. Dealing with the functionaires of the world can be disconcerting at best.

Denge fever? Does that cause you to say over and over; dang those skeeters, dang those bugs? ;-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Lee, Unfortunately our rain was minimal. Bugger!

I think Alan Dale was also in 24,or was it Alias? One of those anyway. From a horrible kid, he's actually turned out quite well, acting wise that is. I haven't a clue what he would be like in person, now.

I agree about the rainwater tanks. I think there are always scaremongers out there. Otherwise, how can they justify the salary paid by the universities?

Tammy: Too cold for me! I'm a hothouse flower, used to warm climes.

Josh: You're welcome and thank you.

Rel: Dengue (pron dengy with a hard g) fever is apparently rather nasty. I'm not sure how it affects one but we curse the mozzies and midges anyway!

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Glad to see you back with us. Darn those full moons !! Glad you enjoyed the jokes.. I'm with Beta and have been for months (106 posts) and haven't had problems until now. It
seems to be OK posting directly into
Blogger, how do you do yours? Take care, Love, Merle.

Michael Manning said...

Robyn, I have found this to be prevalent everywhere. So don't feel odd. It is a combination of many things. We are in a terribly difficult war with no reasonable end in sight. Plus the earth's temperture is warmer. There are many pessimists about. In addition, weather does afect our moods. Lastly, I think the New Year, while a cause for celebrating the proverbial "New Beginning" on a "Clean Sheet of Paper", it is causing many to ponder what new life directions to take. Mix all of this like a salad and you have a very changed landscape. I choose to go my own way and cling to that which can be counted upon. Best to you!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Merle: I'm not having any problem actually posting into blogger. One day it will accept uploads of pictures, the next day it won't. I give up!! lol!

Michael: Hi, nice to hear from you. I hope your 2007 is starting a little better than mine did. However, things appear to be functioning normally now, much to my relief. Yep, there are pessimists around alright, I was one of them last week!

DellaB said...

HAHAHAHA .. sorry for laughing Robyn - I guess that's one advantage of having a few posts to catch up with - if you start reading at the latest, then you get to read the follow-up first - otherwise of course I wouldn't laugh at you being in the doldrums -

I don't watch the gloomy news if I can help it; and I stopped listening to or believing anything the know-it-all scientists and researchers try to scare us with...

I am sure they have no idea - have you ever noticed how often we hear 'scientists have previously thought ... but this has now been disproved, and so now this is good for you, or not good for you - or the opposite of what they told us before...'