02 August 2007

Here I be again.

My first day off after the two days in the city and I've achieved a lot today. Up at 4.30 am, worked from home until 10.45 or thereabouts. Vacuumed, mopped and generally went through the place like a dose of salts and then both my daughters arrived. Suzie first with the beautiful little hanging pictured below, and then Toni and Cooper arrived. If I have any more coffee today, I'll be swinging from the ceiling fans.

Isn't this just lovely? I was so thrilled to get it. Thank you, Sooz.
Suzie had some good news, too. Harry's father rang yesterday and poor little Harry is so homesick and miserable, he comes home next Wednesday. I thought of him all week in that strange place, the cold grey weather and although he's amongst relatives, he doesn't know them all that well. I felt he was too young and carefully made the suggestion, but you can't interfere and Harry was dead keen to go.
He misses his mum and his sisters, especially big sister, Gabbie. She was really upset, as I mentioned in my last post, so she'll be happy now. And now that Harry knows he's coming home on Wednesday, he's cheered up no end because it's just like a holiday. Apparently his dad is going to take him down to the snow before he comes home, so he'll love that.

This was taken just before Harry left to go to the airport on Monday. Oh. I'm so happy he's coming home!
The weather here at the moment is just beautiful. It's been 27 degrees today, I've had my sweater off all day...wonderful. It feels as if summer's on the way. It's supposed to cool down a bit next week, but it shouldn't be as cold as it was early last month. At one stage we had -4 degrees overnight.
Toni was quite upset because frost had burnt a lot of their lovely ferns and palms, which were looking lovely for the wedding. But there's still two months to go and the warmer weather is on its way, so they'll come back in no time.
Anyway, it's been a good news day today. Oh, and I must tell you that Suzie is absolutely delighted about the comments of her looking so young in the photo! I think that made her day...after the news of Harry, of course.

Ok, time to think of dinner...lasagne sounds pretty good tonight. See you later.


Peter said...

Hi Robyn, hooray for Harry's home-coming.

meeyauw said...

Wow! that is so great. I'm so happy for you. And I can't believe you are saying you feel summer coming. Well, I can believe it. I can feel autumn coming here. You're on the upswing with the seasons and I'm on the downswing. How did this go by so fast?

Walker said...

Great news about Harry.
He must be in a tight spot to.
I am sure he wanted to spend time with his father but its hard for someone so young to be uprooted and split from everything he knows.
He can always go visit his dad when he gets a yearning to.

Yumm Lasagna

Merle said...

Hi Dear Robyn ~~ So happy your
grandson is coming home. It is
hard to believe you had 27 degrees yesterday. Bec rang from Brisbane and she said it was hot. It was
sunny here, but definitely not hot.
Glad yo u liked the frog story and the world turning softly not to spill the lakes and rivers. I liked that line too. Take care, Love, Merle.

Christine and FAZ said...

Glad to hear you're getting some nice weather, my mum in Surfers mentioned it had been unusually cold this winter. If only they could get some rain ...

PEA said...

I think it was the best thing for Harry to go with his father and to learn for himself that it's not really where he wanted to be. If he hadn't been given the opportunity to go, he would have kept thinking it was what he wanted!! I can just imagine all the smiling faces all around now!! hehe Love that little ornament your daughter gave you! xox

T*mmy said...

Well maybe now Harry has that out of his system and will settle now!
Enjoy your lasagna!!

Mountain Mama said...

I'm glad Harry is coming home too. He looks very young to be going off to live elsewhere.
I am amazed at how much he looks like my older son when he was that age.

Paul @ Elders Tribune said...

I agree with Pea above. I think it's better to regret what you did than what you didn't do.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wow! Sounds as if you’ve been doing a lot. Can I borrow some of your energy?

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Robyn, at least Harry now knows what he wants ... and had the chance to try living with his dad. Maybe when he's older ...
Glad you are having nice weather ... 27, wow ... I am jealous.
It is really cold here today, almost icy, and it just started raining, and is quite windy ... yucky. Perfect day for sitting inside and blogging, though !!
Take care, Meow

jellyhead said...

Robyn, I am *so* glad you are getting your Harry back! It was such a sad post you wrote when he left - I could really feel your pain. That is truly wonderful news!

Lee said...

Good news about, Harry, Robyn...that's wonderful. :)

It won't take long for the plants to pick up again. It is so very dry, though...it's looking very dry up here, even...which is rare.

Gattina said...

That's a real cute little cat ! I bought sommething similar for my friend when I go to England on saturday, she also is a cat fan ! For Harry it was a very good experience now he knows exactly where he wants to be ! Why did you drink so much coffee ? Australian wine is much better and good for the nerves, lol !
I am stunned that you have 27° in winter and I am sitting here with 17° in summer !
Yes, Arthur was bitten by a black cat, he is terrible and fights with all cats in the neighborhood. Somebody wrote me that male cats when fighting are biting their tails so that's the only explanation for Arthur's tail.

Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Robyn.I feel a lot like the others hes been there tryed it now on his way home, I felt he was too small to leave his Mother maybe he might like to go when he is a lot older.. BBBBBrrrr still very cold here think top was 13c today. (((((Hugs))))

RennyBA said...

The ornament wasn't just lovely - it was breath taking!

I'm happy for Harry too:-)

Your dinner sounds great - so now I can smell your cooking while I am reading your post...drool.

Btw: I need you to vote for me - Please :-)

Merle said...

Hi again Robyn ~~ I just love the hanging ornament daughter gave you - it's so nice.
You will be counting the days until Wednesday. How old is Harry? Better to see for himself where he feels happiest. Thanks for your comments about the notes to God. Kids say it how it is.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Take care, Love, Merle.