24 June 2007

The Weather and a Vent

The weather has warmed up a tad and we've had rain...yesterday and overnight...not enough, but at least it put some water in the tanks, dampened the dust and gave the lawn and plants a drink. But...we have more coming tomorrow afternoon and then back to the chills, sleet on the Downs and icy westerlies...which are a couple of months early, we don't usually get those until August. Our maximum temperature on Wednesday is going to be 16C...normal median temp for winter is 22C...but we've had a lot of low minimum temps lately...if that ain't climate change, dunno what is. They're even forecasting light frost in Far North Queensland, which is the tropics.

Looking at the extended forecast, sometime next week there's going to be another trough off the New South Wales coast. If this one is as bad as the ones before, it will make three major destructive storms in the same amount of weeks...poor buggers, I hope it doesn't come to that. Looking on the bright side, they have water, but as is with the vagaries of nature, too much, whereas other places have none.

* * * * * * * *

Most of you outside Australia may not know this, but we have a Federal Election coming up. Not sure when yet. Little Johnny Howard is keeping that one under his hat and promising us the earth, moon and stars in the meantime...as is Labor. According to these opinion polls that various organisations run (I have never been asked to participate in one...still waiting), Labor will get in this time. There may be something in that, because for the first time ever, John Howard and the Coalition have, finally, decided to do something about Aboriginal alcoholism, child abuse and school truancy in the Northern Territory (which is the worst case scenario) and elsewhere. When I read that, I was incensed. It's been going on for years, it has been known for years and now...when they are running scared of maybe losing the election, they decide to do something about it. So, we have John Howard trumpeting about how this must be stamped out and what he's going to do to stamp it out.

Noel Pearson, from the Cape York people, has been telling the politicians about this for so long, it's not funny. He and others realise their people must stop being Welfare dependent, get work, stop drinking and regain pride. Now, all of a sudden, it's like the Federal and State Governments have suddenly discovered all this is going on and, by jove, they're full of zeal to do something about it...well maybe not the State Premiers...they're "mulling" but have agreed "in principle".

I am very sceptical of politicians because I don't believe one single person in the present Federal and State governments is there for altruistic reasons...no, it's to line their pockets...and as the Federal pollies have just voted themselves a 7% payrise, giving John Howard alone an extra $21,000 per year, you see what I mean. Oh, it's a great game to get into to make your fortune at the taxpayers' expense, but to do good for your fellow human beings...sorry, not enough funds for that.

Ok, it's time I got off my soap box. But I do feel marginally better having got all that off my chest. It's been bugging me for days...so, sorry for off-loading onto you. Tomorrow, or when I next post, I will find something more positive to say.

It's Sunday and for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, have a great weekend. For those in the Southern Hemisphere...start girding your loins for work tomorrow...or, if you're a parent...the school holidays (for Queensland, anyway).
Today's picture in the upper right-hand corner is the Dingo, Australia's wild dog. It doesn't bark, but howls, which is very eerie to hear at night.
With regard to my vent above about the Aboriginal abuse, alcoholism and truancy...I've just heard on the six o'clock news that one of the surgeons from our practice is on the Task Force, which has just been unveiled. Watch this space...


Peter said...

Wow, who stuck a burr under your saddle today? legitimate points you make BUT!!!

meeyauw said...

You're right: if "things" are generally fine, then the minority people are forgotten. Here, there, everywhere. Telling them to "buck up" and just regain their pride ain't gonna do a whole lot, either. I'm cynical, too.

Thank you for teaching me more about your country. We are so provincial: we don't learn about other countries or governments. (And the past couple generations haven't even learned about our own.) No wonder we're in trouble around the world.

Gattina said...

