25 May 2007

For all Baby Boomers

You've gotta see this. Go on to You Tube and enter the Zimmers and play the video. It was on Seven News tonight. Just goes to show that life starts at 90!

* * * * * * *
A few days ago, I was thinking...great! Just one more week to go on the five days a week working caper and I can go back to my two days and not feel so tired. Wrong! I miscalculated and I still have two weeks to go...I checked the calender and June 8 is today fortnight.
After my last couple of hectic weekends, I'm not going anywhere or having anyone over this weekend. I even braved the hordes at the supermarket last night to do my shopping and I also had my hair cut. I hate going anywhere near the shops on late night shopping but I did last night just so I didn't have to shop in the weekend.
* * * * * * * *
For those overseas bloggers, Queensland won on Wednesday night. The series is out of three games. The next game will be held in Sydney, so we have our fingers crossed. One of the doctors' secretaries was living dangerously on Wednesday. She came to work with a NSW patch on her uniform (!) and when anyone commented on it, she lifted it up to display a button saying "As If!".
That's it for tonight, I'll try and get around to visiting you all but it may take me a couple of days. But...I'll be there eventually.


Gattina said...

Oh yes it's bedtime at your place, here it's just afternoon. I will be leaving on tuesday for 12 days to Turkey and when you stop these working hours on 9th, I just come back. Yes little Rosel is just so cute, but all the babies were ! Fortunately she was the only one (besides one brother) who were not yet "booked". I wanted to have a black and white, that's what we never had. And apparently they are political cats (!) remember Clinton's cat Socks and also Tony Blair had a black and white one ! I only hope she will not behave as badly as a politician, lol ! but she is female those were (are) males !

Gattina said...

Just read that you have never seen a ferret. I can tell you they are absolutely cute ! a mixture between cat and dog re their behavior. They walk on a leash, are very intelligent, go on a litter box and follow you everywhere. They are not so independant like a cat, more like a dog. You can take them along with you everywhere, shopping, visits, car etc. They also love cats. For the moment it's quite fashonable to own a ferret over here !

"Early Bird" said...

I'm all for resting when I can!
A spanish proverb says "How beautiful it is to do Nothing and then to Rest afterward."

Mountain Mama said...

The Zimmers video is a good one. We seniors still have a lot of Zip in our Doo Dah! :)

Sorry you got confused about your work days. It will be a little extra pay but how disappointing when you are so ready for some time off.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

As one of the first (and oldest) Baby Boomers, I think a two day work week would be great.

Lee said...

And what a great game it was, Robyn! I almost gave up on it at one stage, but the Queensland fighting spirit came to the fore and New South Wales didn't stand a chance against our boys. It certainly was exciting stuff. I'm looking forward to the next game now. Hopefully we will retain the crown again at the end of the series...:)

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Thanks for the Birthday
Greetings. And I had never heard of
it being illegal to name an animal we plan to eat.My daughter Kathy raised a lamb, and named it "Lamb Chop" and
eventually ate it. I would draw the line at that!!
Glad you were happy to win the State of Origin match. It didn't look good early for a while. I saw Collingwood beat Brisbane tonight. And only Collingwood supporters lik that team. Take care, Love, Merle.

Liz said...

Great video! I've just spotted that there's a programme on television about The Zimmers tomorrow night. An hour-long show about the recording.

Enjoy your restful weekend. Would you like some of our rain?