22 June 2007

Good evening, all. It's 9.56 pm and I've just come back from watching Gabbie play State League netball. It's perishing outside so I had about three layers of clothing on. My daughter picked me up and I was very happy that I'd thought to dress warmly...until we got to Chandler. The indoor netball courts are like an enormous plane hangar and just as cold. After sitting there for a couple of hours, I thought my extremeties had dropped off. I couldn't feel them. Meanwhile, the under 16s are out on the court in little short dresses, no sleeves, scoop neck. But of course they weren't feeling the cold were they? It's only the idiots sitting on the sideline barracking for their team that got cold. Fortunately, we could buy hot drinks there...really nice coffee, too, my choice...the others had hot chocolate.

Oh, and our team lost...it was Jimboomba (us) versus Toowoomba...sounds like really bad bush poetry, doesn't it? Both teams were tied for first on the leader board. Now Jimboomba is second. I think our kids were a bit rattled because they really didn't play very well until the last 10 minutes...too late then. Anyway, it was a good night and now I'm inside with the fan heater on full blast, trying to thaw out.

A follow on from last Sunday night. When my daughter dropped me off after the game, I came around to the back door and found some wine on my outdoor table...Jane had dropped off a replacement cask for me. She said she felt guilty about drinking all my wine...but no doubt it will happen again sometime...or I'll help them drink theirs.

Well, that's about it for now...I think I'll have a bit of supper, fill up a hot water bottle and choof off to bed. Oh, and by the way, the strange looking animal on the right at the top of this post is a hairy nosed wombat...just in case you were wondering.


Gattina said...

Reading your post I laughed it seemed to me as if you were talking about temperatures around 0 ! What should I say, here it's officially summer and we have lousy 16° and it's raining cats and dogs ! I had to put the heating on in summer ! That's a shame if somebody mentions "global warming" to me I'll kill him !
Rosie wants to be adult, and that makes us laugh because she is such a miniature. I put again some pictures.

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Glad you didn't freeze -just almost. And then they didn't win for you.
Thanks for your comments, and get well wishes. I have chicken soup cooking in the crockpot!! Take care Robyn, and thanks again for the joke last night. I sure didn't feel like looking for some.Bit better tonight, but I'm off to bed - nearly 1 am.Love, Merle.

Hootin'Anni said...

I knew that!! A wombat indeed. [not really--just kidding]

Hope you'll have a good night's rest.

slap me happy said...

thanks for the lovely comment on our new arrival, he is just gorgeous isn't he. Proud mum. Off to central plaza today lets see how I go lol

PEA said...

Have you managed to thaw out yet? lol Last winter I was gone to watch a ringette game at our local arena and I couldn't believe how cold it was in there. As you say, the kids are playing so don't feel the cold while we in the bleachers DO!! What a shame your team didn't win...funny you should mention Toowoomba..I had a penpal from there years ago:-) Have a wonderful weekend my friend! xox

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, I knew what it was But I din't know why he was there until I saw the roo on the previous post and figured you were doin' a series of animals.
Hope you recovered all your extremities!!

Jeanette said...

Hi Robyn I hope you have thawed out.. Gosh im comming to Qld next week to thaw out, hope Hervey Bay will be a bit warmer.

Gledwood said...

I love those bush words!

place names

you know ...

What is that big animal, like a koala in size but different like a kind of huge rodent? Is it called a wombat? Is that what you illustrated?

Sorry I'm not too up on the Aussie marsupials/whatever one calls them

have a great weekend... what's left of it... Keep forgetting how far AHEAD of us you are. I look back at 11:30pm thinking, I'm posting late then I realize people in Vancouver and LA are still in mid afternoon 3:30 but you're WELL ahead of us

ok won't burble any more ... take it easy

all the best


"Early Bird" said...

It is so odd to hear about cold weather when it is so warm here...but we are now needing a rain dance if you so desire ;) hey I done it for you...teehee!

meeyauw said...

I see it's cold in Australia, Europe, and yes, here too. But it'll go away (well, it will warm up here soon, not at your place!)

I have to read your posts so slowly to try to understand! It's funny actually, we all speak English yet have problems understanding. Netball (volleyball?), the temperature scales, Toowoomba, Jimboomba. wombat. But I did understand your team lost, and I understood cask of wine (they are boxes here).

Strange and fascinating.
That was sweet of her to replace that wine. A hot water bottle in bed sounds good.

Lee said...

I hope you opened that wine! I sent you an email...but I'm not sure if it went through...did you get it?