I think it's the same with the politicians all over at least in the western world. We had elections too, the usual promises and it all will probably remain as before. In France the prime minister promised to "clean up" the morrocan immigrant districts (same problem as with your aborigenes) just suddenly before elections. Now he is prime minister and it doesn't look like if anything would move.
Since yesterday I had to put the heating on also 16° but in summer !! What a dream to have that in winter and 25° and more in summer and rain, I can send you a lot ! It rains very often here in Belgium !
BTW I don't know if you know, but Writer Cramps is my main blog. I appreciate very much your comments in keyhole, but think I never met you on my main blog. That's not catching for comments of course, lol ! just an info !

slap me happy said...

yeah what the hell is the payrise for , to bloody help them pay for the groceries and fuel and home loan interest rates that they have made rise, stuff everyone else,lol sorry about the vent but why do they need anymore money their payrate is high enough already. Bloody car salesmen in suits. Hmmm, a wee bit hotter today and thank goodness for that, got rid of some of the ice cubes at my tooshie, can't seem to heat up but Noah not caught a cold so must be doing something right lol

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ So much for global warming - specially in Queensland.
And like you I think the pollies are in it for themselves mainly. I hope
something is done about the aboriginal children. Seems both parties are in agreement-at last.
Thanks for your comments - but don't go trying out any of those tricks at the supermarket or I'll feel guilty!!
Thanks for your very kind words about the blog. Obviously I enjoy it. Take care. Love, Merle.

Granny said...

We have the same problems here with out native Americans.

Except for the tribes that are lucky enough to run casinos, many of them are as you described your native folk.

Lee said...

Robyn! Robyn! Robyn...I remember clearly a Wednesday in July 1984 when we were living up in the heights behind Coolum, I was setting up precedent forms/letters etc., for an accountant friend who was opening up his own practice in Coolum...and when I walked outside around 11am, sleet was falling. Out in the Granite Belt they got snow. This type of weather, like we're experience now has happened many times before. When I was a kid growing up in Gympie it used to be bitterly cold...particular around Show time which is in May. This weather is nothing new. Don't be hoodwinked by Gore-gonzola and his cronies! ;)

Lee-ann said...

nusswmeRobyn, your blog is always so interesting when I come to visit and let me tell you how much I enjoy your posts.

I would like to say here that there are many things wrong with our pollies on both sides, however I remember back yes back when the labour party was in control of the country and I find nothing back there worth going back to......loss of jobs and homes and no chance to beat the bully unions as back then they were looked after by the labour party. I lost my job and so did my husband with no chance of work we then lost our home and there was no building industry worth talking about unless you were one of the boys you did not get a look in.

Unemployment was at an all time high and the monies in the governments piggy bank was all dried up. So while I understand the other side of this too, I try very hard to look back before I look forward........who will be the next in government……labour or liberal who knows all I know is it better be the right one or we will be back to the "good old days" thanks for letting me now get on my soap box and no offence was intended toward anyone here these are just my feelings on a very important subject. I would like to add that for some me included John has for the most done a good job over these years.

Keep warm LEE-ANN

Angelo said...

Hi Robyn! I'm glad to be back :) It's weird for me to hear about winter this time of year, but on a hot, humid, and smoggy day in the city, a nice ice storm would be nice (not really). Thursday was the official first day of summer for us, but it was actually colder than your usual winter temps, so I think that I would probably enjoy an Australian winter!

I guess politicians are the same everywhere. We're probably nearing both provincial and federal elections over here too, so all the promises are starting to creep out of the woodwork! they also gave themselves a pay raise over here?! What tha? I'm in the wrong profession.

It's a shame to see that the problem of aboriginal alcoholism is the same on both continents. I guess it's a symptom of poverty and the long and systematic stripping away of the Native People's pride in their own culture? In Canada, the Native Peoples are officially called the "First Nations" to remind us that before French or English Canada came to dominate this land, it was populated by many other nations, many of which are now extinct.

Anyways, thanks for getting on the soapbox, I learned some things today :) BTW, did you delete Oscar's Chair? Nermal says purrrs and nudges for you (=^o^=)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Yes, Robyn, I know about your upcoming election. I read online newspapers from all over the world. I'll not comment on yours since I have enough to comment on the next U.S. presidential election.

I, too, have had a bit of rain—for from enough and things cooled off today—but will be back in the 90 F tomorrow. What’s happening to the weather?