04 May 2007

Friday Night Musings

What a week. I have been working extra days in the city to cover for illness. Wouldn't you believe it, all doctors were back from their conferences, holidays, charity rides, etc and the charts were multiplying at a rapid rate. I'm going to need more than two glasses of wine to recover...and the week after next I have three weeks of full time to cover for holiday leave. My colleague is swanning off to France...so I'll be a wreck by the time I finish that stint. I'm really not used to working full time, haven't done it for a few years.
Cooper and his mum came and visited yesterday. They are off to New Zealand to see his great grandmother in a couple of weeks but she doesn't know they are coming. It's a surprise for her. I nearly put my foot in it when I was talking to my mum on Sunday and managed to save myself just in time.

I'm watching the movie "Whale Rider". It's on at the moment. I've seen it before and it doesn't lose its magic the second time around. It reminds me of my childhood, not so much the whales, but the Maori people and the chanting and songs. My grandmother was Maori and I was very close to her, this movie seems to bring her back to me. I love the spirituality and the mysticism of the movie...stories of the Ancient Ones...ooooh, it sends lovely shivery feelings through me.

While I remember, I must mention the generous bloggers who offered me places to stay when I make my world trip...Don, Rel, Pea, Kim and her Oscar the Puppy cat. Thank you very much, I would love to meet all some day. I've been doing some research and because I want to go to so many places, I think I'm going to have to take several trips...one will be to the US and Canada alone...otherwise I'll be away for a year or more! It's gonna be fun planning it though.

I've just been watching the story of the missing kids who weren't returned to their mother from an access visit to their father six weeks ago. The mother went to the courts who allowed their names to be broadcast on national television and they were returned to their mother pretty promptly. Now she doesn't want the father punished and they (the parents) seem to be on pretty good terms.

Call me suspicious, but there is something really odd about the whole scenario. Why would you want to have your kids' faces plastered across the media? Why wouldn't you want to press charges? Was it a set up? If so, why? The mother seemed really calm and in control even though she stated she was worried about her children. Just the fact that they were missing would send most mothers absolutely out of control...I know how I would feel. But this mother either has nerves of steel, or there's something fishy about the whole thing. As I say, I have a nasty suspicious mind.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and for those of you who are celebrating Labour Day and going away...drive carefully. There are idiots on the road.


Gattina said...

Oh my, you had a hard week behind you, and working suddenly full time is hard when you are not used to anymore. It happened to me too and I wondered how my collegues could work a whole day ! I was the only one working half time. We had again some very nervy days with Arthur, I am just occupied to write a post.
If ever you intend to come to Europe you are very welcome in Brussels/Waterloo too ! Would be funny to see each other. Maybe you look completely different. I don't remember if I ever saw a picture of you I only know Oscar, lol !

jellyhead said...

It sounds like you have been flat out - hope you get some R&R over the weekend (you can sit down and plan your fabulous North American adventure!)

"Early Bird" said...

I had a co-worker in Texas that when we would have a rough day (or two) she would say "I'm going home to make a piture of margarita's and drink it all myself"...so I can relate on the work stress...or I used to be able too...
Come see me too??? :)

Lee said...

Hi Robyn...just think of the extra money you'll be earning...you can put it away towards your dream trip overseas...:)

Regarding the mother of the missing three children, my take on her calm composure is that she decided to handle the situation in that manner so as not to cause her ex to react/over-react...maybe do something foolish or harmful to the children.

I don't feel there's anything suspicious...I didn't see it that way, but you may be right. I thought she handled the situation fine...the safety of the children was paramount. Perhaps if she'd reacted harshly towards the father at the time and even now after the children have been returned...he could do something strange...it's a terrible situation to be in...and let's hope all can be worked out so that the children are not torn between pillar and post.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Don't work too hard, my friend. Although all that extra money will be handy towards your travels. Glad to hear you are welcome at so many place and that will be great when the time comes.
I'm not sure what to think about those kids being taken for 6 weeks. I'd be mad as hell, but maybe she was afraid of what he might do if she let her feelings show. The kids seemed to love their Dad.
Take care,Love, Merle.

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, yeah the kids seemed to be quite happy with their Dad and we didn't really get to see whether they were happy with Mum??????

PEA said...

Aww you poor dear, you really have been working very hard but I'm sure you can repay your co-workers when they get back and take holiday time yourself! lol I know what you mean about some of those news stories regarding missing kids, etc....the mother should have been in a panic, not so cool and collected. I don't think we're being paranoid or suspicious...but we know how we would be like if it happened to us!! xoxo

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn I was just looking at your blog and about to comment when your comment come through.
Dont over work yourself but the extra cash will be handy for the much planned trip.
The mum didnt look that upset about her kids something very fishy going on...

Meow said...

I know what you mean about working full time ... I've gone from not working (outside the home) at all, to doing 4 days in a row ... that is soooo tiring !!
Your travelling plans sound like so much fun. Isn't it great that there are so many generous bloggers out there ... people who we have never met "face to face", but they are offering their homes. I just find that so amazing. What a wonderful world we are all part of.
Take care, have a great week (don't work too hard) ... Meow

Granny said...

Hope of of your several trips includes California.