26 March 2007

Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement with regard to my new regime of torture and masochism. Actually, I'm doing better and upping the number of times I do various lifts, squats, presses and whatever. I have stayed away from the rowing machine until I get my fitness more up to par.

What I have found out is that, curiously, my lower body strength is more than my upper body strength. Must be all the walking and stair climbing I do each week. If I can do a leg press, say, of 30 kg, the triceps curl or chest press is only 12 - 15 kg. Sad, isn't it? Never mind, I'm getting there and not feeling so stuffed after each session now. That first circuit was a total shock to the system.

* * * * * * * *
Actually, I wanted to tell you about an amusing turn of phrase in an advertising brochure. Jane had gone to Grand Plaza yesterday and in her wanderings found one of those mall stalls that sell phones, watches, or anything else cheap and nasty. She picked up a brochure on mobile phones and while we were having a coffee yesterday, was browsing through it. She was ooohing and aaahing over one particular phone and proceeded to read the small print.

"Oh," she said, listen to this, and proceeded to read out a phrase pertaining to termination of the phone contract. "In the event of premature evacuation, a fee of $100, etc..."

Fred and I choked on our coffee as Jane commented. "You wouldn't want to say that in a hurry, would you?"
Wouldn't you think that whoever wrote the brochure could have phrased it better?

It reminds me of a typo I made when working for a group of orthopaedic surgeons s few years ago. Fortunately, I picked it up on re-reading my work. I was doing a letter for one of the surgeons who specialised in spinal surgery and the phrase I was meant to type was "a bulging disc". Unfortunately, it came out "a bulging dic". A Freudian slip, perchance? I told the surgeon concerned who roared with laughter and told me I should have left it in. He would have signed the letter anyway and let it through. That's what I was afraid of...

Enjoy your week and don't forget the Easter Bunny is on his way.


Lee said...

Hahahaha! Between "bulging dics" and "premature evacuation", I wonder what's next!

Now I've got to wipe the wine off my monitor! Thanks, Robyn! ;)

Gattina said...

I just came back from swimming (in the nice pool) in fact this fitness club is not even 500 m far from my house, so it's very easy to go there everyday. I always go around 7.30 then I have the whole thing for me ! They renewed it a year ago and everything is morocco style. So when I go in there, I have the feeling of being on holidays !

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~~ I am glad it is getting a little easier for you. You are doing well to even tackle at 62.
Love your typo errors - Freudian
slip there girl !! Take care and be kind to your body, Love, Merle.

Liz said...

Wonderful typo!

I think legs are just stronger than arms. My left arm in particular is so weak; when we have to do boxing-type movements, I lose all control of it and it goes in a completely different direction form my right!

PEA said...

The only squats I do these days is if I have to pick up a piece of chocolate I dropped on the floor! lol Oh Robyn, between "bulging dics" and "premature evactuation", I'm laughing myself silly here! hehe It reminds me of the time I was chatting in an online game room and meant to type "I was sitting on this guy's lap"....instead typed "I was shitting on this guy's lap". I never noticed my typo until the whole room erupted in LMAO's!! lol I was devastated! lol xoxo

jmb said...

Hi again,
Woman are very weak in upper body strength compared to men. Most frustrating. But my old legs are fine, except for my knees. I leg press 180 lbs but can only chest press 26lbs which is totally pathetic. But then I'm a little old lady!

Angelo said...

LOL! Freudian slip alright :D That phone company should probably hire some better spellcheckers or something :) Good luck with your work-outs, you've inspired me to make time for some more cardio!

Remiman said...

Glad the exercise is level out for you.
Anyone who takes dicktation shouldn't be disconshirted with big disks or eman cipations. ;-)
Thanks for the laughs girl.

Michael Manning said...

Sound like me with my new reading glasses.I am more careful now on comments! :)

Mountain Mama said...

Oh my gosh. how embarassing!

Tammy said...

Funny post! Loved the type-o!!
PS...I have a new blog address...just click the above link...

slap me happy said...

No need to ask where your mind is girl lol, love the slip up, have done a few of them in my time lol, just got our pc back and am trying to get time to catch up but have not been too well this last few days with preg, alas my age is catching up lol. Good to see your still moviung forward
love and hugs to ya

Obsidian Kitten said...

as long as it's not a premature evacuation of the bulging dic...


Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Thanks for your visit and comments. Glad you liked te One-Liners and even the saucy Henry
Ford joke. How are you feeling?
Hope you are not over-doing it.
I do hope you are OK and it is making you feel better, not worse.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Gattina said...

I think you must have a strong heart, lol ! with Oscar jumping suddenly out of all sort of corners ! Maybe he confonds you with a mouse ?