13 July 2007

Mystery Solved!

Yep, I've found out who my mystery caller was. Unfortunately, it wasn't a long lost lover or even a new lover...it was my poor unsuspecting brother.

I had an email from him earlier and when I read it, I laughed so much the tears were pouring down my face. Jane and I were going to a linen party and when I went and told her and Fred all about it, the three of us were totally hysterical with laughter. Even now, writing it about I can feel the laughter bubbling up...aaaaaaahahahahahaha!

Anyway, I sent him an email humbly apologising and telling him how he came to be the unfortunate on the end of the phone at that particular time. He was only ringing to let me know the days they would be here so I could arrange somewhere for them to stay for my daughter's wedding. Poor bugger!

Anyway, we all had a good laugh, as did my daughters. I think I'll be a little more careful about abusing suspected unwanted callers from now on though.

Sorry, it wasn't anything as interesting as a lover...that's life, isn't it? At least the mystery's cleared up...it was driving me mad not knowing who I'd abused.

Have a good weekend, and I promise if you decide to phone me, I won't tell you to eff off!


Liz said...

You didn't recognise your brother's voice then?!

Someone phoned me today and started talking straightaway so I had to do that, 'Mm, yes, mm,' until I could work out who it was!

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Hi Robyn! Yes, I'm back and feeling sheepish for not chatting back sooner! Things have been so crazy here! Oscar is good and as lovey-dovey as ever! It makes me very happy to see your comments on his site!

Your call situation has me in stitches! What a huge surprise for your brother! Looks like he needs to call more often so that you'll recognize him next time! LOL! When is the big day for your daughter?
Take Care,

jellyhead said...

Well thank goodness the mystery is solved!

Robyn, I meant to thank you also for telling me the details about the 'Bella' champagne - haven't tried it yet but will do so the next 'bubbly' occasion!

Have a happy and relaxing weekend

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Well, Robyn, all I can is that that, from personal experience, I know that we brothers can be long suffering at the hands of our sisters.

I'm glad the mystery is solved with such jovial results.

Peter said...

Hi Robyn, glad to hear there was a simple explanation to your mystery call, I had a similar situation a few weeks ago... after an unsolicited call that got me a LITTLE upset the phone rang again a few minutes later, as I answered it with a gruff HELLO I heard my daughters voice say "are you alright Dad?" so without using your expletive I learned my lesson.

Lee said...

Well, brothers can take it! lol

Meow (aka Connie) said...

At least the mystery's solved !! Your poor brother !! Could have been worse, though !!
Take care, Meow