22 March 2007

Ohhhhh...I need a massage!

I did my first full circuit at the gym today. Oh my God, I am soooo unfit! I got there about 12.45 pm, which is a good time to go because there is hardly anyone there. That's good for two reasons...I don't have to wait to use a piece of equipment and there's no-one there to see me figuring out what I have to do next and peering short-sightedly at my chart. Before you ask why I don't wear my glasses...it's because when I get all hot and sweaty they slide down my nose and annoy the hell out of me.

Anyway, back to the gym. I did my warm ups and decided I would hop on the stationary bike for 10 minutes. According to my chart, I'm to do 20 to 30 minutes cardiovascular each day. Good, half-hour-walking with Jane and Jacqui count towards that.

The stationary bike was easy-peasy so I referred to my chart...ah yes, leg press, three sets of 10 or 12 presses. Hmmm, not too bad once I got on the thing Ok, onto the cross-trainer...oh dear, this was hard. Here was I peddling furiously,or so I thought,and it kept flashing at me "Not peddling fast enough" every time I slowed slightly. I was really glad when that 10 minutes was up. I do not need machines talking to me. On to the chest press. Yep, okay not too bad. Next...seated rowing machine. By the time I squished my stomach bending forward to strap my feet in, I was exhausted. Then came the rowing. I could hardly do five minutes...that was sadistic torture. I gave up when I could feel my chest getting tight and nausea coming on. After that it was triceps curl, ball squats and abs. Pretty cruisy compared with the rower.

I was really looking forward to doing a few laps of the pool. Hah, don't make me laugh...all I could manage was half a lap of breast stroke and I was exhausted. So I faffed around and made out like I was trying myself on various strokes, got out, dressed, went home, showered and collapsed in a heap.

I was wondering what I had let myself in for...but then I had a good talk to myself, saying I'm 62, not 22 or even 42, so it's going to be harder. Soooo...tomorrow I will be doing the whole tortuous circuit again...I must be insane. Keep telling me this is good for me...puhleeeez!


PEA said...

Oh Robyn....lol....that all sounded like...well..exercise!!! I'm awful where exercising is concerned...I did join up a gym quite a few years ago and remember the "torture" you've just gone through but at least we know it DOES get easier as time goes by!! Right now your body is just saying "what the hell do you think you're doing to me" lol xox

Liz said...

This is good for you! Repeat after me ... This is good for me.

I do 3 minutes on the rower if there's a good video on the screen that will distract me.

I feel inspired and will try to make it to the gym this afternoon. See what you've done now!

Gattina said...

I think you have to reduce the speed, lol ! I go almost every morning in my fitness club, but avoid the torture machines and only use the swimmingpool, hammam, jacuzzi and sometimes sauna. That's very nice. My doctor told me 1/2 h swimming everyday makes work all muscels. So I am happy with that, because I am very lazy for sports always have been.
It's funny you wrote about your fitness and I wrote about what women said in my fitness club ! BTW I could dress my cats with a thing I found on Internet two days ago, but it has disappeard, strange, because I wanted to do some other pictures.
I therefore dressed in new all my blogs ! All by myself and I never ever learned anything !

Lee said...

How many days a week are you tortured, Robyn? Please don't say this is good for me as Liz suggested...say it's good for you, not me! ;)

I should be so disciplined...but I'm not...I'm absolutely hopeless.

Tammy said...

chest tightness...nausea...gal...I think you need to slow down!! Made me tired just reading this!!
Take care!!

Mountain Mama said...

Yes, do take care not to expect too much of yourself. Maybe you need to slow down a bit and work up more slowly. I do not like the idea that you had nausea and chest tightness. That could be dangerous. DId you mention this to your trainer?
Take care.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Well you have been very busy with the gym and all that exercise. Maybe slow down a little and work up to it. Does your trainer have a whip?? I am sure it will get easier and will be good for you!!!
Thank you for comments, Had a great time with Peter and learnt a few new things. I hope he is near to Gympie by now, just after 6pm here 5pm there. Then he has the eye op Tuesday.Take good care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Remiman said...

Gosh girl, I really am proud of you!!! This is awesome. btw It gets esier, but never easy, ;-)
The rewards are worth it I think. Just pace youself. Don't get so sore you can't do the work-out.

PS. I just read your comments.
Tell lee ....she's next! ;-)

Gattina said...

I have some funny pictures of my four monsters on my cat blog ! How is Oscar ? Another mouse ? give him a kiss from me !

DellaB said...

Oh good heavens! Well, that's me decided whether I'm gonna join a gym or not - NOT!

Just kidding - I might, actually. I have some body-image problems I really HAVE to do something about, and losing weight has to come first.

A friend took me to her gym one day, for a 'trial' session. I don't think the young man realised what he was dealing with. At one stage he had to help me get up from the floor mat, and that was a half-hour exercise in itself.

Your descriptions really make me laugh too - how funny...

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, glad to hear that one of us has been bitten by the fitness bug and very glad it was you not me, keep at it though what doesn't kill you makes you sick... err ...fit anyway.

Meow said...

Gym ... torture ... yep, they go hand in hand !!
Glad you are getting into it, though, Robyn. It's something I should be doing ... desperately !!
Good luck with it all.
Be careful, though.
Take care, Meow