11 July 2007

Update on a Past Post

A couple of weeks ago I posted on the Federal Government's belated stance on the indigenous communities, especially the children (and Peter wanted to know who'd put the burr under my saddle). At the end of that post, I mentioned that while watching the news, I saw that one of the surgeons at our practice had been nominated to the Emergency Response Task Force and said "watch this space".

Well, I had the responsibility of typing out his answers as to what his thoughts were on the whole thing. One thing I'll say about this guy is that he doesn't beat around the bush...he laid it on the line, well and truly. If what he has advised is acted upon...there will be a rocket up collected backsides and hopefully, the plight of our indigenous people will be radically improved.

This man is a compassionate, non-judgmental individual who has worked amongst our indigenous people for more than 20 years, bringing specialist services to the Outback, both for indigenous and non-indigenous people. He has a keen and genuine interest in our Outback communities and does as much as he can to bring them top rate medical services.

I have done seven hours of work on all this over the past two days and it has given me faith in the "system". I'm very proud to have been involved in the smallest possible way in the positive changes that, hopefully, will make life better for future generations of our Aboriginal people...the original population of Australia.

As I said in my previous post, this has been an ongoing problem for years and yet, the Federal Government has just made it a national emergency...funny, there's a Federal election coming up in the next few months, isn't it?
Okay, I've had my say and I'll shut up now.


Remiman said...

Don't ya love the way bureaucrats can always find excuses not to do the right thing? Like you say, when election time comes around, all of a sudden they know what all the problems are and have a sure fire way to fix them.
Do I sound cynical? Of course...were talking about politicians aren't we?
Have a great day girl.

Peter said...

Nice to know there are still some decent people out there Robyn.

Dragonheart said...

It sounds like Australia's problems with its Aborignal peoples are similar to Canada's problems with First Nations (indigenous peoples). I hope that both countries find ways to make positive changes for the indigenous populations.

Gattina said...

It's very strange bad things always change to good before elections ! I don't know really how the situation of the aborigenes is but I know through my stays in the USA how the indians are handled ! It's a shame ! In some places you were even not allowed to buy some souvenirs from them, but nevertheless we did it, after all everybody is free to sell his handcrafts. Usually they are "parked" in infertile places and other then drinking there is nothing to do. Now I was happy when I read that the Gran Canyon is now under Indian administration, that at least brings some money!

Liz said...

Now isn't that just a coincidence?!

Good for you and the doctor involved!

Gledwood said...

Indigenous communities... that sounds fascinating ... did I ever tell you (I told lots of people but have such a bad memory as to who I said what to ...) I by a stroke of fate was NOT born an Aussue when I could quite easily have been (parents pulled out of emigration procedure) - still I've loads of rels there... if I HAD grown up & gone to school in Australia I bet I'd want to study the indigenous people at uni - surely you can do degrees in aboriginal languages and culture? The languages are really fascinating - aren't some of them the type where a word can mean an entire sentence? I love that kind of stuff...
... anyway I hope all's well with you
I've not been about anywhere really for days...
Finally I'm updating my blog"roll" and of course you're on it ... sorry this took so long!
Take it easy
all the best


jellyhead said...

Yes, the whole thing smacks of trolling for votes, doesn't it? (And I read that John Howard's approval ratings have increased since he announced the 'emergency', so apparently the tactic worked)

But, as you say, if things can be improved vastly for the rural indigenous communities, then that will be a wonderful thing.

Walker said...

The governament in what ever country we are in is the first to know about a problem and the last to act on it.
Yes electgion time does give people their voice and the hand to punish but it also sets progress back when a new party is elected in the name of "We will have to look into it first'
Red tape sucks