30 July 2007

Goodbye Harry

There were tears today as Harry left to go and live in New Zealand with his father.

I went to their place about 10 this morning because they were leaving for the airport at 2 pm to escape the traffic and Peter, Harry's father had to return the hire car he had for the weekend. We had lunch and took photos then 2 o'clock came and it was time for them to leave.

Gabbie started crying first, which started me off, which started my daughter off. Brooke managed to stay relatively composed, Harry went very quiet and Peter said, "Right, come on, let's go!" Which was the best thing to do.

So, they will be on their way at 7.30 pm. Because of the heightened security alerts and new terrorist laws, passengers now have to check in two-and-a-half hours before their flight leaves. It used to be one hour. They are only allowed a very small amount of cabin baggage, no cabin bags and any medicines have to have a certificate from the patient's doctor so they can take it into the cabin with them. Things are pretty strict nowadays.

They get to Auckland at midnight, the weather's wet and cold over there so I don't envy them. My daughter deemed it wise not to go to the airport and judging by the tears at the house, that was the best thing for everyone.
I don't know whether it's the right thing to do, but it's not for me to say. However, I must admit I've had better Mondays.
Anyway, she had photos taken of her and the kids and below is one she gave me.

Gabbie, Brooke, Suzie (their mother) and Harry


Gattina said...

At the first glance I thought there are 4 children ! Then I noticed that one was a little older, lol ! I suppose your daughter is divorced and little Harry wants to live with Dad. I thought he was much older around 16, now I can understand that you are all so sad. I am like your daughter I hate good byes and whenever I can I just avoid them. That's the same when I have to say good bye, I just disappear. We have exactly the same laws for airplanes over here I guess it has become international. That's why people take the Eurostar to the UK, because there is only 1h flight to London, but with all these security circus it takes more than 3 h !

jellyhead said...

Oh gosh - that photo must really tug at your heartstrings Robyn.

HUG HUG and big *HUG*
from Jelly

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ What a sad day for you all, but he will be back at least for holidays, and you can e-mail him. How old is Harry Robyn?
I hope you feel happier tomorrow and you have the wedding to look forward to. Thanks for your comments,glad you liked the photos of my kids. It is hard to believe that you didn't buy a dress until you were 30. You must be a very good dressmaker. Take care, my friend, Much love, Merle.

meeyauw said...

Oh what a beautiful bunch! You are blessed. Again, I am so sorry about the sadness you naturally feel.

Jeanette said...

Dear Robyn.
Saying goodbye is never easy,its only natural that a few tears were shed.Im sure Harry will be back for school holidays once he settles in over there,,, Take care sending big hugs your way.

T*mmy said...

A nice looking family!

RennyBA said...

It's always hard to say goodbye but then again you have a lot of good memories to treasure - don't forget.
Very nice picture!

Btw: Thanks for the nice comment and compliment on my wifes food post about fish in Norwegian kitchen!

PEA said...

I don't know Harry but after reading this, I even have tears in my eyes!! It's so hard to let go, especially when they're still so young. I hope Harry will be happy with his father and that it was the right decision for him. That picture is precious...your daughter looks like one of the kids:-) Big Hugs to you ((((Robyn)))) xoxo

Lee said...

Stop it, Robyn! I've already had a weep this morning. Liz (a blogger) had to have her beloved Harvey, an English Setter, put down over the weekend. He was a beautiful dog. And you know what I'm like!

Friends of mine up north had an English Setter very much like Harvey...same colour etc...and "Bundy" and I bonded immediately He was a wonderful fella.

Between you and me, it's a wonder we haven't broken the drought! ;)

Walker said...

Saying goodbye sucks

Its a good thing you didnt go to the airport it would have been harder on all of you.

And its not really goodbye, its until later

Merle said...

Hi Robyn ~~ Hope you are feeling better today. Thanks for your kind words on my blog
I am sure Peter would have said I had a very cluttered house, rather than I had nice things!! Maybe he was on his best behavior. Glad you liked the post and the Girl Raped reminded us we are not alone.
I am glad you have felt this Robyn. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

slap me happy said...

hope they all cope well with this robyn, have a hug from me. hard for kids when parent split up isn't it. no one wants to be the one left behind. love to them all

Hootin'Anni said...

Wow, such a wonderful portrait, and mommie is so young looking!!

It's terrible to have to go through all the security at airports [the worst thing for me is the 'taking off shoes'] ---but, in today's times it's more than necessary probably.

Great post....sad, to be sure, but it shows me love of family and that is all that counts.

[ps --the fairy tale I started of my elf doll, Maryss, the book on the first chapter is really a small book that came boxed with the doll --I animated it is all]

Remiman said...

I do hope all turns out well for Harry.

Liz said...

Oh, Robyn, what a sad day for you all - I'm sure Harry felt as sad as excited.

Several people have commented on how young your daughter looks and she does, indeed.

But isn't the internet wonderful? You'll all be able to keep in touch so easily what with email, blogs, Messenger and webcams. Not that that is the same as a real hug! But ((((hugs)))) to you anyway! Take care. x

Gattina said...

I thought about you this morning because you complain that it's so cold in your winter ! We had 3 to 6° !!! this night ! I should sleep with a (false) furcoat !

Gattina said...

If I didn't get your comments I would think you are in a winter sleep, lol !

Merle said...

Hi again Robyn ~~ Has anyone heard from Harry yet - that he arrived safely? Thanks for your comments, glad you like my fairy figurine, but I am not sure my fern is a Doodia, it is so soft like a maidenhair fern.
You will have to come visit and see it. Take care, my dear friend,
Love, Merle.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Wow, Suzie doesn't look old enought to have 4 kids that old !!
Sorry that it has been so hard for you all, saying goodbye to Harry.
Take care, hugs, Meow