06 January 2007

I'm Going to Hibernate!

Tantrum No 3!

I've had the most bloody awful week! Now get ready because this is a real moan, whine and whinge.

It seems like everything I have tried to do, resolve, bake and type has inbuilt gremlins! First of all it was the phone line not being fixed when it was supposed to be, then the cheque and exorbitant charges and today, I can't upload photos/graphics onto my blog - which seems to be happening more and more lately.

Today, I thought I would do some baking. Fruit muffins sounded rather nice and I had frozen mixed berries in the freezer; then Anzac biscuits. Both of these recipes are simple and I've made them heaps of times in the past. So, I got out all the ingredients for the muffins, greased the muffin tray thoroughly, proceeded to mix all together, filled the muffin tray and put them in the oven. They didn't rise and when I tried to get them out of the muffin tray, they fell to bits, all the fruit was stuck on the bottom and consequently the muffins were impossible to get out in one piece. So I have a rack of cooling muffin pieces with bits of fruit in them.

On to the Anzac biscuits. Greased the tray, put the oven on to the correct heat, mixed the biscuits up, put spoonsful of the mixture on the trays then into the oven. They looked alright, except they, too, had stuck to the tray. I've never had this problem with either of these recipes before and I just cannot understand it.

So...I'm not going to attempt anything else for a while. Not even blogging - I'll probably crash the computer the way things have been going. Bye for now. I'm going into my cave and I'm not sure when I shall emerge.


PEA said...

Oh dear....NOT a very good week or start of a new year for you was it!! I think I'll join you in the hibernation! lol I'm finally catching up with everybody AGAIN...I thought I'd get back to my regular routine of visiting everyone every day but I've got myself into a decluttering mood and am spending most of my time doing that!!

That would have driven me insane not having my internet working most of the time...and for you, your work relies on it too!

As for what they charge to cash in a cheque from overseas and the length of time it takes to clear is just too ridiculous for words. If YOU owed THEM money, though, they'd want it YESTERDAY!!

Then the baking...that's happened to me before too, with recipes I do so many times...I think you're right it's the GREMLINS!!! Chin up, dear Robyn, it should get better...one of these days! lol Much love xoxo

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness... you are one funny sheila! Maybe I should write a post just like yours to make you laugh too!
Thankyou for the birthday wishes.... it means heaps and heaps. Not at all displeased at adding another year to the tally..... quite placid about it all really. I think it was Mum... making me go on those glorious rides that slapped me back down to earth lol.

I've always beieved that life has it's ups and downs just like waves at the seaside. Just remember that there is an 'up' on it's way... and the downs... they never last too long.

On a brighter note though.... had to go take a preg test today and it was negative..... scared me a bit as I think that I am too old and too fat to have any more chickens. I think I would have dropped it on Susie's doorstep, pressed the button, and ran for my life lol. I did secretly have a little hope... though it's for the best I think.

Thankyou for the birthday wishes again. Lots of love, Nickers xox.

Merle said...

Dear Robyn ~~ I am so sorry you have had such a bad week. Look at it this way, things have to get better soon.
Have a little break and then hopefully get back to us.
I also have had a couple of bad days, being unable to post, blogger is doing maintenace, and nothing was going well on the computer. And a
cousin died last night. That makes 3 in about 7 months.
Please come back to us Robyn. Love, Merle.

Remiman said...

I do hope the "cave" is a wine cellar. ;-)

Liz said...

Poor you! It all sounds hideous. Not a good end to 2006 or a good start to 2007 but ... things can only get better! Honest!!

I hate it when I have internent problems; I'm an addict too and feel lost without it.

As for baking - let's see, what about the weather? Was the pressure high? I have no idea if that affects things but it's something to blame!

As pea says if it was you owing the bank money there'd be no delays allowed. It's hard to justify such charges, isn't it?

Have a better week!

Tammy said...

well, girlfriend...it is the full moon, or it was, anyhow, I'll wait right here outside the cave for ya!!

Meow said...

Gosh, Robyn, you sure have had one sh*t of a week !! Hope the next one is better.
Take care, hugs, Meow