05 February 2007

Am I Missing Something Here?

I have been quite puzzled over reports that the Mexican wave has been banned at sporting events. Over the weekend, I heard that over 100 fans were ejected from the MCG for attempting to get a Mexican wave going. Why? I cannot, for the life of me, see why such a unique and visually effective gesture should be banned. What have I missed?

Of course, I do have my own theories...

Mexicans would be offended because they did not invent the Mexican wave but wished they had;

Mexicans would be offended because they did invent the Mexican wave and people are breaching copyright;

When women lift their arms up in the wave, their crop tops ride up and disconcert the players;

When guys lift their arms up, nine times out of 10 they have a can of alcohol in their hand and it spills on unsuspecting heads;

The TV cameras can't move fast enough to track the wave as it surges around the arena;

The commentators run out of words, because their mouths can't move as fast as the wave;

The players want to join in rather than play cricket/football;

Some people with no sense of timing and wave too late/early thus spoiling the visual effect;

It may cause riots because it's not a Lebonese/Australian/English or New Zealand wave;

Finally, shock, horror! patriotic supporters may wave their country's flag...and we certainly can't have that because it definitely causes racial unrest, especially in the case of the Australian flag, inflammatory symbol that it is.

Those are my theories why the Mexican wave is banned. Has anyone got others?


Peter said...

You actually went pretty close with your 4th theory Robyn, seems there has developed a new trend with the wave.. to throw food, drink, drink cans etc up in the air with the wave, a bit dicey specially with lots of kids there.
A pity as it was a visually pleasing thing.

Lee said...

Yes, what Peter said, Robyn...food, grog and even urine-filled containers were being tossed at fellow-spectators during the Mexican wave...there is always that small minority of idiots that spoil it for everyone else.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thank you! I can now add "Mexican wave" to my Trivia Pursuit mental data base.

Anonymous said...

Did you mention bad body odour?lol

I totally agree with you and everyone else. We were recently at a few concerts and the wave was in full swing... and I loved being apart of it. There was no fooding throwing though!

Hootin'Anni said...

Hmmmm, interesting. And to read the previous comments makes it even more interesting. Thanks for sharing the thoughts in this blog entry. I've learned a great deal.

I'm here from the Over 50 bloggers blogroll today, just visiting and trying to catch up....

Also wanted to say that Oscar looks so comfy on the office chair. Cute!!!!

PEA said...

I'll never understand why a few bad seeds have to ruin it for everyone else! The wave was always such a fun thing to see and participate in...boooooo to all those who are throwing food, drinks, etc, while doing it!!! Hugs xoxo

Remiman said...

I wave to Mexicans whenever I see them. My son lives in south Texas...remember. I don't throw food, drink or anything else at them either...just wave. ;-)
Just sayin'

Meow said...

It's such a shame that a few people can destroy what so many people had such fun with. Boo to those that threw things.
Take care, Meow

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Sorry I have been off the air for a day or so. first, power out
and then yesterday my line krpt dropping ount every 2 or 3 minutes, so no post or comments. Thanks for your visits. That Maya is a wise and funny lady who has written books etc.
Pity about te Mexican wave, it was geat when Merv Hughes & co when it seemed to start. Like always, the minority wins again. Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.

Marcia said...

Thanks for the visit! I thought for sure you would have the body odor in your list, laughed when I saw someone else was thinking that, too. I love watching the wave. Once again the powers to be are allowing the few to rule the many because they don't know how to control the few. . . hmmm. And I thought that was only here.

(but the purpose of this comment WAS to have said I enjoyed your list of theories. . guess I got carried away.)

DellaB said...

yes, I heard the same as Peter, it's the throwing things, what I don't understand is why they don't just ban throwing things? They have the camera technology to take pictures of the guilty ones and eject them!

BTW - did you know that the MEMBERS at the sports grounds don't do the wave anyway, as a matter of principle? I had a guest ticket one day and nearly got strung up for wanting to join in .. apparently it's not 'cricket' -- hehee, pun intended.

sarala said...

I'm no expert but I didn't know what I have heard of as "the wave" is reputed to be Mexican. Maybe the Australians made this up and that is why it is banned.
Actually too bad some harmless fun is getting canned. Maybe they should just ban sports because someone always gets rowdy.