12 July 2007

Guess what? I'm not going to rant today...!

No, no rants today...nothing to rant about.

Did I mention that on Monday, I looked after Cooper while his mum went for some pampering? I went to his place, rather than have him here. We played in the sandpit where I built sandcastles so he could knock them down. We played "boo", I showed him how to kick his little soccer ball, we visited the goat and the geese, fed the goldfish, watered the garden (pretending only) with the hose and watched all the lorikeets waiting for their late afternoon feeding.
We talked to Molly, my daughter's pet galah, who was very interested in Cooper. We heard a contretemps from the neighbours (oooh, not happy chappies...obviously a family argument, complete with language...I had to remove Cooper from that side of the house...can't have him listening to that), we also talked to Birdekin the budgie, who chirped back very obligingly. I taught him to mimic the crows saying "kwark", Cooper would say "ahk, ahk".

The wind was cold that day, but Cooper was warmly rugged up...I wasn't but then I hadn't planned on staying outside all afternoon. I tried to bring him inside about 3 o'clock, but he grizzled "mum, mum, mum" and wanted to be picked up, then to be put down...so, we went outside again and he was much happier.

His mum came home all pampered, waxed and facial'd, grateful to have had a few hours to herself. It's not fun being 42 and having a young one. She's pretty isolated as all her friends work so she's joined Fernwood Gym, not only to lose weight but as a social thing as well, as they have a coffee lounge, creche and all the trimmings there (and she pays for it...whew!).

The wedding plans are going well, but her eldest son won't be there as he's going back to Holland with his Dutch fiancee next month. Mayo is here now, she arrived yesterday, so we'll be catching up with her soon.
There have been a few glitches, not the least my daughter's soon-to-be mother-in-law sticking her oar in. She's a nice lady, but really, it's the second marriage for both my daughter and her partner. They're paying for everything themselves and the MIL should keep her nose out of it. However, my daughter won't take any nonsense and told her very nicely that the decisions had been made and that's the way it was staying...which effectively ended that conversation! Fair enough, I say.

Jacqui, my neighbour, who sings with the band playing at the after party, is really looking forward to it. Jane and Fred are absolutely delighted because they have received an invitation to the "afters".

Talking of Jane and Fred, the man from the pool company was out today to give a quote for the pool. I asked Jane if they had won Lotto. "No," she replied. Has Fred been made redundant and got a big payout? "No," replied Jane. I gave up.

Well, I'll stop burbling now...I've been told before I suffer from verbal diarrhoea...this is written diarrhoea.

Be kind to yourselves


Remiman said...

How fortunate you are to get to spend time with your grandson. My two grand daughters (11 & 6) Live in Texas. I haven't seen them in 2 years. We'll be going down in Nov. this year.

PEA said...

Cooper is such a little darling and I can imagine how much fun you had with him...bet you were exhausted after a few hours, though, eh? lol Glad to hear your daughter's wedding plans are coming along well and good for her for putting her future MIL in her place! hehe Some just can't keep their nose out of things that don't concern them!! xoxo

Liz said...

How unhelpful of Jane when you obviously wanted to know! Some people are so inconsiderate!

Good to hear that your daughter had as good a day as you and Cooper did. I love weddings. Great to look forward to and back on, as well as wonderful on the day. Lovely.

Walker said...

Cooper sounds like a ball of fun and a workout by himself.

Good for your daughter silencing the future MIL, its her wedding and knows what they want.

Lee said...

Sounds like Cooper has been watching too much Graham Kennedy with his crow sounds! ;)