12 May 2007

I've Been Critiqued!

Yes, I've had my blog critiqued and Billy Mac has very nice things to say about it. So...below are the comments, giving me bragging rights...yeah!.

Puss in boots brings us a fantastic blog that reads so naturally and freely you can feel like your a fly on the wall. I started to read her posts and felt like I needed to continue from post to post. One thing that I would add is a site meter (http://www.sitemeter.com/) to see how many fans you have visiting your blog each day. Her most recent post about eating pistachios in bed is a great example of her writing style. I recommend a visit. Great job with the blog and keep up the nice work

Isn't he a nice man, and I've taken his advice and added a site meter, too. Thank you, Billy! So if you want your blog critiqued go the link in my sidebar and send Billy an email. I think it's a wonderful way to get one's blog "out there".

That has been the high spot of my week. I've been bashing the keyboard in the city all week, mainly to get the bulk of the work out of the way so I can start next week without a huge pile of patient charts staring accusingly at me, while my colleague swans off to France and England. Unfortunately, because I haven't yet learnt how to be in two places at once, I had to notify my home job that I wouldn't be available until 08 June. The reply was "aaaarrrrrgh!". It happens every time I have to do a full time stint...for some reason or other, the work at home goes absolutely haywire. So I did six hours for them this morning and I'll do some more tomorrow (if I get up early enough).

The reason why I need to get up early is because I had a bright idea while I was grocery shopping today. I thought I would put on lunch for the family tomorrow for Mother's Day. However, I was not really worried about having to do this because I thought they would have other plans. Oh, I knew they'd pop in, but they have their mothers-in-law to visit as well.

Anyway, I phoned both girls and yes, they'd love to come for lunch tomorrow. So...I've made salads, quiches, fruit salad and tomorrow morning, I'll make a banana cake. We'll also have cold smoked chicken, Turkish bread and strawberry champagne which is sooooo yummy! The grandkids are coming as well, which I was rapt about...I love seeing them. Especially as two of them are moving overseas in two or three months' time.
Another reason why I want to get up really early is to help out a bit with work...eight hundred files downloaded to be done by us by Monday...gulp! Our fingers will be worn down to the elbows at that rate.

I hope you ladies all have a wonderful Mother's Day, whether you are mothers or not. I shall finish with a quote which I rather like.
Avenge yourself...live long enough to be a worry to the kids! Heheheh...


PEA said...

Isn't it just so much fun being critiqued?? hehe When I had mine done a while back, I was a nervous wreck until I heard from Billy! lol Oh dear, it does sound like you've been very busy with work and lots more to do yet!! Your lunch with the family sounds wonderful..wish I could come too:-) Hope you take lots of pictures!! Happy Mother's Day to you my friend! xoxo

Granny said...

I haven't had the nerve to do the critique thing yet. Maybe someday.

Your luncheon sounds wonderful to me.

Happy Mother's Day.

Peter said...

Hi Robyn hope you have a good Mothers day.
I submitted hh for a critique, we'll see if Billy is broadminded.

Lee said...

Happy Mother's Day, Robyn...sounds like you've got a nice time in store for you. :)

Boy! You are loaded with work at the moment...it never rains but it pours, does it? I've just completed transcribing work for my Uni Lecturer...so time is my own again.

Great critique! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Robyn.... Sending you love, Nic xox.

Gattina said...

I still have my cats for Motherday, lol ! In Holland and England it's another date so my son celebrates me on these days otherwise he would forget. I don't care about dates, what is important that he doesn't forget me at all !! This morning I found a beautiful wooden scarved cat on my place bought by Mr. Gattino on his cats order ! Arthur is still deeply asleep and missed this important event !
My cramps too had been critized but honestly I wonder on what base he does it. But it's always nice when people love what you write. No toads or other lovely beasts from Oscar for mother day ??

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn, Ill leave the Critique to others, well done.sounds like you are having a wonderful mothers day with family for that lovely lunch you have prepared. and hope you dont have to sit up to late finishing all your paper work.
BTW Peter And I have known each other near 50 years And Merle not quite as long. .

Meow said...

It's interesting getting one's blog critiqued, isn't it ... and you got a great critique, too. I did this, too, awhile back. I haven't read many negative critiques, though ... but I guess no-one wants to hear negative comments, do they !?!?